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Tweak Till I Squeak

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Yesterday was the anniversary of my maternal grandma's death. She died on August 7th, 1998. My mom on August 14th, 1996 at exactly the same time only 2 years earlier. My paternal aunt died 2 weeks later than mom in 96. My mom and dad grew up across the street from each other. My mom and aunt were best friends but they later had a rift that never mended. I'm now the only one alive that remembers these dates. I'm the oldest living female in my family and have been for over 10 years. I have a couple of cousins who are much younger than me. This isn't my favorite time of the year for obvious reasons. The resurrection lilies or naked ladies usually bloom at the time of their deaths. It's weird because one bloomed early and I thought the rest were not going to bloom but then a bunch more came up later.

Summer is usually the period in which I am disciplined as I have less appetite but not this year. I was bad over the holidays and not that good since then. I was lucky to get back off the 10 pounds of weight I gained over the holiday and it took me 3 month to do that. I'm supposed to be setting an example for others and I'm not. I don't expect to be perfect but I don't want to be a continuous plateauer either. For me the first 3rd was easy to lose, the second hard, and this last third is a bummer. The really sad thing is that I am eating better than I ever have and have cut out the daily fast food, daily candy binges, daily snacking binges but still the scale barely moves. I'm eating less calories and exercising more but I have this sneaking suspicion that at my age and level of activity I'm going to have to eat at the low end of my calories to lose and not much over that to maintain. That means 1200-1300 to lose. 1400 to 1600 to maintain. To do that I have to choose every calorie wisely and mull the question, "Is this food the maximum bang for my buck?" "Will it cause cravings?" "Can I make a wiser choice?" I have done that already to a certain extent with my breakfast and lunches. There is very little fluff to cut out of them and none that would allow me be able to be satisfied and not completely miserable. At any rate I won't give up but will just keep tweaking away.
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    "but I don't want to be a continuous plateauer either"

    I can so relate to that; you are far ahead of me on the path, no comparison; but I haven't been losing.

    I'm going to have to narrow things down and ramp things up, like you're talking about.

    You're so highly active it's hard to understand. I feel for you. It must be food allergies or chemical sensitivities in your case.
    3516 days ago
    Hear ya! Having been on vacation and basically being on hiatus for about a month, I'm glad I haven't gained more than I did. I've got to get myself "officially" weighed and measured so I know from where I start! I've been driving a lot these past few days and eating on the road, not getting enough sleep, etc. Never a good thing for me. I end up with loads of edema in my legs and retaining fluid from all the salt in my diet. It's time I put the ol' nose to the grindstone and decided what my new goals will be, just how I plan to get it done and get it all down in writing.

    One of my challenges is part of my drive to lose weight is gone now that I've gone back home and shared what I've been doing with ALL my friends there. No more secrets to keep. ha ha ha As I said in my blog, doing something because it's the best choice has never been a motivating factor...well, that's not true. It's a motivating factor but not a sustaining one, ya know what I mean? I've just got to figure out what it will be the carrot I dangle in front of my face to keep me going. I will be turning 50 myself in January so who knows, maybe I can base it on that....going to Europe sounds like a plan.....LOL!! Need to win the lottery first, but ya never know....Hmmm....I see a plan forming to you soon! emoticon
    3522 days ago
    Aww. I miss my dearly departed, too. What an odd coincidence re: mom and grandma. That'd be hard to forget.

    You ask some good questions re: food choices. I've had a two year plateau ... I had to shake up the food again. *knock wood* til the next shake up I guess. I know you'll keep up the good work on yourself, which in turn helps others. Enjoy yourself, that's what's important. (Have you done something nice for yourself lately?)

    3523 days ago
    It took a very long time for me to get off the anniversary of my mom's passing. I now see her every summer in the peonies that bloom in my yard and in the face of my granddaughter. It's been 17 years since I've been able to hug her and now I celebrate the hugs I've had and pass them on to those that I love.
    3524 days ago
    Hey Tish!! Rough time of year for you, sorry to hear that..... as far as not wanting to be the forever plateauer I hear you, but there is no point in being to upset by it cause there are times we do everything correctly and it's still a bust. If it makes you feel better I just spent the last month on purpose maintaining a 5 pound loss to prove to myself I could indeed keep it off, and in the end I did. So lesson done, moving along. Tweakings good but a pain you know where!!! LOL!! Maybe go off of low carb for a bit, sometimes it's just the stupidest thing that gets that weight dropping again. As far as inspiration goes, the weightloss and steps are great, but you could stop that and I would still feel good about myself just spending time chatting as we do....Ok, enough of the sappies!!!LOL....back at it again!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    3524 days ago
    It is so hard to lose the ones we love. Three of my grandparents died within three months of each other in 1997-- November to January. It was so hard on my parents, and I was sick and missed one of the funerals... I still feel bad about that.
    3525 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6966999
    You could never lose another pound and you'd still be an inspiration to me, because you are taking great care of yourself and you have a great attitude. At the end of the day, doing the right things to be healthy is what really matters, not some arbitrary number on the scale. Chin up!!


    3525 days ago
  • DEE797
    So sorry to read that this is a difficult time of year for you. emoticon I hear ya on the age thing and having to watch the cals even more closely then before. You are so supportive and motivating for the rest of us that I know emoticon Hang in there and keep on tweaking!
    3525 days ago
    I know what you mean about the struggle to balance out what we eat...ageing sucks!
    3525 days ago
    Oh my. I guess you have those dates written down.
    I'm stuck at 215 and I've been "good " for a week.
    A guy friend says to shake it up by having a high calorie day once a week ,but I think that only works for them.
    I know I need to mix it up re: exercise. Reclining bike?

