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I've Got Worms Again

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I ran into a friend yesterday who was amazed at how much weight I have lost. I usually don't notice it so I was surprised that she did since I still wear baggy clothes most of the time. She is a weight conscious person so maybe that makes her more observant. I still look fat to me but then I was always thin prior to menopause. I sometimes talk to this friend online but I usually only briefly refer to the fact that I'm still on a diet and exercise program and that I am slowly losing weight. For me, losing weight is just a part of my life and I usually talk about the goofy stuff I always talk about here. I sometimes wonder if I would lose more if I would concentrate on it more but I don't want to become fixated on it either - what I refer to as the Diet/Exercise Freaks. We all know the type. They turn being healthy into a psychotic addiction. LOL. I had a friend who did this. She had surgery and lost a lot of weight and unlike other people who incorporate it into their life she became fixated on diet/exercise/weight loss. She had poor self esteem and an addictive personality to begin with and this became her new addiction. All of her other interests disappeared. She could not talk about anything else but herself and her diet and exercise program. All of her friends were very happy for her but she turned into a total monster. She was married but became flirtatious and later promiscuous. Her husband left her and lots of her friends ended up dropping her. She didn't seem to know why and no one wanted to tell her. You couldn't even eat with her because she would analyze your food even though some of us didn't need to diet at the time like me. It was misery. She ended up gaining a significant amount of weight back. So I try to be careful that I don't fall into this trap. I don't bring my weight loss up unless people ask. This is our place to talk about it here where people are like minded. We have to realize that we are more that the amount we weigh on a scale. Life is about balance. Please don't let this become your whole life.

My brand new bras are already too big. I'm so angry. I specifically bought them so I could use them a long time and figured that as I lost I could use the tighter hooks but I'm already using the tighter hooks now. I tried the next smaller size when I bought them and it was too tight. I have not been losing any more weight unless my scale is broken and the bras are brand new and don't seem to be stretching. The cup size is fine. The girth is the problem. I spent a ton of money for these bras and it's irritating. My weight must be redistributing or I was retaining fluid when I bought them. Next time I will buy the skin tight bra.

I've got tomato horn worms. LOL. Maybe I should clarify that they are in the garden before someone fears I have an STD or some disgusting intestinal parasites. LOL. Tomato horn worms are nature's equivalent of the crabs. I hate them. They are so gross. Big green things the size of your finger and you have to pull them off and crush them and green slime squirts every where. Yuk. They bite too.

I stepped on a stick today and it boomeranged up and gouged my leg. I also found a tick stuck in that was extremely tiny. My husband removed it and he said it was already dead. Take that!!

I made tons of baked mixed veggies from the garden today and ate one of my peaches. Yum!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Depending on the store, maybe you can exchange the bras since they are so new. Either way, it's a good thing!! Those kinds of changes seem to happen so fast that you don't notice them. I am trying to find the balance as well so that I can live a healthy life without the obsessions. I believe that's what healthy living is all about, not becoming fixated on yourself.

    Those worms sound so gross! You are so fortunate to have all that fresh produce available!

    3529 days ago
    Yup, your blog title sure got my attention. I'm so glad this wasn't what my brain was thinking! And I'm so proud of you. It sounds like you are doing so well with your weight loss and not obsessing about it or letting it interfere with your personal life. As for balance, that's a difficult thing for me. I will continue to work on that.

    Thanks for sharing,
    3531 days ago
    Horned tomato worms are fun... totally. I had one in my garden last year. I couldn't find him to save my life. Finally I let the kids out in the yard just after sunset armed with flashlights. They followed the crunching sound and eventually I caught the damn thing.
    3533 days ago
    You made me look at your weight ticker!
    I'm particular about my bras, too, but believe me, I kept some good Olgas that I may never get back into.
    I'm eating peaches from the local farmer's market today!
    3533 days ago
    My tomato plant must have horn worms because something ate all the leaves off it while I was on vacation.

    I work with someone who broadcasts her life and when she's on a program like Weight Watchers she must tell everyone every detail. I'm the opposite, I don't say anything because like you, unless they ask, I keep it to myself. It's my journey, nobody elses.

    All the veggies sound great!

