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My 12 week bikini challenge...and a quick update on me!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Otherwise known as my 12 week goal weight challenge, or my 12 week back on track program :-)

Basically I joined in with the MaryMackers challenge.....two of my favourite and most positive sparkers set up a 15 week challenge a few weeks ago, which has 12 weeks left to run. Also, yesterday I was browsing spark pages and noticed somebody (can't remember who, sorry!) has set themselves a 12 week bikini challenge, which they blogged about and posted their own bikini shots. So these events have set me in motion for my own 12 week bikini/goal weight challenge!!

I weighed on Saturday 20th March, at 156lbs (4lbs up from my lowest of 152 on March 1st). I will now ONLY be weighing ONCE a week, on Saturday mornings. I am terrible at jumping on the scales daily, but really the numbers are not important enough to rule my life, so once a week it will be!!

I will be purchasing a bikini in a smaller size (UK 10) and I will squeeze myself into it for photos - they won't be so pretty right now!! Then, as well as weighing in each week and possibly recording measurements (not sure if I will do this weekly), I will also put on that bikini every week and post the photos showing my progress in it. Hopefully as the weeks go by, there will be a noticeable difference in how it fits!!

So that is the plan......12 weeks to get a bikini body - maybe not the best toned bikini body, but one that I will be happy to show on the beach!!

My weight loss targets are between 1.5lbs and 2lbs per week. Losing 1.5lbs weekly will mean I reach 139lbs in 12 weeks (this also puts me into the 9 stones for those of us in the UK!) and losing just over 2lbs per week will get me to 130lbs, half of my original weight and my ultimate goal!! To be honest I'm not too bothered about the numbers, just losing another inch or two from my waist and toning my hips and thighs will be good enough for me to feel bikini confident, but it's always good to have a goal :-)

My weekly goals, with 1.5 and 2lbs weekly losses are:

Start weight 20th March: 156lbs
WK 1 27th March: 155.5/153
WK 2 3rd April: 154/150
WK 3 10th April: 152.5/148
WK 4 17th April: 151/146
WK 5 24th April: 149.5/144
WK 6 1st May: 148/142
WK 7 8th May: 146.5/140
WK 8 15th May: 145/138
WK 9 22nd May: 143.5/136
WK 10 29th May: 142/134
WK 11 5th June: 140.5/132
WK 12 12th June: 139/130

Right, that's it I I just have to buy that bikini!!!

Oh and a quick update on how things are going for me.....pretty fantastic!! I have been awful at sticking to any sort of healthy eating plan the whole of this year, but who cares!?! I have swung from one extreme diet, to no diet and binge eating habits, resulting in 7-10lbs being lost and gained many times over the past 3 months. I could look at this as a failure at not having continued success or being at my goal weight by now. I would rather look at it as real life! I know that once I reach my goal weight, not every day, week or month will be focused on healthy eating and working out. I will have to learn to balance the good with the bad then, just as I am still learning it now! I think the key difference in me since losing the weight has been that I only let the bad days go so far, before getting focused again. As soon as the scales show more than a 5lb gain I re-focus and try harder, which is something that I think I will always have to do!
The past week my eating has been better than it has in a long time, because I am being stricter with my meal choices, but also allowing some not so healthy snacks, so I don't feel deprived. It's amazing that when I allow myself to eat a small chocolate bar I find that I don't actually want it, yet when I tell myself I can't have it, I end up eating 5!?! I have also decided this week to up my efforts at the gym again. I don't want to cut my calories too much, or even have to track them right now. I am still planning my meals and snacks and I know that roughly my daily intake is between 1200-1500 calories, but I won't be stressing over the exact numbers. So I will be doing an extra 30 minutes cardio at the gym each week day as well :-)
There is more to life than these numbers as several good spark friends often remind me. Right now I may have plans that detail numbers, numbers, numbers, but more than that I am just focusing on enjoying my life every day :-)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great blog post :)
    I was inspired and took some bikini shots on a recent shopping trip too. Can't wait to actually be able to wear one in public and not feel ridiculous! You look great though, and with a little more work, you're gonna be looking totally fabulous!
    3651 days ago
    That's AWESOME! I can't wait to see your pictures! You already look amazing...
    3661 days ago
  • PROT358
    You motivate me so much. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to post pictures of me in a bikini while I still considered myself a work-in-progress. You are brave! Best of luck to you!
    3662 days ago
  • PROT358
    You motivate me so much. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to post pictures of me in a bikini while I still considered myself a work-in-progress. You are brave! Best of luck to you!
    3662 days ago
  • THE_NEW_ME_24
    "It's amazing that when I allow myself to eat a small chocolate bar I find that I don't actually want it, yet when I tell myself I can't have it, I end up eating 5!?!"

