But for the grace of GOD

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Today while I was running errands like banking and going to Walmart I was rushing and on the freeway leaving town I passed a older man and his dog sitting along side the road trying to get a ride. I know it is stupid but I turned around a few miles later and went back for him. I told him I was only going another twenty miles but could get him where two freeways intersect and he might be able to get a ride from one on the big rigs that pass through, I gave him food and water for his dog. I gave him my bag of beef jerky I'd just bought and twenty dollars all the cash I had. I felt good about helping someone in need and was worried about whether he had been picked up. While I was getting ready to go check before it gets dark my husband found out my intentions and you'd think I had committed murder. I was reamed and lectured. I had my rott with me and even though I knew you aren't suppose to stop I felt like I was suppose to, almost compelled. I help people as often as I can but seldom let anyone close like in my car or home. He was polite and gracious and grateful without being insincere felt that maybe I had done something good and felt good about myself until his abuse and put downs started. Was I wrong to help. I don't have an abundance but what I gave I gave willingly and from the heart. We are now fighting to where I will have to lock myself in my room and he is punishing me by not making dinner. I am not a child that should be punished and sent to my room without food for being nice to someone with less then I have. I try so hard to teach others as you would want to be treated. For all I know he is an angel stranded on earth and needed my help. But for the grace of god I am one step away from being that man with his dog on the side of the road and I would like someone to do all that they could for me too.
Tomorrow I go up to Merced and I am going back to where I left him tomorrow morning and if he is still there will offer him a ride further up the road to where he might get a truck ride easier.
We need to be careful, especially women alone. I know this being an ex police officer but I swear doing the right thing felt good and I was compelled to turn around and help this man. Contrary to what he says I am a good person who cares ,just not about him!
Get my nerve test tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for me tonight.
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    Regardless of whether you were "right" or "wrong", you are an adult, and responsible for your own decisions. Your husband's reaction is WAY out of line, and is disrespectful. But they don't learn unless you tell them....

    I wanted to thank you for reaching out to me Wednesday. I needed that hug and loving "touch".
    3799 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2702433
    I think you did a good thing.
    3800 days ago
  • no profile photo EJHEINRICH1
    I think you did a good thing. Sometimes I think that feeling you got to turn around and pick him up was an angel wispering in your ear that it's okay. Sometimes the little voice says NO and when we don't listen that is when we get into trouble.
    Just make sure you are listening and not doing what you think is right.
    You did a good thing and I will keep you in my prayers tonight.
    Hugs my friend,
    3801 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1389378
    Around here hitch hiking is really common and dangerous - for the ones that are hitching, mainly the First Nations women, although one white woman was also killed. It isn't called "The Highway of Tears" for nothing. As a result many people pick up women on the road to get them safe to where they are going. The men have a much tougher time because well, mainly many are drunk. Last ones I picked up were a guy who was travelling around and lived in Switzerland - really nice guy - and 2 women heading up to another community for the ball tournament. They had already hitched in from the city, 100kms away. Unfortunately one broke her bottle as she was loading it all in the trunk but hey, at least it didn't break in my car. Years back my boss and I picked up a guy as we headed north. Nice guy but whoa he had a stink! Made the whole pickup smell for the longest time even after he left. I'm picky who I give rides to and have passed by many folks. I tend to focus only on the women - if they aren't drunk - and like I did with the guy from Switzerland, I am really picky on the men. My brother helped out a guy recently after midnite on a back logging road (he drives logging truck) and later discovered the guy had just assaulted a woman, had her trapped in a van and was fleeing. Another trucker put out the call to the RCMP when the woman was found in the van. Crazy stuff but it does happen. As my brother said, the guy's story didn't check out, that's why he checked in with the other truckers. Then everyone put it together. And my travelling much in isolation, I am aware of safety, yet have accepted help a few times, from men in the middle of no where. Sometimes you just do what you gotta do. So long winded response here...bottom line, you did what your gut said was right, you had your dog, you have your police experience and your partner should not be treating like this. Regardless if it was right or wrong, you have the right to be treated in a respectful manner at all times.
    3801 days ago
    What you did was indeed an act of kindness. And whether you believe in God or Karma or whatever, you will be rewarded. Yes, as women we need to be cautious. But being cautious shouldn't make you paranoid, just careful.
    3801 days ago
    It was a good deed, but you did take a chance, too. It's hard to decide about things like that sometimes. but, I'd say it's really to risky. Was your rott in the car with you. ?? That might have been good protection, but, please don't take that chance again. We would not want to lose you when you are in the middle of beginning to work on the rest of your life. Hugs, Echo emoticon emoticon
    3801 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3149332
    You did a good deed, yes I agree about being careful and that it is the grace of God that keeps us on the other side of the line that separates being helpful from needing help. God will provide someone (like you) in the lives of the needy when needed. God bless you and He was taking care of you while you stepped out on faith. Good for you, but do be very careful!
    3801 days ago
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