My good Day turned into something else..

Monday, August 09, 2010

So today is officially Week 5 of P90X for me and I wanted today to be Great,
But, of course I had to make sure I handled all my motherly duties got done as well.
So--I got up early and had a healthy breakfast--as I planned
fed the kids and cleaned my kitchen, & took my vitamins--as I planned
Started the laundry and took out my lunch to defrost--as I planned
I ate my lunch (Broiled tilapia and steamed veggies)--as I planned
Than a few minutes after I ate lunch, I started to fold my laundry, and that's when the churning pain in my stomach started!!! I ran to the facilities and.........well............up came my lunch and water.

It's been almost 3hours since I got sick and I still feel sick......I don't feel like I am going to get anything accomplished today.

A few months ago this same thing happened to me and you would have thought I remembered but it was salmon that made me sick.
From now on
No more fish
I like it--my stomach doesn't
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