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Underneath a Thousand Blankets

Monday, January 11, 2010

I confess this is a post I sent to a friend who was thinking of quitting. I hope you don't mind the recycling; just thought this one might need a bigger audience. And, by the way, I gained this week. Eh, it happens. On to better things.

Quitting is, well, I suppose we all consider it at one time or another. The trick is to squash that demon. The most powerful force in the universe is inertia. It makes you want to hang out in bed rather than get up and face the world. It keeps you in ruts (it LOVES ruts). It tamps down your enthusiasm. It tells you that you can't.

But yanno something (and you don't know me from Eve but I know from whence you speak/feel)?

Inertia is just a force. It doesn't even have any substance.

But it can be overcome. It means nothing. It is nothing.

YOU are something. You are flesh and blood and bone and will and smarts and heart and kindness and humor and mischief and love and sweetness and about a trillion things that inertia is NOT.

You are YOU. You are better than that. You are smarter, kinder, stronger and more willful.

You are better.

You are going to make it.

Inertia's just some force, dreamed up by Sir Isaac Newton when he wasn't getting smacked in the head with apples.

Well, ole Ike shoulda been EATING those apples. Then perhaps instead of Differential Calculus we'd all be sweating over Nutrition classes and studying the Great Apple Nebula in the Sky.

Okay, so I'm rambling and I'm a little (who am I kidding? A LOT) quirky.

But I do hope you will throw over the inertia, just like you threw over the bedcovers this morning and got up, even though the bed was oh so attractive. The strength to face another day exists in you, and the strength to face another day of trying exists there as well. It just needs a little coaxing, a little love, or maybe a slap on its bum, to come out. That strength DOES have substance.

Let it out there, into the universe, and you'll find that you've got a leash on its collar and it'll pull you along until suddenly you're at your destination.

Don't make it sit. Don't make it stay. Don't make it heel.

Follow it. :)
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