    3533 days ago
  • FITB4-40
    I used to work with a lady that became obsessed with eating low carb and her weight loss. Just like you said, she would analyze everyone's lunch and talk endlessly about her diet. No one wanted to sit at her table.

    Those worms sound disgusting! I can just picture them squishing, eeeww.
    3534 days ago
    It seems like its easy for ppl to get messed up in the head over their weightloss. There is just so much metal attachment to changing so much a lot of ppl don't take it well. Writing about it here really does seem to help. That stinks about your bras! I was wearing bras too small for me for the longest time. Now they fit lol
    3534 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5915838
    How right you are - balance is the key. :-) Good for you for keeping your perspective!
    3534 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2514968
    Some people say that I obsess about what I eat, and maybe I do, but I try no to make a big deal over it. But I will NOT eat anything that might put my toes or eyes in jeopardy! So if I go to a potluck, I bring food I can eat (usually deviled eggs) so I know I can have something. And if all you are going to serve is carbage (which has happened more than once) then don't get offended if I don't eat much. Everyone I know knows I'm diabetic....and most of them know how I'm keeping it under control.
    3534 days ago
    I'm so in agreeance with you on balance in regards to weight loss. I have to say, I've been accused on more than one occasion of being obsessed with it and yes, I used to spend a LOT of time planning meals and reading and writing blogs. And yes....weight loss was one of my favorite topics. But the newness of it wore off and I quickly found balance. If someone asks now, I can go on and on about MY experience, but rarely do I bring up the topic. Still...I know some friends/family say I obsess, and you now what...they can think that. I'm healthy - and happy :)

    Tomato worms - sounds gross!! I'm happy to say my garden has no worms...of course, the lousy grower I am, it's yielding very little produce, either LOL!! I've gotten two teeny tiny lettuce and 4 lima beans emoticon

    Bras - great topic!! I still mostly wear ones from when I was much heavier. They aren't necessarily aesthetically pleasing!! But for some reason it hurts to have to pay money for good bras. I deserve them, tho, so darn it....I will splurge and get me some good ones - someday!

    3534 days ago
  • URSULA125
    Your blogs are so fun! I agree about balance. I have a hard time with balance. Maybe I have an addicitve personality. I'm thankful I'm not like your friend though. I hope she gets settled. Her habits are self destructive.

    Yuck about the worms! /:-O
    3534 days ago
    Good advice and I hope you can rebuild that relationship.

    I hate those worms . . .
    3534 days ago
    your adventures are so entertaining! those worms sound so gross and FYI, since the blog started off about weight loss...i totally was thinking intestinal worms. so glad to hear they are on your tomatoes instead!
    3534 days ago
    I would love to have that bra problem, but by the time I do you will have a solution for me. lol Seriously, bras are very expensive, and I wouldn't want to replace them right afterpaying money for them.
    3534 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2010 2:33:56 PM
  • 1NUGGET1
    Wow! You are so lucky to have a garden (sorry about the worms though)!! You offer some valuable words of wisdom about obsessing with weight loss. It puts things in perspective to think of losing weight as just another part of our daily lives.
    3534 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Hey, on the bras, try running a seam along either or both stides of the hook section and stitching over it with the machine to make it smaller. Might work for at least a while.

    The garden produce sounds great, but not the bugs
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Keep on walking and stepping. emoticon
    3534 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6550047
    I hate those worms... and where do they come from anyway??? I was always afraid they would bit the boys would put a rose hip on the horn lol kids... no fear right??

    I have a suggestion for the new too loose bra... take it up just under the arm if you put a seam there it wont alter the cup or the way the straps fit. They will also wear better.. if you could just put a 1/4 inch seam there or more if needed... its worth a try. and you could do it by hand if you needed too... I sew so I have a few machines I keep in tune for different projects... I'm itching to finish a quilt that has been sitting for far too long now... mostly a winter project so I don't beat myself up over it..

    I too don't see much of a change in my weight... and when someone mentions it to me I say "yes I have thank you" and thats about it.. my hubby starts to do the Heavy Sigh when I start to obsess about something.. so I have learned to keep it
    I would love to be a bit more of a fanatic about this.. I'd be at goal by now...LOL

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for the blog...
    3534 days ago
    I must say that was an attention getting title, "I Got Worms Again" lol! emoticon I am glad someone has a sense of humor!

