My motivation...where did it go??? And pics...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I know exactly where it ran away screaming when Logan went on a growth spurt! Monday was a rest day so Tuesday I was ready to get on with the first video again...except Logan wasn't ready for me to do *anything* but sit in a chair and nurse him. He would eat for 30 minutes, take a 30 minute break, and then be ravenous *again*. He's almost two months so I guess this is his two month growth spurt. Fortunately it didn't last the *week* that his one month growth spurt lasted! Wednesday I was going to work out after Craig came home but I just didn't feel like it, so I started week two of Chalean Extreme two days late.

I did my video today and felt *great*. I am much stronger when it comes to my abs, I didn't have to modify the ab exercises nearly as much as the first time I did this video. My weight amounts were right on target thanks to my notes from last week (when they were generally too light) and being able to gauge better what *I* should be lifting compared to what Chalene is doing.

After that I did a nice, hard 10 minute jaunt on the elliptical and I am done working out for today. I have a meeting tonight but may take Logan and Jilly for a walk because Jilly hasn't been on a walk for a few days (she can come and go in the backyard as she pleases so she's been outside lots, but she likes our walks).

I haven't lost any weight...but my clothes feel like they're fitting better, and I feel much, much stronger. I went for a ride on Sunday and it was like night and day compared to my first ride, before starting Chalean Extreme.

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