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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another year gone and tomorrow is just another day in the chain of what I am doing, It is in fact a weigh in day for the blog though and I am kind of excited because I am expecting, hoping for a decent loss so that I can get to a new low since starting down this path. Last Friday I did have a slight up because of some Christmas eating and the Saturday after that it was even higher than what Friday's scale time said but I do believe judging by yesterdays peek that I will get a new low this week. The day brought me 1755 calories, a gallon each of green tea and straight H2O and I did get to the gym last night for a 20 minute ride on the bike and 20 minutes on the treadmill so par for the course as far as days go. Missing the gym today because of some things out of my control and I will just not have the time until after 6PM and my gym closes at 5PM today so it is what it is and I will have to do some calisthenics and stretches at home, I think that I need a rest anyways as I have been pushing myself a bit and can feel it so a day off will probably do me no harm.

I am sure there will be a ton of blogs about resolutions this week, Lots of people will be starting their own life changes with the new year and many will follow through but for a lot of folks it will just be the next attempt to make a difference in their lives that does not pan out. Why? why can't they all pan out? why can't everyone that tries to drop a few pounds or get healthier in 2010 be a success? I wish I knew because if I did I could package that in some nice shiny wrapper behind a blister pack made in china and distributed by one of the Xmart stores and sell it to the masses. It is an everlasting struggle that will have to be dealt with on a constant basis even by the most successful person because conscious decisions will have be made daily where diet and exercise are the topic if any level of success is to be expected or met and that may be the answer right there.

People expect to limit calories to sub one thousand and want to be able to maintain an end weight after they return to double bacon triple patty with extra cheese hamburgers. Some expect to hit the gym hard and then when the brakes are put on and the sedentary life comes back they want to reap the rewards of what they did in the past while going right back to the crap food and lack of movement and again, it just doesn't work that way. In my experience as a fat guy (and I have tried all of the above) the only thing that has worked thus far is to completely change the way that you look at food and nutrition as a whole, eat to live instead of living to eat comes to mind. There are a ton of different approaches that could be taken and some of them work while others are just big steaming piles of bull$hit, it always comes down to the same thing no matter what "program" you choose, Move more eat less! every person that I have ever met or read about that has been successful with weight loss has at the root of it eaten less while moving more and honestly it is that simple and if you don't want to believe me than try what Harvey McDullardsonfengenden did because Jujuberry 7.2 worked like a charm for him

Now that the secret is out every single person that reads this should be slim some time in 2010! if only it were that easy eh? A ton of determination is needed as well as some discipline and let us not forget the shake of willpower because all of it is necessary. It's been 2 years since I took my first step and started my way down the road to a healthier me and I am more than 200 pounds lighter for my efforts, if I had never taken that first step I have no clue where I might be today, that first step is the most important one because without it the second step cannot be taken so on and so on.

Tomorrow morning I will weigh in for the blog and I do have a good feeling that the return of the what I have lost items will be back going off of my mid week peek at the scale. Will I hit a new all time low weight tomorrow morning? to be found out I suppose. I am not doing anything exciting tonight besides maybe watching a flick with the love of my life and having a celebratory drink to bring the new year in so I will be weighing in first thing in the am so after the hangovers wear off make sure to check in and see how I did.

With that the end has come to another shenanigans filled episode of as the fat guy turns as well as another trip around the sun. Drink that H2O, move that ass and eat well for it is all that we can do to be as healthy as we can be.

See ya next year!

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