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rough spot

Monday, January 18, 2010

I am frustrated this morning the last 3 days i have exercised my heart out, walking almost 6 miles for 2 days at the mall plus riding my bike for 10 miles for 3 days. plus the Wii stuff.. and the few miles I walked on the new treadmill and OMG I was up to 147 this morning...I watch my calorie intake....
People tell me to stop being so rigid but I know how easy the weight can come back....I thought if anything I would have lost not gained....I'm about to scream...but have to go to work...
I can't think of any real high sodium foods i ate....I can't explain it....the Wii asked me this morning why the weight gain......I have no answer but just feeling really down, am I going to gain the weight back ......I don't know what to do at this point......
of course I'll never give up but what is the answer....

well no more feeling sorry for myself, I have to go to work, so I'll paste on my smile and take a walk at lunch and ponder what went wrong in this exercise week end...

Have a healthy day

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    I could have sworn I left a comment here this morning, something to the effect of what Ginilee said. And Secretmusic confirmed what I was thinking, that exercise might be causing temporary water retention.

    You are doing fine, Kitt. Keep in mind that you are getting used to maintenance, which is new territory for you. Look at the weekly or monthly trends, not the daily ones. Take a deep break. You're doing great!

    3589 days ago
    Never give up on yourself and give the Wii a few choice words for frustrating you next time it asks. emoticon We're always going to have days where we gain a bit back and when we lose. You'll succeed, I have no doubt. Look how far you've come already. I predict you will be a huge success, after all, I am madam Lynn...LOL I can predict the future. emoticon
    3589 days ago
    The gals are right you are doing amazing things and doing every thing right. Take a deep breathe and relax. It will be okay your way will fluctuate each and every day. Try only getting on the scale one time per week. I am trying to go by how my clothes fit and not the scale for a while. Your are an amazing and strong woman do not let the round monster defeat you. Smile you are doing well.

    3589 days ago
    Did you stress yourself out in any way?? That will add pounds. You're doing fine, Kitt! Relax and accept the fact that your body will occassionally have its ups and downs.

    3589 days ago
    Kitt I understand how tough maintenance can be. I agree with all the other advice given here. As long as you are vigilant - which you are - you are not going to let yourself get into a slide. Socks has the right idea.
    3589 days ago
    Calm down Kitt. Now you know not to live by the scale. How do your slimmest clothes fit? How much extra activity is causing your body to readjust. A number is a number, that's all!! Take your measurements and calm down. If you are following your plan, it will all work out fine. Take it easy girl, you're going to explode. LOL

    3589 days ago
    You did nothing wrong. If you have any muscle soreness at all, then your muscles are swollen and inflammed and that is where you are retaining the water. You keep that up and make sure you eat enough, the weight will come off.
    3589 days ago
  • DMATT35
    Just keep moving and see what happens!! See you at the mall next Saturday!~!
    3589 days ago
    Try not to worry too much about it, Kitt! Maybe you're starting to build more muscle mass. As you know muscle wears more than fat. I'm sure you will have it off before you know. Drink more water today and see if that helps.


    3589 days ago
    Don't let this get the best of you. Keep on eating healthy and exercising and you'll be fine. This will come off.
    3589 days ago
    I just read an article this morning here on SP that adding a new workout type can cause temporary weight gain of 3-4 pounds due to fluid retention as the body tries to protect muscle cells. Could that be it?
    3589 days ago
    And one other thought...are there forums available for people on maintenance? If so, have you visited any of them? Perhaps you need to compare notes with people on maintenance to see what they have experienced. Perhaps all that exercise is making you hold water, or perhaps it's muscle. Again, don't freak yourself out. Maintenance is new territory for you and you are learning the ropes. It's easy to gain weight back, yes, but only if you revert to your former ways of eating. You have spent 3 years learning new, healthy habits. Keep practicing those habits, Kitt, and you will maintain. Your weight is going to fluctuate, so look at the weekly or monthly trends and not at the day-to-day numbers. You can set yourself up to fail if you start focusing on the wrong thing. Don't do that! Take a deep breath. You are going to be fine. Just keep doing what you're doing.
    3589 days ago
    Kitt, your weight is going to fluctuate, and sometimes for no good (read: apparent) reason. If it keeps going up, you have reason to be concerned. I'm willing to bet it will be back down. Changing intake and/or exercise can make your weight fluctuate. Don't be frustrated and don't let it wig you out. Just stay the course and keep doing what you're doing. Monitor other your clothes fit, for example, and don't give the scale so much credit.

    3589 days ago
    Kitt --I do not think anything went wrong -you know yourself there will be days even weeks like this are bodies are like machines ---maybe with all your healthy eating and soooooo much exercising you are now gaining lots of muscle and your added weight is muscle ...judge by your clothes not the number on the scale!
    I think I am going to come down there and hide your scales on you!!
    You are not gaining your weight back...take time to really meditate and believe in yourself! You are woman You are strong You are winner!!!!
    Now cut that out and know you are doing what needs to be done to keep your beautiful maching running smoothly...and as always there will always be a blip and you can not go by one test!
    emoticon Jo
    3589 days ago
    Maybe your body is just adjusting to the exercise. Besides looking at the number on the scale, check how your clothes are fitting or take body measurements to check progress. Your still doing great.
    3589 days ago
    Great job on the workouts. It sounds like you are really determined. As far as the weight long have you been working out? Have you gained muscle mass?
    3589 days ago
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