Great Wednesday!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

So, other than work and finals yesterday, it was a great day. :) I walked downtown with the two hours I had between finals and went to Maude V. It is a nice vintage shop that I had never really been in before because I heard it was more pricey than the other consignment shops. I had quite a bit of time to kill, so I tried on a few pieces and more than anything just grazed over their stock. I found some houndstooth gauchos (sp?) that I had to have, and an amazing silk and lace shirt that has a high collar and is very classy. I also got an adorable red dress with polka dots that made me look AMAZING. I will post some pictures if I can talk my boyfriend into taking them for me. :)

I then went and finished up my last final, and headed back downtown for a few drinks with my cousins. We were celebrating the end of my school for the semester, and my cousin Dani got a job! I am so happy! She just moved back to MO from CA and I am glad she was able to get a job within a month or so. We are all doing pretty decently nowadays, it is crazy to think back to our insane teenage years of nonstop partying and random joblessness.

I had a couple more drinks than I had planned on, mostly because these two gentlemen were buying all of our drinks. I love being a woman sometimes. :) It is hilarious because I am taken (it was my anniversary afterall), my cousin Sam is taken, and Dani is single but gay. So buy away, but it wont get you anywhere with us. I need to think of some small reward for going a week without binge drinking instead of just saying "I wont" because that isn't working so hot.. I'll ponder this.. Anyway, only went over 100 cals because all of the walking I did around downtown yesterday.

I then walked back to Bruce's house, drank a few glasses of water and went to bed as he played XBox live with his friends. Didn't even get to cuddle on my anniversary. :( But that is a whole other blog, so I'll leave it alone..

This morning was my weigh in. 128.0!! Wow!! I tried to drink a lot of water before bed so that I wouldnt have to tell myself whatever my weight says was inaccurate due to dehydration. I'll take it, I am glad for it. Onward and downward.
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