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I Believe in Fairies.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Fairy hiding among my flowers.

I like to believe in Fairies and Elves, mainly because it is just fun to do so.
I posted two pictures on a Spark team this week and it has been fun to see all of the comments. I enjoy seeing other people’s responses.

Fairies have been in art throughout the centuries taking the form of visual art, literature and song.
In the book “Real Fairies” by David Tame, people’s real encounters with the fairy kingdom are described. It makes great reading if you have ever asked the question Are Fairies Real?

A Man Fairy or Elf, gathering leaves in my yard.

Are Fairies real?
Don’t discount the possibility. It may simply be a case of believing to enable you to see them. They are as real as you want them to be.
Open yourself to “nature spirits”.
Feel the wind gently caressing your face and listen to the sounds of nature. Listen to the voices of the fairies that carry the sounds of nature.
Sit and just look at nature, especially close up, I mean really close up!
Try lying in the grass and looking at one single blade. Or look at the world as if you were a mouse.
Look at a flower, under one petal, or right into the center of a flower.
Really close up, many things are magical!

I have read that some people believe that fairies were angels sent from heaven because they did not take either side of Satan or God. On earth they can choose to take the side of good or evil.
Maybe they are asking us to respect the environment and to live in peaceful coexistence with all creatures on this earth.
Maybe they will bless our gardens and flowers.
Whatever your stance I find that Fairies bring joy to all who believe in them.

I like to think they are real because it is fun when I am sitting in my backyard.
When I see the magical world of nature it is hard to think that they are not real!
I love nature and the joy that it brings me.

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