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a great workout,a great time.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

today i had a workout with a differance.i know it was a workout as my body is aching and complaining now especially the top off my arms and my shoulders.my work out was to go to the local flea market.i walked there instead of taking the bus(7 bus stops)then spent a couple of hours walking round.the first thing i brought(had to see them at the start of the market not the end,lol)was a pair of dumbells,each weighing 2kg which at 2€ was a bargin.though when i brought them they didn´t seem that heavy towards the end of the market they seemed to get heavier or was that because i brought more stuff.them i saw what they call here a vene set.it is for people that had varicus viens but in the packet is a pilates ring and a couple of sets of resistants bands,another bargin at 2.50€.then not such a bargin as it didn´twork when i got home i brought one of these electronic exercise belt things for the muscles which sends out electric pulses.i thought great i don´t have to feel guilty anymore for being so long on spark people as i can exercise well on the computer.but as i say it didn´t work so no quick fix,get out of exercise for me i am afraid back to the old fashioned way of sweat and toil.brought loads of toys and games for the kids a couple of which are to make them move.(have to encourage them to exercise somehow.)some dressing up clothes for them,a super hero and a zebra.also brought for when i go into hospital a craft kit(bargin at 2€the price written on the kit said 19.95€)it hadn´t even been opened.also brought 4 big thick romance to read.thought it was better to get light reading as not to certain if my brain will be up to concentrating reading in german a heavier book.in english yes but german i am not certain.so with them and the spark as well as a couple of puzzle books and a radio i should all be set for the hospital.just need some healthy snacks as i tend to eat more out of boredom.so with the weight of all that shopping i decided to get the bus back instead of walking as it was hot 29,having said that even taking the bus i still walked 12,346steps just going to and around the market according to the pedometer.so all in all a good work out,including weights,and fun at the same time.i had stopped going to the flea market because of the kids,they always wanted something,would make a scene if they couldn´t have it,they would wander off to look at things without telling me or they wouldn´t come away from a stall if we wanted to move on to the next so was pure stress and no fun.but since the kids aren´t here i can go so you know where i will be next saturday morning,getting a great workout in while having fun.
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