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Monday, May 17, 2010

It was a great vacation. We had fun, got in some working out and ate well. Much more importantly, we both relaxed and just existed. It was truly necessary for both of us.

I'm feeling a lot better although yesterday, when we got home, I was a whirling dervish to try to get a number of things done for the week. I had been hoping to make tomato sauce but it was simply impossible, given the amount of time I had. Oof.

Hence today I'm a lil tired. I have a noon webinar and a meeting with a recruiter in the afternoon. The remainder of the week is three events and a second webinar, plus I'll be seeing my mentor from my last job on Wednesday and we'll go for a nice, long walk during her lunch break. I have not seen her since before surgery and I miss her. Plus we will catch up and I'll hear how her cats are doing, and in general how the old company is doing. I know that more IT workers were let go. I am concerned for them, but not too too much. There are definitely jobs out there and it is getting better. There are more job calls and the lists of jobs that I get sent to me automatically are, well, those lists are getting longer.

There is a light in this tunnel. I strongly suspect I will be working by about when my birthday rolls around (early September). And then I'll have to tell them I'm taking two days off, because I'm going to book a few more nights on the Cape in mid-September.

As for my robotics pal, I have heard from him a few times, sometimes with my prompting, sometimes on his own initiative. A thing I need to remember is: twentysomething guys are not terribly great at writing. Plus it's only been a week. Patience, here as in all things, is a virtue.

Doesn't mean it doesn't make me nuts sometimes, though.

Hence I am continuing to push out in all directions and not just that one, and make it easier on myself by putting my eggs (that is not a perimenopause joke) into several different baskets.

I am trying to make my actions as purposeful as possible, with the ends being getting a job or getting fit. A lot less time should be wasted on meaningless activities like just watching the tube. Not that I don't do that, of course, but I need to do even less of that as I'm on a few different missions right now. My fitness mission isn't necessarily one about weight loss and that's kinda similar to how I felt when I first started out. My original thought, back in January of 2008, was to simply treat myself better. And then I realized I could take alli and it became a lot more about weight loss.

But the fundamental nugget is treating myself better. Better food, more bodily movements, being kinder to myself and feeling like I've got a goal. Getting back to that thought has not been too difficult, actually, as it's a fairly gentle mindset.

The "get a job" (or at least get paid) mission is more complex. I am, much of the time, like a Jack Russell terrier, continually sniffing and jerking my head around and captivated for three seconds by something shiny and then onto the next good smell or belly rub. One of the things I did while on vacation was write out a number of blog entries (not for here, for my site) in longhand. They need to be cleaned up and I need to get the links, plus I need to data enter them, but I have a lot more in the can now. I had been simply reporting on various activities I was going to. While this was timely, and it gets some readership because everyone loves to read about themselves, it made me look more like a member of the amateur press than an actual worker in the social media field.

Hence my incipient blog entries are more about how to do it. Of course there are a thousand such blogs out there but perhaps my take on it will strike a chord with the right person(s). If nothing else, it will give me some inner satisfaction to be getting that information out there and hopefully helping people.

In the meantime, we took some photos. I feel okay about the pictures that were taken of me. I think my body looks fine, but I am seeing my age more and more. Hell, that's the ticket, though, eh? I will be 50 in less than 2 1/2 years. And so it goes. But if all I have to b*tch about it are a few lines around my mouth and eyes, as opposed to being horribly short of breath every time I climb a stair, I will take that exchange any day.

But it doesn't mean I don't want to hide those damned lines.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am glad you enjpoyed your vacation...I did too. Said goodbye to NVDONNA today...can't wait to see her again!
    3736 days ago
    I wish you the best of focus!
    3737 days ago
    I will be tuning in for vacation pics, lol
    3741 days ago
    I really try to focus on treating myself well also - eating good nourishing foods, in the right amounts, is a way of treating my body the best way possible. :) It's so positive to think this way!
    3741 days ago
    There's nothing wrong with 50. 67's ok too.
    3742 days ago
    Beautiful "nugget" to on which to stay focused!

    Sounds like your time away was just what the doctor ordered! :-)

    3742 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Glad you enjoyed that time away. I know things have been getting a little crazy. It's always good to just get away. Defrazzle the mind as I like to say. I really don't want to comment on every single thing, so it was just great to hear from you.
    3742 days ago
    So Where are the photo's. Glad you had a nice time
    3742 days ago
    Sounds like you had a great vacation. It also sounds like you have a lot of good, productive activities to look forward to this week. I'm glad that you were able to get some traction on the content for your site. Sometimes maybe a change of scenery (or maybe medium? writing it longhand vs. entering directly on your site?) is what you need to jump start that kind of thing. And while you might be right that there are many similar blogs out there, I would venture you're a much better writer than most of the other bloggers....and you don't lose anything by trying.

    I can't help you with the lines! I am right there with ya (actually, I'm a year closer to 5-0). Moisturizer and sunscreen. And water!

    3743 days ago
    Morning my friend. Love the concept of purposefulness. I am still on Cape. My vacation did not look at all like yours. I will be glad to get back to work and routine tomorrow. I did drive myself nuts this trip. I am finding this blog really helpful and thought provoking. Thanks!
    3743 days ago
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