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Eye Opener

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday. it's been a good day..not much of an appetite today but have stuck with my planned meals.

I watch Oprah today, wonder if anyone else did....

Jamie Oliver was on there to push a new reality show about the fastest city in America, and try to teach them to go back to eating real food...not processed...
the real eye opener was this HUGE coffin, reporting that this huge coffins are a big business, they talked about how you have to have 2 plots to bury these big coffins, and have to use a fork lift to get them in the plot..any way it was a real eye opener .......they showed what kids in school was serving to kids .....they count potatoes as a veggie, serve lots of processed foods , the food looked gross..
any way do YOU know what your kids are eating at school.

Ryan Seacrest was on too and did you know as a child he had weight issues and now has a strict eating plan and schedules his exercise everyday....he works 7 jobs by the way....

I'm a bit worked up by the show, wondering what are we doing to our children...
how many days a week do families eat fat food(fast foods) because it's easy, cheap and that what we want for our young people.....I watch the school bus drop off the kids today and wow we are in trouble.....our schools no longer have Gym class, and no health class, they don't teach cooking any more either.....this is scary to me.....
what do you think??

have a healthy week end

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    I watched it Kitt and It's Crazy what we feed our children and ourselves. We have got too change!!

    Treasure Yourself
    3519 days ago
    You are right to be concerned. We need to get back to the basics.
    3520 days ago
    I also can get worked up by what kids eat. The parents are the ones that should be really aware of the stuff they give their kids.

    Fast foods and high fats are a way of life here emoticon
    3520 days ago
    didn't catch the show don't normally watch oprah. I had seen a show once that talk about how they consider those potato balls a vegtable and how unheathly they were. I now srda says it serves wheat bread but it not whole grain. Schools and other places need to get their acts together.
    3520 days ago
    scary indeed!
    thanks as always Kitt!
    emoticon Jo
    3520 days ago
    What we're seeing health-wise in this country is the result of the "it's all about me" and "I want it now!" mentality people have. Our society has gotten away from basic family time at home, having meals together, taking time to prepare food, doing things together instead of just plunking the kids down in front of the TV, things of that nature. It's no wonder the U.S. is turning into a nation of fatties and that kids aren't learning about good nutrition! The emphasis is on cheap and fast, and this is the consequence.

    It will take a lot of work to turn things around, and we have to do it as a country. Good luck with that!

    3520 days ago
    OM goodness, I did watch it and I am now watching Jamie Food Revolution Show.

    Lets not even begin with the schools --let start start at home.
    There were 6 year old that do not know what a fresh tomato is, what a potato is, what a cauliflower is. I was shocked! Did U watch it?
    Jamie made processed nuggets, he showed the kids how it was done, it was gross, but the kids still wanted to eat it. These poor darlings do not even know the difference. They do not know how to use silver ware what the heck do the parents eat?

    OK enough, I am sick. As a future nation we are in big trouble.
    3520 days ago
    It is ridiculous what they feed the kids. Not too much different in college either; too much junk food.
    3520 days ago
    Not only is there a problem with the school lunches, but why should there be vending machines in schools to sell sugar water, candy and chips?
    3520 days ago
    In our schools in Lincoln, a ketchup packet is considered a vegetable. Only the parochial schools (who get no government assistance for their hot lunch programs) have salad bars and fresh fruit. They also have no soda pop machines in the building and sent letters home to the parents asking them not to send pop with their kids to school. 2% milk is available.
    3520 days ago
    That is one reason I pack my grand daughter's lunch for school. At least I know she is getting something healthy. But fast food places are just too much!!
    3520 days ago
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