Oh so Sore...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Man, my butt really hurts! Seriously folks, I can completely understand how the woman who's workout I am using won a National bikini competition! It hurt while I was doing it, but walking around this morning it is really kicking in. Ouch! Being that she has a nice backside:

I think it'll be worth it! :]

Two new people started at work this week, so I get to train them.. It's going to be ridiculous.. How do I train someone on an aspect of the job that I don't have currently. Let me explain further: our main job is to validate property books to verify everything is accurate. If I don't have any property books up for validation, how do I teach someone to do it? Without turning them to our regulations which is death by BORING reading..

Oh well, off to figure that out. Can't wait for arms tonight after my spin class. Should be a good night. :] Have an awesome day!
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