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Feeling low and depressed

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm having a rough morning
I have been eating healthy, getting lots of exercise....I did a different workout everyday of the week for the last 2 weeks, even walking after work, walking at lunch.....and this morning I was 142.5, I'm not that upset that I gained 1/2 pound but that I did not loose for the last month.

I can't do any more, I can't eat any more healthy, I even cut out my 6grams of dark chocolate each day....I added the whole wheat foods that I was told I needed....I added my veggies, fresh ones, no dressings or dips and still no progress....and I don't feel better physically either.
I have not been sleeping good either, not sure why, not hungry or in pain , just seem not tired enough to sleep.....

so darn it what is the matter with me.

I am a small framed women, 5' 2( well 5 feet 1 3/4 inches) wrist size 5.5 and so I should weigh lower than 142..I should be at about 115.....
I have even started listening to Dr. Phil 's 7 key's to weight loss ..... while I'm riding my exercise bike or walking the treadmill....

so any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

Kitt... emoticon
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  • PATCHES1044
    I say WOW YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB ON YOUR PROGRAM! I believe you are looking at the wrong thing, you need to look at the postive, not the negative. Thinking positive brings positive attitudes. About your family is sad, but on the brighter side you will have a place to go on vacation to see love ones.
    3464 days ago
    I like the advice by quiltingb...she is right and sockittome has lots of point too so nothing more to say
    but stop worring and enjoy living healthy!

    hugs Jo
    3465 days ago
    Sounds like SOCKITTOME covered it pretty well! Cut yourself some slack and enjoy what you've done! You have lost a whole "crap-load" of weight! It's a dream to most of us! You've made it a reality! Give yourself time to enjoy where you are. If the rest is meant to happen - it'll happen!

    3465 days ago
    Any thing I would say has been said by those here before me.

    Love ya

    3465 days ago
    emoticon I will be back
    3465 days ago
    I know exactly how you feel. I know it may sound crazy, but there have actually been times where I thought, forget it, I'm not doing this today, I'm not watching it. And I ate what I wanted, did what I felt like doing, or lack thereof, and then went back to the "good" way the next day. It seemed to sort of jumpstart my system again. The only problem with this is, then you have to be careful that you don't decide to jumpstart your body once a week, which is just about what happened to me.
    Keeping you in my prayers; I've been depressed about my progress lately as well.
    3465 days ago
    i think everyone gave you great advice i know it fustrating being at a platoe as i been at one since i been on sparkpeople with a few up and downs the healthly lifestyle is really what you want to mantain see you at the mall
    3465 days ago
    Three things, Kitt. First, not everyone fits the "textbook" numbers. Perhaps some chart says you should weigh 115, but what else goes into that number? Bone structure? Age? Is excess skin from having lost a lot of weight factored in? You may not think the excess skin weighs much, but it's more than you think. And I don't care what anyone size does NOT fit all with those charts!

    Second, I know you want to be at a lower number on the scale. However, what is your focus? Is it practicing behaviors that you want to maintain for the rest of your life, or simply reaching some arbitrary number on the scale? Are you willing to exercise a large number of hours each day to reach and maintain that weight? Are you willing to keep eating a low amount to reach and maintain that weight? Suppose you reach your current goal of 135...are you going to stop or keep going? What is your focus, your true goal?

    Lastly, I've asked this before and I'll ask again. Are you addicted to the process of losing weight? Ask yourself why it's not good enough to be where you are for the moment...why you feel that you have to keep going lower. Is it because some chart says you have to be a specific number?

    When I read your blog today, it read to me like someone on a diet, not someone who is living a better lifestyle.

    Ponder the comments you've received and what you are really trying to do. I know you hoped you would keep losing...perhaps that should not be your focus at the moment. Don't set yourself up to fail by chasing something that might not be right for you. If it turns out you really must try to go lower, then keep your focus on the right things and remind yourself what someone said here, per Coach Dean: Our bodies are not calculators -- they don't magically do what we expect just because we think it should happen. You have to commit to the long haul, and it will take however long it's going to take. This is one reason I don't try to lose X amount of weight in X period of time. My body doesn't usually cooperate with these types of goals and I'm always disappointed. Don't set yourself up for this type of disappointment, Kitt. You have come too far!

