The first day of sparkpeople....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

and I'm quietly putting away holiday decorations, making homemade turkey broth, and willing my hubby to come home early to help me drag this Christmas tree to the curb. I decided on Dec. 31st that my New Year Resolution would be journaling; specifically, to journal about one positive thing every day. So I guess I'll use this sparkpeople blog to do just that.

For today, my positive is the weather. Having just returned from our former hometown in metro DC and experiencing below freezing temps and MONSTER wind, I am so thankful for the perpetual blue skies & winter temps in the 50's of New Mexico. I don't miss snow.

Guess I should address the elephant in the room; the reason I'm here at sparkpeople in the first place. Yep....weight gain. Specifically, I'm about 25 pounds over where I'd like to be. I'll blame it on the move; anything stressful takes you away from your habits and opens up the opportunity for less healthy ones to move in. I'm grateful not only that I have the knowledge necessary to make it right but also for the tools (both old and new, like sparkpeople) to keep me focused. Looking forward to the next few months, getting back into my healthier habits.

HERE'S TO 2010!!
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