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Some of my favorite things

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I get a spark mail from friends and people I don't know asking me what I eat and how do I manage to stay on track so well.
First off i have been doing this for over 3.5 years...I tried lots of things and stuck with what worked and let go what did not.....
but in the way of food i try to get the most food value for the calories, and i try never to deprive myself of what i really want to eat....
I have my menu open so anyone can see what I eat everyday.....
but some for the things that I found that help me stay on track are foods that I really like, I like sweets, I love chocolate..I have them but in moderation and I work them in to my food plan each day.
I don't eat then count my calories, I plan my meals and my calories, leaving 150-200 for a treat each day.....
but some of the foods I found that help me feel satisfied are as follows.

The Vita top Muffins, I love the dark chocolate one the best but the rest are pretty good too,
Vita top muffin -----100 calories, 1.5 gr fat, 6 gr fiber, 3 gr protein and lot of vitamins, check these out there are to die for if you like sweets

fat free sugar free Jello pudding cups 60 cal. I don't the rest, but the chocolate helps satisfy that craving i get a times, with 2 TBSP of whipped cream your still under 100 calories

sugar free jello is great too with fruit way under 100 cal.

then when I'm cold and hungry and want a lot of something I have a can of the cambells
Select harvest light soups, they are about 50 calories a cup and very yummy, the sodium is not bad either, I add the Shirataki tofu noodle and its this huge pot of soup, and its like 90 calories, those Shirataki noodles are wonderful and the whole bag is 40 calories, if you haven't tried them you should....they ahve to be washed really well when you get them out of the bag,,,,,but they add a lot of bulk to the soup with out the calories, fat or sodium...they can be used in place of any pasta.....
I also like the cabot cheese that is 75% fat free, the pepper jack is so good and not like the other low fat cheese I have tired......
I have a huge list of more healthy low cal things but will stop for now...if anyone wants more let me know...if you have found some really great yummy healthy foods please share with me, I'm always looking to do better with my eating...

we are having grill chicken breast and butternut squash for dinner with cooked apples, yum yum
so good yet so healthy..

have healthy week and
plan for your success's.


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