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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Saturday! As promised I am making my blogs in honor of all the Mom's out there including my own who is no longer with me. I found this on the web, no author was listed. I had to laugh at some of these. Linda (nurse) and I were talking about them and we even came up with a few to add to it.

Which one is your favorite? Any you use now? Can you add some to this list? Please let me know I want to hear from YOU.

~* Universal Mom Sayings *~

These familiar saying have somehow been handed down from mother to daugther right through the ages. How many of these did you grow up with?

*Who do you think you are?

*Ask your father (closely followed by "Ask your Mother")

*Bored! How can you be bored? I was never bored at your age.

*I'll treat you like an adult when you start acting like an adult!

*Look at me when I'm talking to you.

*Don't you roll your eyes at me!

*Don't pick it, it'll get infected.

*I don't care if "insert child's name here" Mum said yes.

*You'll put your eye out with that thing!

*I'm going to give you to the count to three.

*Don't put that thing in your mouth, you don't know where it's been.

*Wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident and have to go to hospital.

*Don't cross your eyes like that, one day they'll freeze that way.

*I don't care who started it, I'll finish it!

*Don't EVER let me catch you doing that again!

*Why? Because I SAID SO, that's why!?!

*If such and such jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?

*If I catch you doing that one more time, I'll...

*Your father is going to hear about THIS when he gets home!

*If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

*How many times do I have to tell you, don't throw things in the house!

*Do you think your clothes are going to pick themselves up?

*"I don't know" is NOT an answer!

*I know it's not fair. Life isn't fair.

*Don't talk back to me

*If you fall off that swing and break your neck,
don't come crying to me.

*When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me."

*You're just like your father.

*When you get to be my age, you will understand.

*Do as I say not as I do

*I hope one day you have children that act just like you.

Here is a Beautiful Poem I found as well.

Mother, If I Could Give You...
~Author Unknown

If I could give you diamonds for each tear you cried for me.
If I could five you sapphires for each truth you’ve helped me see.
If I could give you rubies for the heartache that you’ve known.
If I could give you pearls for the wisdom that you’ve shown.

Then you’ll have a treasure, mother, that would mount up to the skies.
That would almost match the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.

But I have no pearls, no diamonds, as I’m sure you’re well aware.
So I’ll give you gifts more precious; my devotion, love and care.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your blog today reminded me of this:

    The Mom Song with lyrics YouTube

    I hope it makes you laugh. It includes some of the things you posted.
    3908 days ago
    HAVE A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TOO! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3908 days ago
    i love those sayings, so true! that is a great poem, too.
    3908 days ago
    The one I find myself using all the time is "Look with your eyes".

    One day, I heard myself tell my nephew (around the floral part of the grocery store): "Look with your nose, not with your hands". What does that mean!?!?!

    I said, "I can't believe I just said that!"

    A man in the same area just laughed.
    3908 days ago
    Loved the poem!! Beautiful!!! I have said some of these things. LOL Like it did any good!! LOL I miss my Mom too!!! I love your spark page!! Very beautiful
    flowers: a loving tribute to your MOM!! Have a great day Willow!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3908 days ago
    WOW. That is an awsome poem. Tha;nk you for sharing.
    3908 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3976285
    I got an idea (for the team, natch!). "Sayings your mother made up!" This would be a fun game!

    I have one. If I asked how to spell a word: "Look it up!"
    Or with the fridge. "Close the door, it isnt an AIR CONDITIONER!"

    My sister uses this one: "You make a better door than a window".

    My dad came up with this gem (maybe) "Do as I say, not as I do"~
    Ah well, Parents!
    3908 days ago
  • MSJAP1
    You never think you are going to end up using those sayings yourself emoticon Lovely poem too. We have had our Mother's day here in the UK and I hope you all enjoy yours. emoticon
    3908 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3908 days ago
  • TRISH106
    I have another to add.
    Close the refrigerator door, it is not a tv.

    I loved the Mother's Day poem. It is exactly how I feel.
    I have been blessed with my Mom and Dad.
    3909 days ago
    emoticon For the morning chuckles. As I read thru the replys I could definetly see the difference in generations. I did have a neighbor who as an only child lived a very quiet life, but when she had her family, you should have heard her. Did she inherit all of that screaming? I think as one of 5 that I heard all but about 5 of them & Yes, I wound up saying them to my own. Then our daughter who had the advantage of a college education had her family & it is all done differently now & she has 3 beautiful children because of it, but that is the way life is. The poem is beautiful & other than someone who has had a sad childhood, everyone would feel the same way. As we age we become much more forgiving of our past. emoticon
    3909 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3909 days ago
  • CHRYS13
    Oh, the sayings are so great! I've heard them all! (and used quite a few, too!) LOL
    3909 days ago
  • 60SIXTY
    They are all good.
    But I will pick as favorite:
    *Wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident and have to go to hospital.

    I have worked in emergency rooms before. That nice pair of underwear might be removed with a pair of bandage shears.

    3909 days ago
    ...and don't forget my favorite:

    "Don't make me pull this car over!"

    3909 days ago
    Lol!!! those sayings truly make for a loud and disagreeable home......makes me thankful for a Happy home!

    We began vey early training with our 4 children - a decision I will always be grateful for. We treat each other with love and respect....
    raised voices are not allowed accompanied by anger. (A loud voice almost always signals danger or an emergency.)
    My DH and I honor each other in private and in public - our children see our love and mutual respect. I cannot imagine what it would be like otherwise..... emoticon emoticon
    3909 days ago
    That very last one of having children just like me, well, I had 7 of them just like me. LOL. They are all grown now and having children just like them. LOL. The poem made me cry because it is exactly how I feel about my mom. My mom passed on over in 2001 and this is the first year I am not mourning her. I am so glad just to be able to enjoy moms day without the ache in my heart. It feels good. She is always with me in my heart. good blog and thanks for sharing I dont know if your a mom or not, if you are, have a most sweet and enjoyable moms day. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3909 days ago
  • TKD_2D
    love it!! thank you!!
    3909 days ago
    Very nice.

    Shirley emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3909 days ago
    thanks for the chuckles and the motivational story. You're a delight my friend! Love, Dawn
    3909 days ago
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