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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ok so yesterday I blogged that I wasn't a fan of deer meat. Yes I should be grateful to have it. But, I think it is part bambi and part watching my mother trick my cousins at a picnic get together one year. She snickered about it even. Of course I found it funny cause I wasn't eatting it. Ha! Of course after that I made her show me the package that the "beef" came in from the store.

After reading all the comments on yesterdays blog I just want it know before all the deer meat lovers unite to boycout me, I have nothing against the "Deer" itself. I don't want anyone to put me in the group of Oprah who had the Beef companies up in arms. President Bush Sr. was critisied for not liking Brocolli. Which by the way I can only eat raw.


Just joking or at least please just take this as a joke. It made me laugh a lot. DH got some fresh green beans, spagetti squash and cantalope. I had some cantalope last night. Yummo! I have never had spagetti squash so my DH is going to try a recipe I found for it. I am looking forward to it. As for the green beans I love them too.

We are having a little bit of an ant problem. I did some research and found some natural ways to get rid of them. With all of our furbabies I like natural over chemical. Here is the link in case anyone needs it.


Just an update on Flurry.
She has been having some discomfort in getting up and moving around. We have been giving her baby aspirin to help with the pain. Her allergies are kicking too. I gave her a small dose of benedril which helps her. She is a real trooper though. Yesterday she was acting like she wanted something then tried to jump up on my bed. My DH picked her up and put her with me. We got to cuddled. Today she jumped up or tried to on the couch to sit with Linda.

Last but not least my DH had me cut his hair. Normally I use a razor with one of those comb things which really works well for me. But the razor wasn't working. So I had to hand cut it. I was doing well but, then I goofed. he has a real short spot at the back of his head. Fortunately, he can't see it and his other layers cover it. Ssshhhh keep my secret please.

My house is sort of comic releif for Linda. DH was in the kitchen talking to himself. I call out to him asking if he is going to cook the spagetti squash. He say "no". Then I say well if he is cooking something in the oven it would be a good time to bake the spagetti squash. His reply under his breathe "I will tell you where to put the spagetti squash." Now he isn't serious but we bicker jokingly sometimes. She tells me we need our own comdey show.

So that is today in my life. Funny it took me over 4 hours to wright. My DH and Linda all talking and stuff made it really hard to concentrate. Linda is a constant talking. She just left which let me have a moment to tie it all up.

YES! emoticon

Finally she is done rambling. For those of you who stuck with me here is a little joking for you. Enjoy!


A young lieutenant was passed by a private, who failed to salute.

The lieutenant called him back, and said sternly: "You did not salute me.

For this you will immediately salute two hundred times."

At this moment the General came up.

"What's all this?" he exclaimed, seeing the poor private about to begin.

The lieutenant explained. "This ignoramus failed to salute me, and as a punishment, I am making him salute two hundred times."

"Quite right," replied the General, smiling. "But do not forget, sir, that upon each occasion you are to salute in return."

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Willow, I am glad to hear your little Flurry is feeling a bit friskier and that your day had some comic relief in it! Also, thanks for the natural ant remedies.....those little boogers are ALL OVER my kitchen countertops and cupboards lately, and it is driving me CRAZY! Sending you many, many hugs today! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3910 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your day and your humor! You're a delight. Love, Dawn
    3911 days ago
    I have not been around for awhile and I must say I miss reading your blogs. But I have just been so busy with the teams I currently lead, plus some health problems and tests that I am having to undergo.

    I'm glad you got some fresh veggies. I love spaghetti squash. I saw a post once that said to bake it first and it is easier to cut so I tried it. Must have left it in the oven too long or something, because it was awful. I couldn't even figure out how the scrape the seed out. Next time I will stay with tried and true, cut clean then roast! lol I love it with spaghetti sauce, it is my kind of spaghetti now.

    I love the joke about saluting!
    3911 days ago
    Realty shows have nothing on you two, drama, comedy and real life events. Every day living in this economy and what good people are forced to go through to get food and medication. The president should see first hand how we have to live.
    I would have a picky problem eating Bambi too. However you need the balance in your diet, with your diabetes you need to eat as healthy as the food pantry will let you. If I had to kill my food myself I'd become a vegan. I grew up on a ranch and knew things were going to be slaughtered but I personally couldn't do it. emoticon for fresh vegetables and melon. emoticon emoticon
    3911 days ago
  • TRISH106
    Glad to hear you were able to get fresh green beans, Sp squash, and Melon. YUM!
    Sounds like you and DH are having a good day. I used to love bickering jokingly with my ex. I was a liitle stress releaser and no one got upset.
    Happy to hear Linda was getting a laugh also.
    AS far as the Deer meat I guess the animals will enjoy eating for a couple of days.
    I loved the sailor joke. I have actually seen that type of thing happen. My ex was a sailor for 24 years. It is a riot to see an officer get taken down a peg or two when they think they are so powerful. Some of us fail to realize that we all put our pants on the same way.
    Thank you for yet anothre laugh.
    3911 days ago
    I'd love to watch a sitcom based on the doings at your house--just to watch you and your DH jokingly bicker would be a hoot, I suspect! And it would certainly surpass anything the networks put on these days under the banner of "comedy".

    If you don't like venison, you don't like vension. Big whoop. Everyone has his/her own likes and dislikes...that's what makes this world so interesting! We don't all have to like the same things---and we don't have to explain our tastes or justify ourselves. (That's the best part of being 50+..no more explanations, no excuses...it's all just me). Take it or leave it.

    You're having a great day, and because of your sharing, now mine's even better. emoticon
    3911 days ago
    Hi,Willow sounds like your day is brighter today!! It is fun to bicker jokingly!!!
    It is good that Linda enjoys being there. Sounds like you make her day...That
    is a good one about the saluting!!! Loved the dog cartoon or picture. Happy to here that you got some fresh fruit: and veggies!! Have a great day!!! emoticon emoticon
    3911 days ago
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