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every cloud has a silver lining.

Friday, March 26, 2010

sorry i am abit late writting this blog but life seemed to get in the way.
after all the stress with waiting for aymans test results which was negative thanks be to god.i learned a valueale lessons for me.and that is that i can stop my emotional eating taking control of me and that i can and am the one in control of my eating not the otherway round.for the first time i planned and organised alternatives to eating and also a back up plan for if the first one didn´t work.i have done that before in the past but with out the back up plan.instead i would just kick myself for being so weak and giving in and do nothing more about it.this time instead of kicking i fargave my self and did damage limitation.here is what i did for thoes who don´t already no.

1#preperation and distraction.
i made sure i had lots of healthy snacks in for when i felt the need to eat.
made sure i had lots of diet pepsi in(i know it is not so healthy but hey it has fast no calories,i love the taste and it helps me feel alittle pampered which is what i really need in times of stress.)
had loads of hand cream so if i wanted the pepsi i had to weight awhile before the hand cream made my hands no more slippy and i could think about weather i really need the pepsi,
did exercise to distract me from food.
did house work(this was the biggy for me because lastely my mind has been so wrapped up in all that has been going on that it was letting the normal day to day things slide.)
concentrated on making things more enjoyable for the kids.(not that i don´t do things with them but sometimes mine and their lives seemed to just revolve round dr´s appointment,therapy etc and seeing more what they can´t or are not allowed to do rather than what they can do.)

2#damage limitation.
this was when i did emotionly eat i accepted itas a need when the above in nr,1 didn´t work.i also had a rule before i could eat anything unhealthy i had to eat too healthy things first.i didn´t say no you can´t have it.i said you can previded you ate two healthy things first.( the result of this.as i wasn´t forbidding it it didn´t take on unrealistic propotions like it would if it was banned.i.e i didn´t have to crave after it because it was allowed.also after eating the two healthy things first i was often not hungry so didn´t eat the planned unhealthy thing.when i did eat it it wasn´t as much as i would normally eat when emotionally eating.for two reasons,my stomach wasn´t emptyx because of the two healthy snacks first and it was nolonger forbidden so the gorging which goes hand in hand with eating/binging forbidden food was not there.)

the result of theese two stragagies is.
#i didn´t put on weight like normal but lost 0.5lb.ok it is not alot but still it is a loss not a gain.
#my house is clean
#i am more organised
#the kids had more time to be kids,because i am more organised i had more time and because i decided to put prioty on what they could do and not what they can´t do.
#my hands are in better conditoin with using the hand cream.
#i know now i managed to controll my emotional eating.and if i can do it once i can do it again.IT NO LONGER HAS THE SAME POWER;THE SAME HOLD ON ME like it used to have.I AM NO LONGER AFRAID OF EMOTIONAL EATEN:

so like i said in the title.every cloud does have a silver lining.

thanks once again for reading this blog,thanks for reading and responding to all my other blogs.with out you it would not have been possible for me to be so focused and put my plan of action into force.once again you have all helped me more than you will ever know.you all rock.thank you ,thankyou,thak you.i can not say that enough.

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