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"An Army of Frogs"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'd received this in email, OMG YEARS ago, but a blog that TY wrote, and one that ...ABETTERME wrote, prompted the recollection - and the desire - to post it today.

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An army of frogs were leaping through the forest one day when two of the frogs suddenly fell into a deep, deep pit. All of the other frogs gathered around the hole to look down on their two fallen comrades.

To jump out looked absolutely impossible. They all began to sadly shake their heads and to croak out dismal and dire warnings.

"It's too deep!" croaked one frog. Another croaked that there was no way that they would ever be able to get out of the pit alive.

The two fallen frogs began to continuously jump as they tried to get out of the pit, but the frogs that were watching kept croaking louder and louder at them that they might as well stop, because they were as good as dead and just wasting their time.

One of the two frogs finally gave up and heeded the pessimistic advice of the frogs at the top. He quit jumping and literally "croaked" and died.

The other frog just kept right on jumping and leaping harder than ever in spite of all the loud croaks of disapproval from the frogs that were watching around the top of the hole. They kept croaking shouts at him to quit jumping and save himself from all the pain and suffering he was incurring as he leaped and fell back down to the bottom of the pit over and over again.

Finally, he leaped even harder than ever and to the surprise of all the other frogs he jumped right out of the deep pit. The other frogs asked him,

"Why did you keep leaping even though we yelled and croaked at you to stop?"

It was then that the frog explained to them that he was deaf and he had thought they were cheering for him and yelling words of encouragement to him the entire time!


Bottom line: Don't let the words of the small people in your life get you down. Believe in yourself! YOU CAN DO IT, no matter how big or small the project. I have faith in each of you!!! AND --- YOU should have faith in yourself!

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