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Friday, March 05, 2010

Okay I have never been a person who is comfortable with garage sales, and goodwill stores except to donate. My present budget has sent me to Goodwill. What a rip off scam they have going. They get these clothes for nothing but everything was three dollars,and up. The most basic tops were five dollars and for a jacket they wanted thirty dollars f. Where is the savings for the income challenged who need access to affordable clothing. I am low income and disabled. With my fibro I have to be careful of the type of cloth I put next to my skin due to nerve sensitivity. My friends Goodwill has senior discount days and discounts for disabled people. The Merced store did not offer any discounts. The people were nice enough but the prices weren't a savings.I asked if I donate clothing that no longer fits can I get a credit for a few items that would fit. The answer was "no" we can't do that. I can shop new for about the same price. At Target I got a new t-shirt for two dollars. It has gotten where as seniors or disabled
can't afford our medication, can't afford to eat and can't get clothes to cover ourselves .I am 56 and being "old" in our society is horrible.When I grew up we had family and valued the elderly for there wisdom and experience.They were cherished and cared for. What has happened to us as human beings? Independence is great but where are the caring family units anymore?
Got off track about a" Discount" place to get decent clothes.Any suggestions where to look now!I still plan on dropping another size and can't invest in a whole new wardrobe that in another year I'll not be able to use.
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    Savers in our area does offer exchange of items for donations. I would call around to different thrift shops to see if they will give credit for donations. Also, call your local United Way to see if there are any places you can go and get things. We have some "free" stores in our area. You're limited to amount but it was more than I would need even replacing all my clothes.

    Also, they will be able to refer you to places that might help with housing and shelters, etc. My county sent me a list - they have different options in each county. Our state also has a program where they will furnish a safe mailing address. You have everything sent there and they forward it for you so no one needs to know where you moved. You will have a much harder time with the dogs but if your doctor can say they are medically needed for companionship or can otherwise label them as something similar to a guide dog, they make exceptions in some places.

    Good luck.
    3848 days ago
    There is a Spark Team called Weight Loss Clothing Exchange right here at Spark People. I didn't investigate it, but I would certainly look into it. I tried to send another person a rose (goodie) and couldn't figure it out and sent myself two, lol. INFLATED
    3851 days ago
    I guess it all depends on where you live. Where I live, you're not a senior until your 60, I've never heard of discount for the disabled (but it's a good idea), and I've never seen a Tshirt, new or used, for 2 dollars. So Goodwill is a bargain, and the place I use to shop for my work clothes. I often found designer clothing in there for very cheap, too.

    I do hope you find some place with prices you can afford. Good luck!
    3852 days ago
    In MY town, there is an OUTLET store for GoodWill! The stuff that goes there is all the stuff that they could not sell at their regular stores, even at 50% off. Now, you might think "EWWW!", but I've been VERY impressed with the treasures I've found. Guess where ALL my Christmas gifts came from? And they were NICE things that Goodwill had happened to have way-over-priced so they didn't sell at the first store -- and I got it all for $0.59 a pound! Like 2 new (!) PRADA (!) purses! (I kept one for myself.) Gucci bags! An Hermes wallet! 2 coordinating outfits with belt, scarf and purse AND cap for my daughter. New shoes! Yes, you do have to wade through some less precious offerings, and the people here can get pushy, but it is SO WORTH it! I don't bother with the regular thrift stores any more...

    So call the main number for Goodwill and ask if they have an outlet or clearance center.... Fifty-nine cents a POUND!
    3853 days ago
    I think a small local thrift store is a good idea. There are also a few church missions here that have wonderful things at really great prices.
    3853 days ago
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    I shop Good Wills, Value Villages, St. Vincent Depauls and I usually find very good deals. I have learned though that the Good Wills have two different type stores, some the prices are lower than the other ones.Also they have certain colored tags each week that you get 50% off. Value Villages have 99 cent mondays where a certain color tag is 99 cents. I personally feel St. Vincents prices are high. I get almost all my closes second hand and a lot of my home furnishings.Also Wednesdays are Senior Citizen days and you get everything you buy for half off.
    3853 days ago
    I agree with Shelley ... see if there are an Sally Thrift Stores around ... Goodwill has gotten too big for their britches. I mean, lookit the commercials they runo on TV now!
    3853 days ago
    Some of their cloths are high but what would you have paid for them in a store?
    They do support a lot of people. I do not consider 56 old you are in the prim of life. I hope you find the cloths you want at the price you want. Good Luck with whatever you do.
    3853 days ago
    I find better prices and sometimes nicer clothes and displays at locally ran thrift stores.
    3853 days ago
  • SHELLEY202
    Do you have other thrift stores in or around your town? When I was just out of college and needed a new "professional wardrobe" (but was still on a starving college student budget), I found 3 or 4 thrift stores where I lived. I found that their prices could be very different (Goodwill was one of the higher ones). Salvation Army in particular had lower prices, plus had regular reductions on clothes that had been there for awhile (I also recall that they had one day a week they gave senior discounts). I found great deals, and was able to update my wardrobe. You might find another store that is more what you are looking for.

    Good luck!
    3853 days ago
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