What Would Buffy Do?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recently I've started thinking of my dieting in terms of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Helpless". For those poor souls that don't know this episode (um-for shame, btw!!), when Buffy turns 18 she is subjected to a test that takes away her powers, and she has to use her wits to conquer an enemy. Of course, Buffy saves the day, passes the test, kills the bad demons and generally kicks butt all while wearing designer clothes and spouting sassy dialogue.

My test is food. Taking away the option to eat to fulfill an emotional need can make me weak, just how Buffy was in the episode. When the one tried and true thing you are used to depending on-food for me and superhero strength for Buffy- is gone, what do you do?

Of course it's not that I can't have food. But I can no longer use food to fill up holes in my heart or life. Food can't comfort me during a storm or make an employee be less irritating. Food is my fuel, not my friend.

In "Helpless", Buffy used her ingenuity to kill the vampire. She couldn't simply beat him up and stake him through the heart, instead she tricked him into drinking holy water that killed him. I too will use my wits, and blog and journal about the emotions that may make me want to eat but that will not get the best of me. Buffy didn't give up when faced with adversity, and neither will I.

And once I am through this test, I'll go out and buy those designer outfits!
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