6/30/2010..Do Wonders Ever Cease?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm shocked!!! Men will do the strangest things when you least expect them to. We went out just looking for furniture and he bought a beautiful living room set... emoticon They deliver free after the carpet is in. He washed and dried 3 loads of clothes, fixed me a nice dinner of salad, steamed fish and brown rice. I even had desert of skinny cow Popsicle.

But here's the biggest of them all. Today, he is cleaning out When I heard that, I literally got dizzy and all most fell out on the floor. True. Actually he is going to put the freezer in there... emoticon

He does not want me to do anything today but take it easy. I have been working so hard that my pants are starting to fall off of me... emoticon

I just love that guy... emoticon

One joke to get you over hump day... emoticon

Cedric watched as a woman at his supermarket shopped with a three-year-old girl. As they approached the sweet section the little girl asked for some liquorish sticks and her mother told her, 'No' . The little girl immediately began to whine and fuss. The mother said softly, 'Now Cindy, our shopping is going well, Don't be upset.........we'll soon be out of here.'

Presently, they came to the aisle where the ice cream was on offer and the little girl began to ask for an ice lolly. When told she couldn't have one she began to cry. The mother said gently, 'There, there, Cindy, don't cry. Only two more aisles to go and then we'll be at the check out' .

When they got to the conveyor belt the little girl immediately began to demand sweets next to the checkout. Finally she threw a tantrum when her mother would not let her have any sweets. The mother, calmed her saying, 'Cindy, we'll be through this queue in two minutes and then we can go home and have a glass of squash and a nap.'

Cedric followed them out to the car park and stopped the woman to compliment her on her child management.

'I couldn't help admiring how patient you were with little Cindy,' Cedric said.

The mother turned and replied, 'Oh, no, I'm Cindy. My little girl's name is Dorothy.

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