First 10K - (race report and lessons learned)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yesterday was my first 10K. I started running about 2 years ago with the couch to 5k program, running my first 5k in Feb 09. My 2010 goal was a 10k.

I debated calling this blog -- "Somebody's gotta finish last", as that's exactly what I did yesterday. Dead last. I mean, last behind the 80 year old man wearing an IT Band strap who looked more like a galloper than a runner. I followed him, about 40 seconds behind, for the entire race. So, I decided about half way through that I could be disappointed that I was last and give up, OR I could embrace the experience, set and meet my own goals and learn lessons -- and embracing the race is exactly what I did.

My goals for the race were to: run the entire thing, finish in 70 minutes or less, stay hydrated, avoid a migraine and feel proud. I did all of them.

First, I finished in 70:10, but my Nike+ measured the race to be 6.61 miles vs. the 6.2. I certainly like that better because it sets me at a pace of 10:37 which is awesome for me. I'm going to take that one and feel confident that my Nike+ is accurate on my runs.

Second, I ran the entire time. Not even stopping when I thought I got stung by a bee, or during any of the hills (and for the record, I no longer believe race organizers when they promote courses a "flat and fast").

Third, I wore my hydration belt. I felt so RIDICULOUS. I think I saw one other guy wearing one, but I have to say, I love that thing. Being able to drink during my runs has saved me. It adds another set of little goals too. I am definitely one of those people who need to set little goals throughout a run to psychologically get through it. So, typically, I drink at the start of every other son, or at every 1 k. Breaking the race/runs down in little pieces sooooo helps me. And, I think it keeps me hydrated and prevents me from taking in so much fluid that I cramp.

Finally, I felt good at the end. I was able to make it through my son's afternoon soccer game, family dinner and an evening of shopping at IKEA (which seriously has to be an additional 1.5 miles on the pedometer).

This was a good experience. It gave me a different kind of confidence. I am more confident in my strategy, my abilities and my sense of self as a runner. I'm not competitive, I'm never running an 8 min pace race, but I know how to take care of myself and finish proud. And this race also gave me the opportunity to meet fellow sparker CRYSBROWN1. She was amazing. So supportive and boy, can she run! Way to go Crys and thanks so much for waiting around for me -- seeing you at the end was great!

Oh, and I didn't mention my number. NO ONE must register for this little race online. I registered the last day possible online and when I picked up my number I nearly died. I was number 8. HAHA -- I always think of the single digit runners as being elite. It is hysterical to me that I was number 8 and came in last. Maybe, I should have used it as a disguise, like, I'm really a fast runner, who took it easy to be at the end of the pack and ensure that everyone else finished safely. What do you think??? Do you think anyone would buy that?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great job on running your first 10k! I love your outlook on the whole experience. Your pace was great; I really can't believe you were last. It must have been a small race with a bunch of speed emons!! I know from experience that Ikea is a workout in itself (but oh so fun)! Now that you've done it, will you do another or do you prefer 5k's?
    3845 days ago
  • NICOLE12-01
    CONGRATULAIONS on completing your first 10K!!! I think it's AWESOME that you put things into perspective! It doesn't matter that you were last! What matters is that you accomplished the goals that you set for yourself! That's AWESOME! And as far as your time goes, I think you had a great finish time! You must have been running in a pretty competitive race! I say FANTASTIC JOB!!! You should be so proud of yourself!
    3845 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    First of all, I am super proud of you! (And people who don't get migraines don't understand that simply finishing such a new/potentially stressful situation w/out incurring a migraine is a victory in itself!!) I am completely impressed that you finished a 10K, AND had the energy to continue your day! I think the hydration belt sounds like a necessary piece of equipment too. Awesome! Who cares if you finished last? You FINISHED!!!!!!!!!! AND you ran the whole thing. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3848 days ago
  • SASSYP24
    Awesome job on finishing your first 10K! It is most definitely something to be VERY proud of. I'm going to try my first on 7/4 in Foxboro. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the words of wisdom!
    3849 days ago
  • CJL1952
    You didn't really finish last! That would be those of us who never even started!! emoticon
    3849 days ago
    I'm sorry- you're still one of my heroes!
    3849 days ago
    emoticon job on finishing your first 10k!!You did it!! Now you have your base time to work up from in your future races. I was not able to go through my whole 10K without walking a little at a couple of water stops, fantastic job!!
    3849 days ago
  • WEAZY_67
    hey congratulations on completing your first 10 k...i also did my first 10k yesterday and i must say you would've blew by me because i completed in 1:14:37 but here's to you and a high five from me!!!!! emoticon
    3849 days ago
    I think you did awesome, you were just in a fast field!!!
    3849 days ago
  • LYNDA1019
    I loved your blog! You write like Crys Brown does. She always makes me chuckle at her race reports. I think you did great because you finished and you ran the whole way. Some of us will never run an 8 min./mile and that is okay. You will get faster as you train and as you get lighter. I always feel like a slow runner and I know that I am but you just find people to run with that run your pace (or a little faster) and enjoy yourself. Because that is what it really is all about. Congrats on your 10k. I predict a 10 miler might not be too far in your future!
    3849 days ago
    That's hilarious! I run "clean up" in my running group, literally there to make sure we don't lose anyone - so sure, I could buy that. Maybe you LAPPED everyone - turned around and ran it twice?

    Just kidding! Congratulations on finishing 'upright and smiling' and for maintaining that positive attitude. That's what it's all about! Well done.
    3849 days ago
    CONGRATULATIONS on completing your first 10K, this is an amazing milestone & your attitude is awesome! & you ran the whole way, I have to tell you if I got stung I don't know that I could keep going, I'm a big baby when it comes to pain. I wish I would have had the camera with me but you were smiling into that finish line, looking like you were having the time of your life, you taught me such an important lesson. Glad I got to meet you & I have no doubt that you are going to get so much better & better with your running & more importantly you're going to continue to have a good time!

    BTW-I didn't even know that Inspector Gadget reruns are still on TV!!
    3849 days ago
    My goodness, how wonderful and I so love your attitude about the whole thing! Good for you!! I know just about nothing about running as I've only started to add a teeny bit of jogging to my walking lately. A hydration belt? Sounds like a fantastic invention to me.

    I can't imagine setting a goal of a 10K, so I'm proud of you and not having a migraine after something like that and still being able to do other things? I do believe you accomplished something incredible!
    3849 days ago
    First or last or somewhere in between....bask in the glow! You did it! emoticon
    3849 days ago
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