Meltdown and certainly that SCALE CAN'T BE RIGHT!!!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ok, so last week was bad. Real bad. And yesterday - wow - I had a total food meltdown. I truly felt like an addict! I planned my escape from my cube to the vending machine. Seriously - planned it like an all out assault. My friend who sits a cube over is a MARATHONER who knows of my many weight struggles. I waited until he had gone to a meeting to make my run so he wouldn't know. Then - I grabbed my cash and DASHED to the machine! Hey - dashing is a form of exercise right? As in Santa's reindeer - dash away, dash away, dash away all! I knew in my head what it was going to be - my old nemesis Lay's Potato Chips. So I dashed to the machine and - what's this - Wasabi Crunch Mix? Mmmmm - I love Wasabi Peas, and there in the machine a few racks over from my beloved Lay's Potato Chips were this new foe. I immediately put in my dollar and punched the number for the Wasabi Crunch Mix. 190 CALORIES! As I started to walk away - there in the machine with the puppy dog eyes were my Lays. He looked so sad, so I threw another dollar in and grabbed all 160 calories of him too! Dashing back to my pod, I had those Lay's chips open before I sat down and in my mouth and gone before the clocked ticked off another minute. I did however, savor the Wasabi Crunch mix, thinking it best if I just lay it out on a napkin and nibbled while I worked. That's right - nibbled, for about 3 minutes until it was gone. Did I mention for the first time I buried my evidence beneath some papers in the trash?

I don't even think I will mention the pizza and pepperoni sticks from Vocellis - my favorite Pittsburgh pizza - that I ordered when I got home. and since this isn't a blog about success - the scale this morning CAN'T be right? I mean I know it has been a REALLY bad week, but I just don't think that number can be actual body fat? Maybe some fluid from the MASSIVE amounts of sodium?

Here's to climbing back up on the wagon, and trudging in a FORWARD direction next week. I choose NOT to let this setback derail my entire journey. See ya all next week folks. I think I may wallow in self pity for a day.

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  • JUSTA123
    Geeze louise we've all been there, we are creatures of habit, and habits whether good or bad are hard to break, for me it's wine and cheese, all different kinds of cheese followed by a chocolate binge, so I don't buy chocolate and I very rarely buy wine, so the cheese isn't a temptation, needs the wine with it emoticon So pick yourself up and get back on that road, to a healthier you, you can do it. Remember a slip up is not the end, it just means that you pick yourself up start all over again emoticon emoticon
    3730 days ago
  • EMMA579
    emoticon emoticon
    It happens to the best people. Sometimes old habits just sneak back in...stealthy so no one else will comment on them. Posting this was brave -- you didn't have to admit it to all of us, but you did and that's a great thing. Plus you put such a positive presentation, that says you recognize this for the momentary slip it was and are going to work on avoiding it in the future. New day, new chance to stick to your plan. Hoping for the best...

    3731 days ago
    I love your description of your mad dash!!!! You definately made me smile. Please do not beat yourself up. Just move on and keep on keeping on!!!
    3731 days ago
    You can do it! I know how one snack to lead to another... and another...and another! When it happens the best thing to do is to just get on the "wagon" again like you said. Everyone makes mistakes, even so called healthy "marathoners" . I run marathons, I am training for one right now, and I have a hard time with food too. Yeah, I can eat more, because of my training, but it still has to be "good" food. I have the problem of eating a whole jar of nuetalla (sp?) , its like a chocolate sauce, with a whole jar of peanut butter ( or at least half the jar). This is totally not good for your ( plus its about 2000 calories!) I know you can get back on the wagon and you can do this! We are all human, and thus make mistakes. Hope you have a great weekend! emoticon
    3731 days ago
    you did tell this in a humorous way, and it's true that beating yourself up over it is counterproductive - but have you thought about how you were feeling when you did this? how will you respond the next time you get this urge? I know that 'closet eating' urge and it can be a very devious thing.

    hang in there,

    3731 days ago
    Thanks for this. My damage from yesterday included a piece of cake and 3 glasses of wine. Here's to picking ourselves back up and moving on! Have you ever had baked lays? They're my vending machine choice. Delicious and only 120 calories!!! Oh, and here's what I do to avoid impulse vending machine runs - leave your wallet at home. By the time you've scraped enough change out of your car sometimes you've had a chance to rethink things!
    3731 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    I don't know what kind of job you have, however, I know you could be a writer.
    Sounds like you have a knack for descriptive humor. Truly enjoyed your blog today. I can relate to your story as so many probably can. This was yesterday's let it go...............start fresh today and make it a productive one..............drink your water, eat your veggies and fruit..........take a deep breath and take a walk...............You will make it through today with a smile on your face. emoticon
    3731 days ago
    I think just openly admitting it here for all of us to see is a huge step in the right direction. I know that when I was working the vending machine was my worst enemy, what a temptress it can be.
    We all have days like that, the important thing is that we have the good days far more often than the bad.
    3731 days ago
    Try not to beat yourself up. Everyone slips now &'s only human. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off...and start all over again. You can do this!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3731 days ago
    Smile? Heck I was laughing out loud!! Not letting one day or even one week get you down is the right attitude. Admitting it out loud that you made mistakes and moving on is definitely the right direction! Keep plugging onward! emoticon
    3731 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1566266
    Sweetie - just let it go. It's now in the past. Put the stinkin scale away - don't let it dictate your attitude - and get moving to get rid of that weight. Also - drink tons of water to flush out all that salt. If I might suggest something - I love salty snacks. Go buy the Lays Lite - no fat, tastes great and are still good and salty. But you can eat them without the guilt. Another thing I absolutely adore are pop chips. You can eat the whole bag (but don't) for what you eat in 1 1/2 servings of regular chips. There are ways to enjoy your snacks without the guilt or gain.
    3731 days ago
  • JS1971
    Have to say I smiled while reading this. I love your account of how things happened. It sounds like you have a good attitude and wont let the one day send you into a backslide. Keep up the good work and eat well today.
    3731 days ago
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