Donating Blood and Losing Pets

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I went and donated blood, admitidly (spelling?? I have horrible spelling..) for the first time yesterday, with Bruce. I didn't get sick or light headed and I didn't even cringe when they inserted the needle. I felt like such a big girl, lol... The lady gave me a tshirt and asked me to please sit down and eat and drink juice for a few minutes. I hadn't eaten much since I was running late in the morning, so I obliged and ate a package of pretzels and drank some apple juice. Before long I was driving us home and feeling fine overall. Bruce was laughing at me because I had this crazy idea that I was still going to Candace's house (this week we're working out at her house) to work out.

Once I got home and started cleaning house, I kept getting really light headed from bending over and such. Before too long, I decided it best I did not go and risk passing out just to get a good work out and should instead feed my body and rest. I am really glad I made the decision, while I made myself feel slightly guilty about it at first. I decided I'll just have yesterday as my rest day this week and work out on Sunday when I get up. No big deal, I can manage that. Once I made that commitment, I felt much better.

Bruce's friend Nathan came over last night, I really like him. Pretty much my favorite of Bruce's friends. So polite to me and level headed. He was in Haiti doing his Annual Training for the Army and had some interesting stories to tell. Not to mention, he brought us back a really cool Haitian mask as a house warming gift. We all hung out late into the evening and then I went to bed.

Missed a couple calls from family members in the night but thought nothing of it. This morning my sister texted me to tell me that my step-dad took our family dogs to the pound yesterday. His reason- they shed too much and he isn't home enough. He is always next door at his parent's house! What the heck?? We have had Roxy since I was young, and she is an old uneven tempered dog. I know she will get put down in no time, if she hasn't already. All because they got bored with her, and my mom works out of town and had no say in the matter. Then my youngest sister texted my oldest last night asking if she knew where to buy a couple chihuahuas so that her and my brother could get some smaller dogs that are easier to manage. Jessie (oldest) went off on my youngest and let her know what happens to dogs at the pound and that life isn't expendable, etc. She said she told her things that 11 year olds don't necessarily need to hear, but that she deserved to hear. They always get pets and then get bored with them and let them die or give them away. It is really sad that her parents dont have more control over the situation. Sidenote- I realize it may seem weird I say "her" parents, but I have no emotional connection to her father at all. As he is my mom's third husband, by the time they married I had given up on finding a male figure in the household and decided it best to just try to work things out with my actual father. It makes me really sad that they could just discard a dog we've had for over 10 years and a dog we've had for about 6 years. Then without blinking are thinking about new dogs to get. Because puppies are going to take so much less time to take care of than full grown dogs that use the bathroom outside and mind their own business......

Then I talked to my mom, and she is out of town as ALWAYS working. She is apparently resigning her job so that my step-dad will go pick up the dogs again. As much as I hate that man, I can't blame him for wanting her to resign, just his tactics are F'D UP! My mom seemed to forget she had kids since I was young, as I don't really remember spending time with her and was always the babysitter of the siblings since I was...perhaps 8. Since her second husband left. If I wanted to get all psychological I could analyze the fact that she never wanted a family and just wanted to be a business woman but kept marrying these men that wanted kids and... yeah, anyway... So she is apparently going to move home and give up the traveling 20 days out of the month. I am glad! I know she loves it, but come on- she has an 11 and 12 year old at home! That are becoming little A HOLES because they are being raised by her inlaws who I have had call my friends the N word on more than one occassion. Seriously, my boyfriend won't even go to my mom's house.. I hate to say it, but I don't honestly like the youngest at all, they are mean as hell to all of us. They curse at me, and I'm like "hey little kid i freakin fed you and bathed you for the first years of your life. you would have starved to death without me, so try using some manners."

Grr.. I know this has been a long rant, but seriously these people make me want to throw up. and they are my closest blood relation!! what the heck! I wish that they could understand what it must feel like to be discarded after someone becomes bored with you. Or to be treated like you don't matter by your own family. I don't consider my mother's house home, I don't have a "home" in that sense. That is something I want for my children to have, something I am going to do better than my mom.

That's all, glad to get that off of my chest. Core Synergistics tonight will help me relieve some stress.
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    That is pretty sad about the dogs. It must be hard for you to see the situation happening and the lack of attention.

    I was happy to read that you took the night off after giving blood! It is good to let your body recover after doing that!
    3763 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your dogs. I'll never forget the first "we had to put the dog down" phone call I received after moving out on my own. Even though I knew it was for the best I was wreck, I can't imagine hearing it in a situation like yours. But, at least you know the value of a pets life, and when you own a pet, you can make a different decision. It sounds like you already know that you can make your own life better!
    On the bright side, it sounds like blood donating went well. You probably saved a life by donating. Feel good about yourself!

    3763 days ago
    Core Synergistics'll knock anything out of you ;p

    Yeah, family sucks. I'm so sorry that your mother made decisions that affected SOOO many from you to the dogs.

    I think it's that they WANT the family, too. They either don't know how or don't WANT to do the actual work. My dad's "best friend" for years kept many animals and would leave for months. MONTHS.

    He didn't arrange for them to be cared for. Living where we do (middle of nowhere and this is like back in the 60s, 70s, 80s when it was even MORE the middle of nowhere), they'd die of thirst before starvation.

    He left his kids, too. No water (they had no well and water had to be delivered), no heat (in winter), no food. The boy would go stay with friends. The little girl (about 2 years older than I) would walk a few miles to a pay phone and beg for a quarter and call us. We'd have to go pick her & her stuff up, so my parents FOSTERED the girl for years off and on til she moved away at age 15 (pregnant; interesting coincidence: named Candace!) and Dad would load of the dog boxes and bring them to our farm. Luckily, we had many kennels then (dad used to train dogs for hunting competitions).

    s back memories of that & I know in his way he wanted the kids and animals was the POINT. He simply had ZERO ability to take care of them and that meant a LOT of suffering of innocents.
    3763 days ago
    Glad you get vent via your blog. It helps! Keep your head up! You are doing well with dealing with this and core synergistics will mos def relieve some stress. GO GET IT!
    3763 days ago
    I'm glad you have a good head on your shoulders. That is such a sad situation with your family's dogs. I can't imagine giving a dog up in their golden years, simply because they shed, or someone's never around to take care of them. Doesn't seem it's been an issue thus far - so why now?

    Home is where the heart is, and I can see why your heart is not there. Good job on making a better life for yourself.
    3763 days ago
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