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Thursday, August 12, 2010

:] Good morning! Hope all is well in your worlds, mine is great! Happy and feeling fit today. Last night's workout was great as usual, the only thing that didn't go as well as it could have is that I did not have enough calories yesterday. I missed a snack here and there, and so I was short by quite a few. I had all of my needed protein (oddly enough) but not carbs and fat. I can't really complain because upon hearing this, my boyfriend made me two white chocolate macademia nut cookies. Not exactly the ideal place to get the calories and such, but it's life. And it worked out well, within all of my ranges again.

So, after talking to KVM23 about it, I decided to post some new pictures. I don't have a lot of fitness related pictures, or really that many pictures of myself, but I have pictures of things that are important to me. I will also be taking some pictures of myself when I get ready for the weekend, in my normal clothing. But for now, here's what I've got:

This is a photo taken in the changing room/bathroom yesterday. Had to post it because someone walked in and embarrassed my while I was taking it, so something good had to come from the situation... :] I am feeling smaller, but still want to firm up my stomach. Don't mind the red marks across my stomach, I pull my belt really tight on my ACU pants sometimes. I do have to say, I love my arms and shoulders. I have seen an amazing difference in them, and check out my collar bones. Woot!

Not much to say about this one, besides I either can't wait for my hair to grow out longer, or I might get it cut again. Who knows...

This is me on my camping trip with my mom and sisters. I used to never ever wear tank tops, but as I said before, I am starting to really like my arms. I cannot wait to buy all of my hair supplies so I can stop wearing my hair in pony tails (while camping I probably won't want to wear rollers anyway haha).

Now on to things that I care about:

Aurora, my fat little princess. :] She has been so adorable since moving with Bruce and I. She used to never be that cuddly, really she was quite the opposite. Now she likes to hang out where ever me and Bruce are and even sits on my lap and lets me brush her sometimes! It's crazy.

My closet. It still doesn't have near as much clothing as it shall one day, but this leaves room for new SMALLER clothing! I love that it has shelving for my shoes (I used to think I didn't really own any shoes until I filled this rack up..).

My desk (bought yesterday off Craigslist) is awesome and vintage and small enough for my room. It will soon be covered, but I am so glad to have the work space for crafts/homework/sewing machine (once I get to that reward)/whatever I feel like. The paintings represent the color I love in my life, and I have quite a bit of artwork in my room.

My dresser is huge with an awesome mirror. There are many pieces of my personality on display here- my stereo (which oddly mostly plays NPR or classical music), my magazines and vintage clothing books, my paints and paint brushes put neatly away in a display case, and many smaller things I won't take the time to detail.

My vote Marriott sign, this was on display when my father was running for a local office where he lives. A friend of mine thought it wise to steal it for me. He was right. :] It's awesome and made of some heavy wood, love it. The artwork in the background is a colage of pencil sketches (mostly adult) and it came in a set. I bought them at Bonnaroo last year and STILL can find images I have never noticed if I look at them long enough. The bag hanging from the door knob is a fancy camera I still have yet to really play with. So many open projects. :]

I guess that's about it. Not much really, I am just glad that I have my own space in the first time since...maybe EVER. I love that walking into the room I feel like it's ME, while there is still a lot to be done.

Last but not least:

My silly ass boyfriend, I love him. :D:D

I don't have a lot else going on today, but I shall post more pictures after the weekend or maybe during the weekend if my stupid internet provider comes and fixes my internet (how am I still alive after 3 weeks without a good connection at home....). Have a great day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Those are some great pictures!
    And you are looking great! Those collar bones and fit arms are amazing!

    Keep it up girl!
    3758 days ago
    I love all the pictures!! You look awesome!!!
    3759 days ago
    Great job! emoticon
    3759 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Thanks for sharing the pics. Have a great "fake Friday"!
    3759 days ago
    Great pics. very interesting.
    You are looking great, keep up the good workouts!
    3759 days ago
  • KVM23.
    LOVE IT! Way to go girl!! I'm proud of you for doing something scary. Sorry to hear someone walked in while you were taking that photo. Oops! Ah well they probably thought you were up to something naughty ;)
    lol, if only they knew!

    I loved seeing all the photos of your new place. That dresser is wicked, good find! You're looking awesome, keep up the good work!!
    3759 days ago
    You could shave CHEESE with your collarbones!!

    I love your artwork...YOU DID THAT? Oh, how cool. Love the colors, love what I can see of it!
    3759 days ago
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