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But You Never Know Until You Try, How Things Just Might Be

Monday, May 31, 2010

Every song on the planet should start with the line that this one starts with:

'You Don't Have to Take this Crap."

And you don't have to.

Nope. Not YOU.

Now, you may be saying to yourself: what the heck is jes on about NOW? Gosh, she's not making any sense.

No. Wait. Hear (read) me out.

Almost everybody here got here because they settled.

They compromised.

They went along to get along.

They ate what was put in front of them.

They lazed when others did.

They finished the stuff off their children's plates so as not to waste it.

They took what was given or foisted upon them. Even if they didn't want it. Even if they were already full, they ate it. They settled, they compromised, they laid back and took it. They SWALLOWED it, both literally and figuratively.

But it does not have to be that way.

You can be the one who says no.

You can be the one who zigs where the others zag. Hell, where the others are standing still and doing absolutely nothing.

You do not have to wait for them. You do not have to live your life tailored to theirs. You do not have to live up to their expectations and be their good little girl or their darling boy.

You are you. You are an adult. They are not responsible for your happiness and your health. And you are not responsible for theirs, either.

Sure, it's nice to help them out. And it's great if you're not being undermined and sabotaged at every turn by all or some of them.

But, ultimately, it is on you.

And you can throw off the yoke of oppression and break free of the chains. You can be you. The beautiful, powerful, sexy, dynamic, focused world-beating YOU. The one who climbs the mountain. The one who gets the girl. The one who gets the promotion. The one who aces the test. The one who they line up for. The one with the happy ending.

I am not, specifically, talking about being thin. Sure, it is a great and grand thing. But the way things can be DOES NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR THAT.


It is independent of that.

YOU. You take control. You bring the power, and don't give it away to others. You forge the steel. You blaze the trail. And you are thin, or not, and it doesn't matter insofar as this kind of power and attitude are concerned.

But, you say, I am all alone. I am scared. I am in my home in Oshkosh or Dubai or Beijing or Moose Jaw and I am only one of a thousand, a million, a billion and it is so very, very hard to stand alone and keep back the tide.

I know. I really do. Oh God, do I know that feeling. You tremble inside, and you feel lost, and the world is black and bleak and your little candle is flickering and the wick is drowning in a pool of wax and about to sputter out.

I totally get that, because I have been there and I have held that dying candle, that dim and seemingly insignificant spark.

Here's some lighter fluid for it.

Unity and togetherness.

Teams. Gathering together. Making friends. Being as one. Because your little candle in Hicksville and mine in Boston and that other one in Siena and the one in Kiev and the one in Rio and and and they all add up and together, if we are together they are synergistic and they make more together than they ever could apart. 1 + 1 does not equal 2 here; it equals 20 and more and more and more.

"You don't have to take this crap
You don't have to sit back and relax
You can actually try changing it
I know we've always been taught to rely
Upon those in authority -
But you never know until you try
How things just might be -
If we came together so strongly

Are you gonna try to make this work
Or spend your days down in the dirt
You see things can change -
YES an' walls can come tumbling down!"


"And like Jericho - You see walls can come tumbling down!"


Let our unity be like Jericho. Let us break down the barriers between us and become the people we have always -- and I mean ALWAYS -- been meant to be.

Goodbye, walls. Hello, new, excellent you.

Damn, you're beautiful.
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