Five things that motivate me to make healthy decisions

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

So for a team challenge this week I have to write a blog about 5 things that motivate me to make healthy decisions. Lets hope this jogs my memory a little bit and I can get a little bit more motivated now!

1. Wanting to have a child and be healthy for a pregnancy. There are simply too many complications that can come with being as overweight as I am and getting pregnant (even if I could at this weight).

2. Wanting to travel. I don't feel like I can travel and be physically comfortable right now (plane seats, hours of sitting, etc.) let alone self confident in a different place. I REALLY don't want to be a fat American tourist that can be picked out of a crowd at a 1000 paces.

3. I want to be able and excited about doing the physical things that I know I love like raquetball, backpacking, gardening, etc. I have a really hard time doing all of these things right now and it's frustrating.

4. Being healthy for my partner and the rest of my family and the people that I love. I want to be around these people for as long as I can and enjoy their company and I won't be able to do that at my current weight.

5. Being healthy for me. I LOVE the way I feel when I've been working out, I haven't overeaten, I've been eating foods that nourish my body, not just stuff it with calories. I love knowing that I'm in control of what I do with my time and what I put in my body, not out of control
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