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Food Addict.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

I watched a TV show called Ruby, for those who don't know about it, she was a 700 pound women who has lost lots of weight but still close to 350 pounds....
She had a women on last night who talked about the 12 step program....and addictions, food is what they talked about last night.....Ruby states she is not a food addict, people roll there eyes thinking "are you kidding" Ruby says she doesn't eat huge amounts of food thus she must not be addicted to food.
Kitt feels the same way, I never ate a whole cake or a whole pizza or any huge amounts of food....
the teacher of the 12 step program writes on the board DENIAL....I can't remember her words but it's was something to do with if your not addicted how did you gain so much weight, if your not addicted why is it that you lost the weight and gained it back.....getting to 700+ pounds did not happen by my case nearly 350 pounds.....

It got me to thinking, I had lost 157 pounds before back in the 80's I keep it off for years till my life got out of control and I started to medicate myself with food.....I find when I get home from work that I poke food in my mouth, am I hungry or am I trying to relieve stress from my day, and I medicate myself with food.....when I'm bored, lonely, stressed, upset, nervous...I turn to food for comfort or to medicate my feelings.....

this women also talked about once you loose the weight and the old reasons or feeling come back , you once again turn to food....well I can relate to that...I have lost and gain weight over an over darn it I'm addicted to food...I use it to quiet my feelings, I use it to boost my feelings, I use it to make me feel good, even if it;s for a short time.....

So dear friends....I am addicted to food, maybe not like some people who eat huge amounts of food at one time ...but I use food like people use drugs, or alcohol, or a host of other things that can for a while make us feel better....
so what is the answer.....I'm confused....I'm feeling frustrated, sad, angry , lonely and maybe bitter....why did I choose food and not beer, or coke or sex or gambling...why did I choose the one thing that I have to do, no matter how much we try we can not give up food all together...

If any one knows the answers to this please let me know....

I'll be looking for the answers too.

not sure how much sense this blog makes but i have a huge amount of feelings and questions in my brain and I have to get them out.....or go eat something......

It hit me like a ton of chocolate that how could I deny being a food addict when I looked like this....with a plate of food in front of me....

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  • AGGIE56
    I don't know if I would consider myself a food addict, but I'm definitely an emotional eater. I eat when I'm bored or stressed, and I see what you're talking about about using food to medicate my emotions. Your blog really brought to light some of the things that I need to think about, and to pay closer attention to my emotions when I go to the snack cupboard at our house. Thanks Kitt! emoticon emoticon
    3557 days ago
    I am not sure it is addicted to food that is the problem. What I mean is, I use food to medicate myself in many situations. It is easy, right in the house, it is quick and it is legal. We gulp the food and then our physical uncomfortableness takes over our emotional uncomfortableness. It is just easy and my thought is "I am not hurting anyone" well of course myself but somehow that doesn't count.

    This is a great blog
    3557 days ago
    I wonder if like alcohol one is addicted to food forever? I say I used to be a food addict because on a bad day I have eaten a large packet of crisps, 2 slabs of chocolate, 2 different flavored milk drinks, a box of saltines, 1 cheese dip, 1 whole avo plus plus plus. The mentioned stuff was eaten just during TV watching. BUT since Nov 2009 I have not used food ONCE to medicate myself, change my bored status etc. So, does that mean I've overcome the problem?
    I believe I have! However, I also do take to heart the admonition at 1Corinthians 10:12....‘the one who thinks he is standing needs to be on guard lest he fall.’
    So I am careful.....VERY CAREFUL.

    3557 days ago
    i have a somewhat obsessive personitly so it helps now i have things like points to be obsessive about. Food is a hard one because you can't give it up like you can drugs, alochol, smoking, gambling, or anything else but i think you have taken the first step in making it a lifestyle choice instead of a diet. I know i won't want to give up chips completely so now i try to just eat them a few times a week and only a serving at a time. Yes i have eaten a whole bag before.
    3557 days ago
    Ah, Kitt! Now you're talking MY language! I, too (or should that be 3,4,5 or 6) am a food addict - particulatly sugar and sugary snacks. Why do we choose food as our "drug of choice?" Circumstances, mostly! Food addiction is a compulsion and that compulsion will manifest itself in the direction of least resistance. If you take away the food, it will find another path. If I'm not eating, I have to be careful about compuslively spending, or reading, or being on the computer, or - you name it!

