P90X day 1, and August Goals

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Well, I went to the gym yesterday and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I read a book the entire time, getting a jump start on my goal to read at least 2 books for leisure. I only went to the gym because my boss wants an attendance report and told me that working out at home won't suffice. It kind of aggrivated me, but then I remembered that MOST people don't get paid to work out at all and I should just suck it up for the next few months of P90X. After my calm walk, I went home fed myself some scrambled egg whites, did dishes, look through one of my clothing books and waited for Candace to come over to workout. Once she arrived, we did before pictures and measurements and then watched the intro video and then did our first work out. Wow, that's all I can really say. It was exhausting. I could maintain most of the work outs that they were doing, but I was drenched in sweat. I don't think I have sweated that much during a work out since I was working with Gwen twice a week.

My only complaint really is the diet portion of P90X. I am supposed to be eating protein/carbs/fat at 50/30/20 ratio. I just hope that with all of the energy I am burning I won't burn out. I promised myself that I will stick to it 100% this week and see how I am feeling. If I feel fine, I'll keep it up. If I start feeling sluggish, I will change things up a little. I don't want to hinder my progress by eating too little of what my body needs, so I am just going to listen to it. But it is HARD to get that much protein into my body! I am doing 2 protein shakes, one with PB2 (powdered peanut butter) in it, I had 2 scrambled egg whites and sausage with breakfast, I will be having 3 scrambled egg whites for a snack later, and plus bison for dinner. Whew, that is a lot of meat! We shall see how it goes, I am hoping for the best.

Anyway, I have thought out some goals for this month. I generally tend to make these grand goals and then completely lose them about 2 days in, so I am going to try to be realistic. Here goes:

-Try to stick to P90X ratio of food unless it affects my energy levels
-Drink 8 glasses of water per day
-Only miss 2 work outs this month (21 Aug I am on a float trip)
-Cut out all alcohol except wine (really working on this one....), except on Saturday of float trip
-Stay within my budget all month-no purchasing of clothing (it is becoming an all too common habit...)
-Read 2 books for leisure

I think those should suffice. I am really hoping that Candace is willing to manipulate her diet during P90X. I don't think she needs to dive in head first as far as the ratios and such, being that she has quite a bit more weight to lose than I do. I am just wanting her to make a conscious effort to reduce red meat, and up her vegetables and water intake. Reduce portion sizes, you get the drift. I really want her to succeed, I want my old happy goofy friend back, not the sad half there version I have now.

Hope everyone has a great day, and murders your work outs!
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    I am catching up on your blogs -- but I am looking forward to reading about how sticking to P90X 100% works out for you!!

    You can definitely do this!
    3765 days ago
    P90X sounds like it is going to be very intense and I think it is awesome you are doing it. Those ratios seem very difficult. Protein is something that I consistently struggle with so I can't imagine having to make it 50%! I can't wait to read your updates and see progress pictures!!
    3775 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Sounds like you're doing great. Congrats on staying focused.
    3775 days ago
    You can do it!

    Bear in mind, some people do p90x customized to BUILD MUSCLE and some do it to burn FAT.

    My suggestion would be to follow whatever macros YOUR research and EXPERIENCE shows will do whichever you want. As TH will say a bazillion times, "It's YOUR wo." So, be sure to get the nutrients you need. For example, if you know that you're burning 100 extra kc with that tmill walk, will it put you into starvation mode? If so, eat a slice of whole grain bread (you get my idea) to make up for it. My only warning is alcohol is NOT metabolized the same at "food" calories, so you can't count it, sorry. It really isn't used by your body in the same way.

    Like aerobic base training versus anaerobic/ vO2max, we can’t train BOTH at the same time (lifting versus cutting).

    We can focus on ONE goal for a set time, then the other :)

    You're amazing!
    3775 days ago
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