    Big HUGS!!

    3465 days ago
  • no profile photo MOTHER-NATURE
    Kitt have you had your yearly physical to make sure your blood pressure, blood work etc. etc. etc. is ok


    3465 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/21/2010 4:22:58 PM
    Hey Skinny ~ Don't let the scale determine how you feel. The feeling should come from within and YOU are an amazing, successful woman!!

    Look at how far you have come! WOW!!! Celebrate in your success and your body will respond when it's ready.
    3465 days ago
    Just want to say, don't feel bad - your body needs to just catch up. If you are writing down what you are eating and the portions are good and you are exercising...then that is really all you can do.

    I know what you mean about height, at the rate of my bone loss in my back I keep getting smaller and then of course my BMI is up....drives me crazy
    3466 days ago
    Sounds like you have some great advice here, Kitt. Try not to stress too much right now. Shake things up a little more and see if that helps. You don't want to go too low on your calories though or your body will go into starvation mode. You will start losing again. Take care!


    3466 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Looking at your food tracker, you eat quite low fat, perhaps cutting the carbs a little, and adding a little more fat might help shake things up. Our bodies get used to eating a certain way and our eating that was successful stops being so as our body is used to it.

    Tweak things and see what happens, eat in the same calorie range, but change the nutrient ratios, eat at the upper end of your fat allowance, eat some nuts and seeds perhaps, or enjoy a nice bacon sandwich!
    3466 days ago
    It looks like the consensus is the same. You have hit one heck of a plateau. You aren't done. You are just stalled. Remember that a two mile walk for someone who weighs 180 pounds will burn 189 calories, but if someone weighs 140 pounds it only burns 135 calories.

    The smaller you get, the less calories you are burning with your exercises. Mixing it up is a good thing. Treat yourself to that bicycle and let 'er rip!

    Hang in there....this too shall pass.
    3466 days ago
    It sounds like you're doing everything right, and your results so far speak for themselves. Even though you would like to lose more and would probably like to lose it quickly, like we all would, instead of focusing on the results, why not try focusing on the process you're going through? Look at the b-i-g picture. Rarely is weight loss a straight shot down the scale. There are ups and downs and little blips and plateaus. As long as you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, your body will respond in time. Keep at it, be patient, keep in mind that this is for a lifetime, and remember my favorite Coach Dean saying, "Your body isn't a calculator!" You'll get there!
    3466 days ago
  • KATI5668
    kitt,,stress causes u to hold on to weight...fight or flight response. so advice to relax is excellent. plus..we are preprogrammed to add weight as years pass, i believe the formula is 5 lbs. for each decade over 25, be kind to yourself u have trekked an amazing journey-accomplised admireable health gains. turn your face to rhe positives. hugs 4 u!
    3466 days ago
    Hey sweet Kitt......... you are so awesome! Don't give up girl. I am not where you are, but, when reading your blog just now, what comes to my mind is......(and I could very well be wrong here, of course) could you just be needing to relax a little??? Maybe things are too intense and just chilling a little instead of trying so darn hard all the time could be just what the dr. ordered.
    Not sure, but is just a thought! Hope it helps! Love you! emoticon
    3466 days ago
    I have the same problems, I have lost 150 pounds and I think I went through the longest plateau in spark history, Just hang in there and maybe switch up your routine a bit, you have lost a tremendous amount of weight, your body just may be asking for a little rest, Don't give up emoticon
    3466 days ago
    Ugh! I am so there with you. I am 5'2" also. I have been so up and down the last two months. Today I weighed in at 0.2 pounds heavier than I was 2 months ago! It's so frustrating. I have no advice but I know I'm gonna keep on truckin. I've been working my butt off too. I am eager to see your reponses. You aren't alone.
    3466 days ago
    3466 days ago
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