    My dad use to put out disposable pie tins, the ones without the holes in them, and pour beer in them and set them about in the garden to get rid of the slugs. Don't know if it'll work for the tomato worms but it's worth a try!

    I really hadn't run into anyone with constantly telling others about their diets. I can understand that it can be old hat. But generally it serves as a reminder to me to just let others see me and make a comment and then just accept it and say, "Thank you. It was hard work but so worth it." And let it go at that unless they ask what it was that helped me.

    As for my daughter who lives out of state and hasn't seen me since last November, she'll ask me how I am doing & then I'll tell her where I am and she'll say, "I am so proud of you mom!" That means all the world to me.

    But like you, other than here on sparkpeople, that's where I generally share my feelings about a variety of things, especially health, unless I am with my personal trainer or DC.

    Anyway, getting onto the bra scenerio, well.....I generally stick with the underwire bras as I need them. I can't afford not to. (I am no clothes horse by any means and live in my jeans & various tops, mostly T-shirts, most of the time, including church. For church I'll generally wear a nice blouse or shirt. We are pretty laid back and our church is a renovated barn. I'll have to take a picture and post it some time soon.)

    Although the rest of me is slowly shrinking, I don't know if my girls will. As of now I am a 41-38-47 and classified as an avocado. LOL! I was a pear, (41-38-48), until I dropped another inch in my hips. Alas!

    Can you sew new hooks further back on the band of the bra? Would that work? I can totally sympathize with thinking that when you buy something that it will serve not only a great purpose, but for a good amount of wear and tear too. I know that they sell those bra pieces, for lack of a better word, at most fabric stores, just those pieces with the eyes on one side and the hooks on another. Wonder if you could cut off what the original is thus shortening the band and then attach a new one and have it fit?

    Sometimes, I get so frustrated when something like that happens to me. I really have to weigh the time spent repairing something like that as opposed to just purchasing a new one, whatever it may be.

    Hope you are able to find a solution that will satisfy you.
    3534 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2010 11:32:52 AM
    Hope your leg is o.k. I just returned a new bra. I'm down 2 sizes. I hat the bra because it's one of those that makes you look like you have torpedos. Do women invent these things and if so do they actually have any boobs, I mean real boobs, not implants, not perky teenager boobs-I'm talkin sagging, cow bags. emoticon

    I bought 2 from the Butterfly collection last year, they cost me $40 each. I have never paid that much for a bra in my life. But these were supposed to be the best. Well they make me feel like I'm wearing a bullet proof vest. They're huge and totally uncomfortable.
    3534 days ago
    I hate tomato worms too. I hate that when you buy new clothes and they don't fit right away. At least it's for a good reason.
    Are your "baked mixed veggies" roasted, or a casserole, or what? I know some people dehydrate in their ovens.

    I'm with you on the people who are obsessed by fitness. I think they're OCD. Permanent lifestyle changes are great; but there is a line you can go over into obsession. Of course I'm not anywhere near the line, no danger ha ha; but one extreme to another is no way to live, personal opinion.
    3534 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    I hate those worms. I got them on my "Sweet 100's" tomato plants but so far, so good on the others.

    Good and bad news about the bras. They are expensive so that could be very frustrating but congrats to you on the weight loss.

    Have a good day.

    3534 days ago
    There must be a love/hate relationship with those bras going on. Hate that they don't fit anymore, but gotta love what that means - you're still losing! May you have many bras that become too lose!
    3534 days ago
    You have worms but I have slugs - they are devouring all my herbs - any suggestions?
    3534 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2112467
    So glad it's the maters that have worms! YUCK!

