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Monday, July 26, 2010

I got a telemarketer call today. Hissssssssss!! Rattle!! Strike!! FANG BITE!!

I hate these kinds of calls. I'm usually in the tub, or on the throne, and have to drag my naked, drippy, soapy, lathered bod to the phone and it's even worse if I'm on the throne. I won't gross you out too much with that picture but you know what I mean - Shuffling to the phone with your pants around your ankles in a less than hygienic state. Gross.

Why do I bother? Because I get few calls so I worry that it could be our sick elderly parents and instead it's some friggin pest. Arrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh!!

I'm on the Do Not Call list and I have complained about these calls before to the proper authorities and, everyone else with ears and half a brain, but nothing is ever done about it. I'm kind of a nice person (okay I'm exaggerating) but not so much with people who won't leave me alone. If I could strangle them through the phone I would.

Once I had this one "phone-whore place" that was literally driving me crazy. I asked them not to call. Told them to put me on their do not call list. Informed them that I was on the official do not call list. Griped that I was going to complain to the phone company, my congressman, my representative, the sheriff, the state police, the attorney general, the governor of Illinois, Barack Obama, the FBI, the CIA, the Army Rangers, the Green Berets, the National Guard, Oprah, and Dr. Phil but nothing worked. I begged, cajoled, pleaded, threatened, and it fell on deaf ears. They would switch me to a number to put me on THEIR do not call list and charge me for a long distance service call that would be charged to my local phone bill. 15 buckaroos. I was so angry and shaking so hard when I would call Ma Bell that I could hardly talk for foaming at the mouth. I would tell Ma that Hades would freeze over before they got a frigging dime from me to pay these friggin mothers. The phone company always apologized and removed the charges. It's a good thing because trying to reason with me was like talking to Son of Sam.

It was especially bad dealing with these turds because I was working on my vices at the time and had them all beaten except for...........................
. cursing. I was really trying hard and then these buttholes from Ohio decided to robocall me constantly for 5 solid days. I told them no, no, no, no, no, no, no. A hundred times no. Nyen, nein, nay. They seemed to be fixated on me. My cursing returned in a big way. I ran through all the ones I knew and was making up new ones and combining old ones in refreshing ways. I finally had my fill of their crap and the next time they called I picked up the phone and waited for their spiel and a live person to pick up and nicely said hello and then SCREAMED........ well............... I can't say exactly what I screamed but it was 2 words and one of them was the F bomb and the other was off. Then I slammed the phone down. I was livid. I must have sprouted horns on my head. So much for the no cursing rule. My son was home and I walked past his room and then stopped and went back and stood in the door and we looked at each other and both died laughing. He had wanted to laugh at the time because it sounded so hilarious but said I sounded fairly insane. He was more than a little shocked at my phone etiquette especially since I answered the phone so sweetly. They did leave me alone for a while though. I have an unlisted number now and am still pestered. No rest for the wicked.....

Yesterday -

Steps - 15569
Miles - 6.38
Calories - 1618
Net Carbs - 138
Fats- 67
Proteins - 84

Today -

Steps - 20,764
Miles - 8.52
Calories - 1541
Net Carbs - 120
Fats - 51
Proteins - 98
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I don't have these issues. I'm on Do Not Call. I have an answering machine because I have zero tolerance for pests calling me. Elderly parents and others considered answering machines rude and "did not want to talk to an answering machine".

    I use the answering machine anyway, with zero apologies. I told them to get over it, because I wasn't changing. If my friends and family don't want to leave a message, or lower themselves to talk to a machine, that's absolute proof their call wasn't important.

    My mother hasn't called me for over a decade. And that's just fine. I'm not changing. I refuse to entertain pests regardless of reason, for ANY reason. Zero tolerance.
    3629 days ago
    I hang up while they are still talking. My son is learning Hmong. When he comes home I have plans for him to talk to telemarketers. I have an online friend who speaks 4 languages and uses them to get rid of telemarketers.

    If you find a way to get off the list permanently share. Unlisted does not help because they sometimes use random number generators.

