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Just visualise the shorts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today was tough.

Not the school journey early this morning in blizzard conditions.

Not the roadworks leaving me stuck in traffic for 15 extra minutes.

Not the never ending housework awaiting me at home.

Not next door's cat harassing me for food because nobody is ever at home next door.

Not the fact that I only found time to get out of my gym clothes and bath at 7pm, 9 hours after leaving the gym.

Not being scrutinised about my weight loss by my Mother-in-law and having her bombard me with her own ideas on what I should be doing (another blog on this to come).

Not my 10 year old son having a strop over his homework.

Not my 13 year old daughter shouting "screw you" at me as she stomped up to her bedroom (again homework related).

Not my beloved boyfriend coming home whilst I was enjoying a relaxing bath, to offload about his troubled day, ask what's for dinner and grumble about it, comment on my shrinking bust and walk out, leaving me not quite as relaxed as I had been.

Not my hormones telling me that life is crap, despite my mind knowing that life is good.

Not everyone in the house bugging me about paying for cable television again, despite the fact that I could happily live forever without it.

Not worrying about bills that need paying and money that I don't have to do things that I would like.

No, all of these things were trying in their own way today, but they were not what I'm referring to right now.

What I found tough today was the exercise bike.

This morning I done 30 minutes of interval training on the bike at the gym.

Although my gym routine has changed this week, I have done interval training on the bike at least once a week, for 45-60 minutes for quite a while.

Today I done only 30 minutes and it was hard.

After 7 minutes I thought "oh sh*t, I don't know if I can do this"

I had to think of something to keep me going and what popped into my head? Shorts.

I have never worn short shorts since being a child, for various reasons (bad legs, overweight, no confidence). A month or so ago I purchased some short shorts in the sale, in a smaller size, that I intend to be wearing this summer. At the moment the shorts do no fit over my hips - they are a UK size 10 and I am between a UK size 12-14 on the bottom. At the moment, even if they did fit over my thighs and button around my waist, my legs do not really look good enough to wear them. So here's where came the shorts visualization.

After 10 minutes cycling my hamstrings were already aching and I wondered if I should turn down the intensity - I visualized the shorts.

After 13 minutes I began to wonder how much longer I had left - bad idea!! Not even half way and I felt defeated - I visualized my legs in the shorts.

After 15 minutes and 50% complete I doubted if I could make it to the end - I visualized my legs looking toned in the shorts.

After 17 minutes I felt a little better, but still doubted if my legs were capable of finishing - I visualized every turn of the bicycle wheel making my legs strong and yes you guessed it looking flipping fantastic in those shorts.

The last 10 minutes were hard. I counted every high intensity peak, until there were just three left to go. Each time the machine upped the intensity from 5 to 12, I thought of how I was sculpting my legs to look just the way I want them. By the last high peak I was determined to work my legs as hard as I could, knowing that I was in control of my body.

I did not give up. My legs did not fail me. I was strong and determined and I finished.

Sometimes you have to keep your goals in sight and sometimes you literally have to visualise your hot, sexy, slim, toned legs, just so you can make it though the next 30 minutes.

Here are the shorts.

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