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Monday, June 14, 2010

The past week has been interesting and different. This one promises to be a bit more normal. Er, the new normal.

Last Friday, we hosted our first event. We didn't even send out invites and the like until, ewps, Wednesday. Maybe it was Tuesday. We got two guests. This is not bad for absolutely no notice whatsoever. Hence I'm going to create a company protocol for events. This will help to just have something to refer to any time we want to do this again, e. g. which calendars we can get on, etc. But we did get a good 77 clicks (I don't know how many unique users this translates into) on our event link. So there is interest -- more notice will convert that into more attendees. Of that I am sure.

And we are thinking about something for early September. Stay tuned.

But back to the event. After the two guests departed, we went to a coffee shop. This was the Pres, me, the Head of Dev and his girlfriend. We talked for hours! It was just such a delight. I am feeling like I am knowing the guys better. And I like what I see. One of the things the girlfriend said, I feel it was totally unprompted -- "I've been dating K___ for five years now and I don't know anyone with a stronger work ethic. He doesn't understand something, he learns it. He keeps at it." And what more could you ask for from your coworkers?

Then yesterday we had another Sunday work meeting. Working on the weekends is, well, I just have to do it. It's okay. I get rest and exercise during the week so I can just sort of shift my schedule to accommodate this. This was out in Worcester, where K___, A___ and G___ all live (this is where the four of them -- B___ is the boss, but he's moved to this area -- went to college). I got to see the Lab.

The Lab is a confusion of parts and wires and soldering guns. A few empty Diet Coke bottles, too.

Then we met. We're in discussions about funding (I cannot say any more at this time -- I'm under a Nondisclosure Agreement). We are talking about an office in Cambridge. We are talking with suppliers. It is all very heady.

They liked what I've been doing, and understood when I explained what I'm looking for from them. We work well as a team. Everyone is recognized, everyone contributes.

Oh yeah, my husband met B__. And his reaction was the same as, well, everyone's -- B__ is sooooo young. But, I reminded Mr. Jespah, B___ is the same age he was when we first met. Ready to get down to brass tacks. Not flighty young -- energetic young.

Diet is interesting these days. I was off yesterday as I knew I wouldn't have dinner, due to colonoscopy prep. So I had -- gasp! -- fries and a pickle at lunch. My God. They were ... okay. I can't honestly say that they were oh my God oh so delectable I have missed them for years or anything even remotely like that. It was more like, meh, so? For this I got outta bed?

Without even counting the electrolyte prep drink, my sodium level was off the charts yesterday (I also had chicken broth and jello for dinner, with the same for breakfast this morning -- Gawd). Hence I'm up again. It'll all even out soon enough. I am not thrilled with the idea of a colonoscopy, but the prep wasn't too awful. Since I'm used to drinking a lot of water, and I was on alli for over a year, that helped a lot. Just draw on those experiences.

Today, of course, is the actual procedure. And, no, I will not be blogging about THAT.
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