    I belonged to OA (Overeaters Anonymout). It is a wonderful program for the right people. You just have to go and see if it's for you! As with any support group, you need to shop around and find an active group that you are comfortable in.

    I just joined a 12 step program that our church is sponsoring. All types of addicts attend, but no matter the "drug of choice," the addiction feels the same and is treated the same.

    Good luck!

    Hugs! Beverly
    3558 days ago
    I'm also a food addict. Unfortunately, I have eaten a whole pizza by myself before and regretted it when I was done. I don't know the answer, Kitt. Hopefully, one day we will learn the answer. Who knows, maybe watching Ruby it will help us to find the answer.

    Take care.


    3558 days ago
    Kitt, I know I also eat for emotional reasons, similar to what drug addicts and alcoholics do. So, in a way, food is my drug. Overeaters Anonymous was founded on this principle, following the same basic 12 step progam that AA uses. They also use the Big Book along with a book written for OA. I tried the program for a while and it didn't speak to me personally, but it does have good stuff that might help others. If you're looking for more tools to help you with maintenance, it might be worth looking at at least. You might find something helpful there.

    3558 days ago
    Food addict? Me TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3558 days ago
    I am addicted to food I am a food addict...
    the only solution...
    eat to survive not survive to eat..
    one step one day at a time
    no thinking of yesterday no thinking of tomorrow
    concentrate on today...

    lol no poking food in the mouth
    eat to live not live to eat....

    emoticon jo
    3558 days ago
  • PUGRAD1995
    I am a food addict too-I have realized that when I go on a "binge" I eat this and that and something else-and I'm not even hungry. The question is how to control and stop it. I hope Ruby's show goes into it more. And I always was afraid of trying smoking, drugs, ect for fear that I would become addicted knowing the excess that I go to with food.
    3558 days ago
    I am food addict as well. I have always been a food person and still trying to figure out how to change that. When I was growing up we had to eat every thing on our plate before we could leave the table. I do not want to raise my kids that way. I tell them to eat until they are full.

    3558 days ago
    I could have wrote this blog.
    Where is the answer, who has the answer?

    I laugh each time , I read your words "poke food in my mouth"

    I don't know why but I just love it!! poke poke poke!!!

    I am addicted to food! emoticon
    3558 days ago

    I can relate, I also am addicted to food/emotional eater. It is a tough thing isn't it, when so many things revolve around food. I do the same thing some days, come home and eat, eat, eat, sometimes it's just habit too. I think something that helps me is having some other way to relieve the stress, by exercise. Or actually, I just bought some mandala coloring books and crayons and colored pencils and I do that sometimes at night, color and it takes my mind off eating and my hands are busy. It relaxes me and helps me feel like a kid.

    You say, why did you choose food, and not drugs, gamblling, etc... Yes, food is a tough one, but I've been recovering for 25 years now from drugs also, and that wasn't easy at first either. I only have stayed recovering by sharing with others who were also in the same boat as me. That's what helps me. And, that's why I like this spark program, because there are so many people out there on the website that share the emotional/addiction type eating problems. And they're here to help, if we just ask.

    I hope with my response it helps you to know you're not alone, there are many of us out here that are also emotional eaters, and addicts, we're just the ones who have admitted it, and that's the first step...

    It will get easier, I just need to remember that and have faith. Together we can.

    3558 days ago
    Can't tell you the answer but I know how you feel. I have never ate a whole pizza or cake but I do like my food. I don't drink or smoke or take drugs but I like my food. I don't eat when I am upset or anything else I just like to eat for everything taste good to me.
    When someone tells you the secret let me know.
    Like someone told me to keep trying that means we are on the right track of the weight lose journey.
    So keep up the good work and we will see our goal one day.
    God's Blessings
    3558 days ago
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