    3525 days ago
    You do a great job inspiring the rest of us. Just look at your daily step count! I think you have the right approach (if someone that is still losing third first third is in a position to suggest such). Just keep tweaking little things. It will all work and progress will be made. The grand canyon wasn't made over night. It was done by consistent pressure over time. You can do great things that way!
    3525 days ago
    I know how you feel. The weight was really hard to get off even after eating very healthy, walking in the neighborhood, and on the treadmill at home, and the elliptical at the "Y" .

    That's where I was when I decided after watching The Biggest Loser episodes earlier thise year that there must be something to all the weight lifting and the resistence training.

    When I started out working with weights, and doing the elliptical, it made a big difference not so much in weight loss, although I have lost about 15 pounds in the last 3 months or so, but the inches were coming off in my hips and my body fat I am assuming is going down.

    But I also learned, as sparkpeople have noted time and again, it is very important to mix up your routine. As your body gets accustomed to doing the same thing over and over again, it just won't burn the calories. So something needs to change or be added, and then changed and mixed up again.

    So don't give up. Can you get a couple of weights to do just curls & biceps and maybe a few resistance bands? Those helped me tremendously because although I can walk, I wasn't able to run.

    I'll continue to keep you in prayer that you might be able to find out what it is that you can do and that the Lord will provide away for you to be able to do it.

    Tomorrow is my last session with Martha, and then I'll be on my own. Which means I'll be spending my early morning hours at the "Y".
    3525 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/9/2010 3:05:35 PM
    Stick with that positive attitude and you'll be just fine. I have the same sneaking suspicion about the age thing plus I don't have a thyroid and the doc keeps me on the low side with meds. But like you said, I will not give up.

    3525 days ago
    Gosh, it was because of you that I limited my eating last night! I completely understand what you're going through, though, because at our age you do have to drop the calories below 1400 to lose weight, regardless of "starvation mode." God knows you pack enough physical activity into every day!

    At this point I'm maintaining, but it's always a precarious balance in which I'm afraid to go too high in calories or do any less exercise that I currently do!

    My mom died on August 10th, 1979.
    3525 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2514968
    I hear ya, but you are such an inspiration! And with all you are going through, if YOU get frustrated then I'm ok.
    Hugs kiddo!
    3525 days ago
    Keep squeakin', hon... hang in there.

    I think the body kind of adapts to the changes we make after a while, and I think that's okay. I'm thinking that those plateaus are ways for the body to consolidate, take a rest, regroup, and then to pick up again with new momentum as we hang in there. I'd be careful about dropping calories too muchj in response. My body is easily tricked into starvation mode and can hang onto the weight when I drop below 1500 calories.

    I'm all for a steady-as-she-goes strategy that pays off in the long run.

    3525 days ago
    I am at the same place you are. I've been tweaking for almost a year. I know I have to lower my calories to 1200-1300 instead of 1600-1700 in order to lose more weight. I am not giving up either.
    3525 days ago
    I agree with Maja0123. I am completely inspired by you daily. As I was huffing and posting through the last two holes on the golf course yesterday, I thought of you and your steps.

    I suppose that late July will now feel like your August. I still have my 82 yo mother but noticed her frailness and forgetfulness this weekend. I'm not happy about becoming the "oldest" generation but know it will happen in just a few years.

    I understand the food frustration. Being hypothyroid has made weight loss extremely hard for me. Then I get frustrated, and eat something I shouldn't. However, I am eating decently the majority of the time now.

    Tweak on!

    3525 days ago
  • MAJA0123
    Well you INSPIRE me everyday i'm on here.. you are FILLED with great facts, information and JOKES!!! you keep me walking, trying to get even CLOSE to your steps... keep up your hard work and just try one craving at a time.. you will make it.. you are a GREAT leader!!! wouldn't want it any other way!!! emoticon
    3525 days ago
    A plateau is certainly frustrating but look at the bright side - you are 2/3 less than you had been in the past and you are staying there (except for a more than joyful holiday season emoticon ). you are less than you were when you started and have managed to maintain - celebrate the victories and hang in there! You are my step queen!
    3525 days ago
    We are a WORK IN PROGRESS......and I am glad I am WORKING with you as my friend!!

    3525 days ago
    I'm sorry for all your losses; it doesn't matter how many years go by, I can see this being a hard time of year for you. {{{HUGS}}}
    3525 days ago
    I thik I'm younger that you are, but Im already experiencing the effects of a slower metabolism. You are wise to make sure your habits are solid, because it only gets harder. Even though I'm struggling, I'm determined to lose the weight now so that I have quality of life when I'm older. And I'm sorry you have so many sad memories of this time period, because emotional strain invariably affects weight. Hang in there! emoticon
    3526 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    I like the questions you ask yourself about your food. Resolved that from now on I intend to do it too.
    3526 days ago
    Boy, I hear ya. I have to keep tweaking too to get this weight off. Eventually, if we keep at it, it'll come off... emoticon
    3526 days ago
    I can look at my weight loss in two phases. I went like gangbusters down to about 235. Then, it was a struggle to get to 231, I have been in the 230 for most of the last year and a half. Now I am starting to see 240's regularly. I've got to get it turned around again. I think that evening walking is going to have to be where we go.
    3526 days ago
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