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Haven't Had a Dream in a Long Time

Monday, May 10, 2010

Actually, this week's title is totally and completely untrue.

I've had a dream, a constant dream, pounding in my head and ringing in my ears, keeping me up at night and snapping me out of my fugues as I get them.

The dream is to do what I want for a living. To do it and be happy, or at least content and feeling like I'm living the way I want to.

And today, oh today.

It was something that started off completely unauspiciously.

On April 13th, I went to a robotics job fair at MIT. This was attached to the back end of a seminar on robotics that I did not attend. Now, I don't know squadoo about robotics, but I figure, hey, spread business cards around like seeds and perhaps one of them will sprout.

I was standing just sort of staring into space, looking at the board showing the companies expected and thinking, man oh Manischewitz, I am *SO* out of place here. Feeling weird. When this young guy comes up and he's looking kinda lost, too, and he looks at me and says out loud, "What the hell!" and sticks his hand out.

And B__ turns out to be truly sweet and owns his own company and is looking for venture capitalist funding. And he is young. Oh, so young. Only a coupla years out of college. Whip smart. Pleasant. Gets my jokes. We trade cards and I send him a note the next day, saying it was nice to meet him. I don't expect much as I write to everyone after these things.

I let it go and go about my other business and attend other events.

I get an email about a week ago - so sorry I didn't write back - I've been busy, life's been crazy, your email's been starred for weeks and I meant to contact you.

No prob. We agree to meet.

I go to his site. Aha! He's got a community (my speciality). But it's tiny. As in, less than a dozen people. I realize: this is why there's a need to see me. And I'm thinking, okay, this is not work, it's just a talk. People have picked my brain before and I'm more or less okay with it. After all, this is how I polish my pitch and hone my craft.

This morning, I look at his site again, and really think about it while on the bus. I get there early, and the coffeehouse is playing The Smiths (hence the song). So I take out a pad of paper and start writing down ideas. He should write this, submit here, do that, answer a blog there. A page's worth of ideas. Basic ideas, nothing too fancy.

He gets there, we grab coffee and sit. We talk about the site, about the community. I flip to the page and read off what I've thought of. He knows most but not all of what I'm talking about. And we get down to the nitty gritty: he needs content. I can write content. He needs a community. I can manage a community. He needs Twitter to be updated. I can do that.

And there is a meeting of the minds.

Emails will be exchanged (I need to get passwords and whatnot). This first month is something of a trial, particularly as I don't know the industry. I will meet the other guys (all college or grad level).

Things will be clearer in a few weeks as we work to formalize things a bit. But we are both excited about this, and enjoying the process as much as I'd hoped we would. Good to talk business but also laugh and bounce ideas off an obviously smart individual. Good to see the clear connection and the obvious need/niche/fulfillment coming full circle. Who knows where it will all lead? I don't know, but I want to find out.

And my scattered seed has, well, it may have sprouted.

And the other piece is that I have been bored. I was not going to the gym, was not loving walking, not wanting to (or really being able to, to be perfectly honest) run any more than I had been. I woke up today (and my weight was up again) and I realized that this cannot go on. And so I am quitting my old gym (writing up the letter as soon as I finish this blog entry) and am instead joining the Y down the street.

The reason to not spend time commuting to the gym disappears. The Y is new and different so there's freshness there. And, huzzah!

It has a pool.

I rarely get to swim, and I'm lousy at it, but I don't care.

And so my seed might be getting a little water.

This week is a short vacation on the Cape. I received word that I didn't get that job I interviewed for a month ago, but that's okay. It is highly likely that I will interview for a far better temp position soon. That one is also 6 months, also data analysis. And no, I don't really want to do data analysis. But I'm okay with it if I can also be working with my robotics pal and continuing to chase my vision.

I get the feeling I'm about to catch it.
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