A fat guy learns to like exercise in 301 days. ( day 5 )

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hey, I'm a fat guy trying to learn a love for exercise before Jan 1st, 2011. When I started this blog, there were 301 days left in 2010. Join me as I try to become a life long lover of heart pumpin, sweat dripping exercise. ( or I die trying )

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Day 5 of 301. (March 10 , 2010)

A fat guy measures success

Observation – Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. Abraham Lincoln

First off, let me just say I am grateful for all your supportive comments. Writing a daily blog is therapeutic. It helps to solidify what I’m feeling as I pull it out of my brainspace and put it in words. I really don’t spend a lot of time writing it or thinking about what I’m going to write as much as I just sit down and type. There is much contained here that is tongue in cheek. Please don’t be calling the suicide prevention hotline with my information (they already have it anyway) if a daily blog should take a turn for the worse. Remember, therapeutic and tongue in cheek.

Having said that, I think my bathroom scale hates me. Apparently it contains no numbers below 271 as it’s been stuck there for about a month. I know this is an exercise blog and my purpose here is to share my quest to develop loving feelings toward exercise, but I’m also here to test motivational strategies one can use to develop this love and losing weight is one heck of a motivator.

It’s not the only one thank goodness.

When I got home yesterday I was a little embarrassed by what I had said in my blog. It showed what I believed to be weakness on my part and in the world where I come from, you just don’t do that. I learned how to face opposition from my dad, who I am sure, learned it from his dad and so on and so on. My dads philosophy on frustration can be summed up in three little words…”Suck it up”.

She broke my heart. Suck it up. I’m afraid of spiders. Suck it up. This milk tastes funny. You get my point.

But daddy, exercise is hard. Suck it up.

On my drive home I decided my dad was right. “For there is nothing either good or
bad, but thinking makes it so…” That’s Shakespeare’s way of quoting my dads philosophy by the way. There was only one thing I could do, take the 45 minutes I was going to spend exercising that night and double it. 90 minutes baby! Suck It Up! I spent an hour on the elliptical and another 30 minutes on the treadmill. Wednesday night is the night my wife takes our kids to their youth programs at church so it was just me, a mix CD and a Bose sound system. Roughly 2 hours later, I had such an exercise high it was amazing. 1300 Calories consumed on the elliptical and another 300 on the treadmill. In your face exercise!

And then I ate dinner, showered and slipped in to a well earned night of blissful slumber. All was right with the world.

Downstairs to the bathroom.
Remove all clothing, body waste, belly button lint, eye boogies, and any matter which takes up space or has weight and exhale.

Step ever so gently on the demon scale with its accompanying power to destroy all that is good…

271. You lose. (Actually you don’t lose, you stay the same)

There is a reason we don’t keep sharpened axes in the bathroom. emoticon

And so it is that today’s blog has less to do with exercise and more to do with motivation. I love the quote at the beginning of the blog from good ol’ Abe Lincoln. The truth is, while I am disappointed that my scale is the embodiment of sarcasm, I feel great. Better than I have in years. I run. Me, a runner, can you believe it??? As a matter of fact, I will run again tonight as I get closer to my goal of participating in a 5K.

Bottom line – Weight loss is a great motivator, but it’s not the only motivator.

What I liked about exercise yesterday – I wanted to be there and I had a great time sweating to my power tunes.

What was hard – facing the scale this morning

Excuses I made to avoid this exercise – none, I sucked it up, remember?

Did I exercise? – Yes Booyah!

Did I enjoy it? – I did very much

Today’s motivation – 269 lbs. The holy grail of weight loss numbers.

p.s. I know some of you are going to say take a break from the scale. I’m sorry , but that’s just not possible. It’s personal and he started it.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow sorry i missed this blog yesterday! You put into words what most of us only feel about the horrible scale. Thank you for bringing a smile and for being such an inspiration. I'm glad to see your sticking to it
    3732 days ago
  • no profile photo JEDIBABE
    You are hilarious!
    I wish I still worked as a fitness trainer so I could direct clients to your blog. As an older grad student I am finding workout time harder to come by and I'm spending a lot more time on my rear end. Just reading what you have already said made me want to head over to the gym and accomplish something; thanks! Your going to do great, I'm thinkin' and you'll encourage a lot of peeps along the way. Keep it up, man!
    3732 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6722277
    "Suck it up!" hey your Dad and my Mom must have totally known each other!It is her mantra to this day!

    Suck it up man, just suck it up ...The scale will fall eventually but feelin good, as you said, is a prize in and of itself!
    3732 days ago
    3 weeks from now, you're going to find out that the lip of your scale was caught on something and it has been giving you false readings for 2 months straight.

    if that doesn't happen, you may just have to find something else to measure. you can take body measurements. there's a whole list here on your start page and they'll graph you changes for you. you can chart your running times. i try and do an all out two or three miles every couple of weeks to see how much faster i'm getting. being a nerd, i have an Excel chart to calculate my running speeds. anyway, there ARE other ways to measure your progress.

    i don't know how to explain your non weight-loss, but something has to be going on because of your exercise. this is a test of will... who will budge first.

    good luck.
    3732 days ago
    So funny!
    You are right, it is therapeutic to vent, glad you found a medium that works for you. There is no "suck it up" here, we can all relate. No judgements.
    I feel your pain about that stupid scale, I am also addicted and feel a little stuck this week. Now that I see your post, I will be sure to remove the sharpened ax from my bathroom just in case...
    3733 days ago
  • no profile photo 1SHIELDMAIDEN
    Oh my goodness, you are so funny! I laughed hard enough that I can skip situps, oh my abs!!! This blog came at the perfect time for me, I've begun to exercise again after a very long time (in my 40's). I have a long way to go and the scale is also not my friend but reading along with you is great support. Thanks!!! Good luck breaking the 270's.
    P.S. Love all the quotes!
    3733 days ago
    (For the record, I think it was YOU that started it...just sayin'.)

    (Oh, and...fantastic blog, Sweetie! You made me literally LOL)

    3733 days ago
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