    My friend said she did telemarketing and the people that pissed them off they put down for the system to call them back soon. then that telemarketer would not get them the next time anyway so they just were passed from person to person every few minutes. No wonder they are so annoying.
    3629 days ago
  • BAMBAM87
    3629 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    HOLY WOW emoticon

    20,000 steps. you really were pacing! emoticon

    No way could I keep up with you!

    Job well done
    3629 days ago
  • GIANNA345
    I'm getting annoyed too. They call on Sundays, holidays, dinner time, whenever. I usually just say "No, thanks" and hang up on them. I don't even wait to hear what they have to say. They seem to be getting more frequent. Maybe it's time to renew my "Do Not Call" status.

    3630 days ago
    The only thing worse than a an automated voice message telemarketer!
    3630 days ago
    I am on ano call register that does not allow telemarketers to ring you. It goes for 3 years and then you have to re-register, which I did in May.Thank goodness and I can just imagine your frustration. My son worked for one of those companies and he told me they are told to just kkep talking and not stop, He quit after a month as he said that he did not believe in pushing people.

    I just say I am a pensioner and hang up. I would have loved to have been in the background when you used your colofrful language. I always enjoy your blogs so much. Keep it up, love you.

    emoticon emoticon
    3630 days ago
  • no profile photo JANC319
    I just hang up - after several tirades (very similar to yours), I realized that it did no good and that one day soon, I would have a stroke. So, I just hang up. Yes they call back, but I just hang up again.
    .... and, don't run to answer the phone. People you want to talk to will leave a message because they know you will call them back at the next possible moment.

    Sending you emoticon
    3630 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6550047
    I am so impressed with your fitness and nutrition numbers... if I ever walked that many steps you would hear me...LOL or I'd be to tired to whoop it up...
    I swear I have those phone calls too... AT&T was the worse... the pestered us for years..
    I live by the county hospital and there is very little parking available... I am positive that when I couldn't park in front of my house after numerous calls to the hospital asking them to inform their employees not to block my house that the whole hospital heard my ranting on the phone.. I ended it saying I was to psssed to talk and was calling the police to handle it... I haven't had much trouble since.... LOL (I am sure the administrator had a great time playing it over and over again for anyone wanting a good laugh..)

    I hope you have a more calm and pleasant day... and just know at least it was some unknown person you vented on and not someone you need to apologize too...LOL
    3630 days ago
    They fully earned the curses! What nuisances and crooks they are!

    3630 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    We are on the do not call list too and when we get those calls, we just tell them that we are on the list and do not want them to call back.

    I know your frustration as those calls always come at the most inconvenient time.
    Take care. Sunny

    3631 days ago
    They fully earned the curses! What nuisances and crooks they are!

    3631 days ago
    LOL! Morticia, you're so funny...
    3631 days ago
    Ha ha ha. For six years, I was the person on the other end of the line getting screamed at. I worked for a survey company all through high school and for a couple years of college. You can imagine how fun that was.

    I remember one time I was doing a survey about phone companies, and the person said "I don't have a phone." Then how did she manage to hang up on me? LOL.
    3631 days ago

    I am on the Do No Call list and I have had caller ID for years. Plus, I don't have a land line, so that helps. I don't get telemarketers anymore, but I do remember how annoying it was to get those calls.
    3631 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2514968
    I have caller id, if it's not family I don't usually pick it up. Leave a message ( or leave me alone, either way is fine by me). I am also on the do not call list, but entities you have done business with and non profits are exempt. And I feel sorry for the callers, they are just trying to make a living. So I try to be as kind as I can. But the caller id is a life saver. I go look, if it's not someone I want to talk to I don't. It's my phone, I pay for it for MY convenience, not theirs.
    3631 days ago
    thanks for a good laugh. we are fortunately not bothered by telemarketers at our house too much, but we do have a local produce supplier who has our number confused with a grocery store and they call every couple of days usually around 6am to tell us the delivery truck is running late. we tell them all the time that they have the wrong number, but 3-4 days later they call again. about two weeks ago they called and went off on this poor girl. i knew it wasn't her fault, but i couldn't take it anymore. no calls since then!
    3631 days ago
    I don't think there are any sane people out there that don't see themselves in the 'you' in your blog. Unfortunately, I think telepesterers are here to stay. I've thought about caller ID but I hate to think that I'm wasting my money on an extra fee because of THEM. So the cheap way out for me is to let my answering machine (which comes with the phone) do the screening. Legitimate people and people we know leave messages. Usually I'm standing right there ready to scoop up the receiver to let them know I'm there. The 'devil's spawn' never leave messages except for Orin, the travel agent, who keeps telling me about special vacation values. My husband thinks he's my boyfriend (lol). Heaven help us!