    I guess you showed that tick a thing or two! LOL!
    3534 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5927538
    glad you explained the worm thing..i had no clue what that was..i hate ticks..i had one when i was younger..they doctor had to dig it it from a pony ride..yuck!!
    3534 days ago
  • MAJA0123
    So i have Crabs and you have worms emoticon .... nice... LOL.. I hear ya on the bra thing.. i FINALLY had to invest in a good sports bra and now it is too BIG!!! ticked me off a little bit, but then i was happy.. LOL.. I'm sure if you give it a week you'll be able to fit into it.. emoticon
    3534 days ago
    I'm so nervous about turning into one of those Fitness Freaks that I try to downplay the fact that I wear a pedometer all the time (this, unfortunately, is hard to miss), eat a ton of salad with dinner whenever we have company, walk the dog a lot, have started taking pictures of my food, and have invisible friends (on Spark). If anyone brings up my odd habits, I brush them off as best I can with, "It keeps my arthritis under control" or something. And, believe me, these ARE odd habits. I know it.

    I hate that you found a tiny dead tick on you! You have deer, for God's sakes!

    Take care, invisible friend!

    3534 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3343212
    Arrgh! I feel your pain- regarding the Bra's? I need trainers now emoticon due to the weight loss & multiple biopsies. And the Worms got everything, so far the Tomatoes are a goner over-night! emoticon So now what? Your taking up where I left off in the accident department? Please, take care. emoticon
    3535 days ago
    You just explained one of my childhood mysteries! One day I was walking home with 2 boys at lunch, and well...boys will be boys, found a giant thick green worm and were carrying it in their hands and it started to pretty much suck his blood. I never knew what on earth it was until now. You squish those buggers!!!
    3535 days ago
    Horn worms are my pet peeve too. I'm notreally much of a gardener but I do remember them. What a wonderful way to lose weight. You are right, it is part of one's life and should not be so addictive thzt you have nothing else to focus on.

    I am so glad Imade greek style green beans withs carrots, tomatoes and onions and I put in a potato for my son. I am now starving so hen I finish at college, it is the first thing I will do when I get hungry as I only had a piece of cheese for brekkie. emoticon
    3535 days ago
    I had not a clue there were such things as tomato worms but you can bet I will be watching for them on my tomato plants now..yuck...LOL
    3535 days ago
  • BAMBAM87
    Ive never heard of tomato worms thankgod.
    have you ever seen the website i found it last night and it made me think of you lol
    3535 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    Sorry about the tomato worms eech I must say I believe you have your act together and I am still impressed with your steps. I know of no one who does better than you do. So I intend to copy your program. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. emoticon deb
    3535 days ago
    Ticks, worms, gouging sticks... are you sure you don't want to come live in civilization? We have indoor plumbing! Just teasing, I know you live in a beautiful place.

    Besides, I can't say it's much better here... I weed whacked my leg earlier this week! Lawns can be dangerous.
    3535 days ago
    horn worms are in the movie


    probably spelled wrong but it has jodie foster and richard

    geer in it he is so handsome .

    the worms are eating up the tobacco crop .

    They show them and they are ugly .

    in movie they get rid of them with soap around the plant

    bottom . try it cant hurt nothing .

    i seen Jerry Baker on tv a famous gardener say soap will

    kill most garden pests and not hurt your food or plants.

    insects cant stand it and it kills most of them too.

    you can take your bras to someone who sews to fix the band if

    it is to large. You can do it if you have a sewing machine.

    wish i had that problem ha ha .

    mine is all all in tummy and it seems to be here to stay.

    good luck emoticon
    3535 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/28/2010 11:19:14 PM
  • no profile photo CD6966999
    Hmmm... does a dead tick mean your blood is poisonous to small creatures? That could come in handy at some point. I sure wish every mosquito that ever bit me would die a slow and painful death. LOL!

    I know what you mean about the obsessive thing - my bro called me on that a few weeks ago and I think I've sufficiently snapped back into reality. Honestly I hate to say this and sound ungrateful, but I'm kind of tired of people commenting on my weight now. It feels like this is my new normal and they shouldn't be saying anything until I lose 30 more pounds. LOL. Oh well, it's a small price to pay, right?


    3535 days ago
    My mother is not a violent person, but she HATED tomato worms. It was the only time she let us play with fire, collecting the worms on a paper plate and them "flicking the Bic" to the edge of it (in the driveway, where flames would not spread). No one hates tomato worms more than she does, trust me!

    As for bras, I've found that the sports styles seem to adjust to size changes better than the traditional hook and strap versions.
    3535 days ago
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