    oh my gosh, that is exactly the same for me. When driving to my brothers house there is a dunkin donuts and everytime I pass it I think "oh god, I want a donut". It's only because I won't allow myself to have them. Rarely I'll have special days (usually on holidays) when I allow myself to have special treats that are not normally allowed. Do I have donuts? No, because in reality I don't really even like them, but it's just the fact that I can't have them that makes me want to eat them.
    3662 days ago
    Great blog. you are so right, this is a lifestyle change and every day will NOT be perfect! Good luck on your weight loss/bikini challenge... emoticon

    3662 days ago
  • KARENE10
    You are so right! This is real everyday life~and you've got the best attitute. You'll be looking great in that bikini:) emoticon
    3662 days ago
  • SHAY72
    sounds like a great plan & we all know u can do it
    3662 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/23/2010 4:16:15 AM
  • DIMI1124
    Yes Yes Yes!!!!! Got girl you can do this!!! Loved this post!!
    3662 days ago
    I look forward to seeing you succeed!
    3662 days ago
    Your post was fantastic.

    It is good to enjoy your everyday life. As long as it's getting you healthy.

    You can record your food just once or twice a week; just to help you keep in focus on what your goal is.

    I usually weigh myself once a week. I did and mid week weigh-in to test how my diet was going. I sort of wanted to know if the weekend was sabotaging my weight loss. It was and is. Except last weekend. Weighing yourself every day is not a bad idea; as long as you don't stress over it.
    3662 days ago
    exciting!! i'm right there with you~!! beach time~!
    3662 days ago
    You are so awesome! I love your "real life" attitude. Here I am COMPLETELY freaking out that I gained 2 pounds back...and that's probably due to the fact that I'm now pregnant!
    Wow I really have to learn to lighten up. A slip up is just that. It's true, whenever I allow myself a treat I just blow it off like I'm not even interested. Have to incorporate them into my diet plan more.
    Can't wait to see your pics! Rock on!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3662 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/22/2010 7:32:46 PM
    sounds like a great idea! good luck to you! emoticon
    3662 days ago
    wow! great job :) that is a really great challenge for yourself. can't wait to see the pictures of the bikini!
    3662 days ago
    Love your attitude and can't wait to see the bikini. Good for you and keep it up! My goal this year is to just buy myself a swimsuit (a gorgeous one) and be brave/confident enough to wear it in Las Vegas in August. It doesn't have to be a bikini, just a pretty swimsuit that I love and feel GREAT in!
    3662 days ago
  • no profile photo SAHUARITAMOM1
    just joined spark today....

    Love the idea... not sure I'm brave enough to post any pics yet.
    3662 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5468515
    Great resolve! I am cheering for you!
    3662 days ago
    Good luck to you!

    I'm currently on a 12 week program myself. I want to drop 40lbs by May 23rd ... yes, it's a HUGE challenge, but that's why we call it a challenge, right? Besides, I have a concert scheduled for that day and I have got to fit into something presentable!!!

    3662 days ago
  • WREN67
    Go for it! I'm not anywhere near ready to think about a bikini (will I ever be??), but I love the idea!
    3662 days ago
    What a great idea! I am FAR away from being in a bikini - but I still have a few from 7 years ago when I was thin.

    I'm going to go put one on (if I can get into it!) - and take a picture. Then once a month I'll do it again, I won't show anyone YET - but maybe when I'm closer to that goal, I'll have the guts to post it!

    3663 days ago
    Love the bikini challenge idea!! I'm going to do it too!
    3663 days ago
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