    emoticon emoticon
    3631 days ago
    You have way more patience than I have. First, I use the caller id to screen the calls, and let the answering machine pick up any I don't recognize. Next, if I do answer one, I either hang up, or just put the phone down so they're talking to dead air. Never engage, you can't win. Besides they probably have you on speaker phone back at the calling site and they are ROFLOL - emoticon
    3631 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/27/2010 8:43:01 AM
  • MAJA0123
    WOW.. remind me not to piss you off!!! LOL...
    3631 days ago
    These people can drive a person insane!!!!! We are on do not call list and we haven't had much of a problem with telemarketers; now everyone is interested in our opinions (about everything!) and we get lots of survey calls. (I've heard that once you respond you are open to their telemarketing calls). emoticon
    3631 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5128667
    Between caller ID and being on the DNC list I've pretty much covered all bases......sorry about your ordeal.....
    3631 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7456936
    I used to get really peeved with telemarketers! Steam coming out of my ears! But I finally learned that the best thing to do is use caller ID, let the answering machine take any message if they ever left one, and if I still picked up the phone, I would just quietly, with no response hang up again. They get the message and I don't have to listen to their speel.

    Hubby still likes to mess with them! I think it's a guy thing!!
    3631 days ago
    We've got caller ID and are very good at ignoring these calls; they never, ever leave a message. When we do pick up the phone, Bill loves to screw with them. One time he pretended to be a senile old man who had to spend about 15 minutes looking for a pencil and then figuring out how to write down some information. The caller hung up in exasperation!

    Once we heard a hilarious stunt someone pulled on a telemarketer. "Morticia Addams? No. This is the Clark County Police Department. Ms. Adams was just murdered, and we're on the scene investigating. And who are YOU? We'd like you in for questioning, sir."

    Feel free to use either one. We must find our laughs where we can! It sure beats cursing!

    3631 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5927538
    always an only cost a few $ but caller id might help..telemarketers # are always blocked or 888...
    3631 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2112467
    There is no escaping the tele-jerkers. I hate that!
    3631 days ago
    I feel your pain. I can remember when we re-financed the house. Well, into the computer the credit info thing I know, we're getting 50 to 75 telehassle calls a day...A DAY. I switched our number to an unlisted one. Now we get telemarketers for the people who use to have our number! emoticon
    3631 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    I am right there with you, I DETEST telemarketers! We are on the do-no-call list, too, and things are better, but I'm still pestered by them. Most of the time I just don't answer the phone, but once in a while I like to mess with them. I ask their name, the name of the company they work for (making them spell everything out to me, what state they are in, and after going on and on, I ask to speak with their supervisor...just to make sure their call is legit. By then they are ready to hang up on me. I also have a whistle. Those companies who call me several days in a row get in blown in their ear...enough is enough!!!
    3631 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    Take your phone out of the plug when you know you will unable to answer immediately. works for me. emoticon
    3631 days ago
    I usually screw with them. I enjoy making crap up and seeing how long I can keep them on. I usually go for about 5 minutes and then I tell them that they should now that I'm not going buy anything and ask them if they really want to continue.

    After a while they do stop.
    3631 days ago
  • DESERT_BIRD are on a roll, GF.
    3631 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5760600
    oh my!
    3631 days ago
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