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Friday, August 13, 2010

Good morning everyone! It is Friday, so I am in a great mood. Tonight is going to be a date of sorts with the man that I love, and then tomorrow is ladies night. There is a new laser tag place open in Columbia that has a bar attached. Why had no one thought of this before now?? Anyway, we are going to go play some laser tag and have a couple drinks if all goes according to plan. I am only allowing myself 3 drinks each night (if that). I cannot wait (I know I bring this up a lot) until I can start having dinner parties because I have found many low cal drink recipes I'd like to try out, it's hard to drink low cal at the bar without drinking vodka/diet.

Anyway, I am sticking to doing P90X every day this week since I missed Monday. My arms are sore from last night, and I hate hate Ab Ripper X. It is HARD. But I can see why those that have completed P90X still use this workout for a ab routine, I think I'll have a six pack by the time I finish the 90 days. Hahaha, I wish.

My boyfriend went out with some friends last night, and I started going stir crazy. A friend of mine was bartending and invited me out for a drink. And I wanted to. I am really proud that I did not. It would have gone in a bad direction, and my boss has been out for two weeks and today is his first day back and I didn't want to look like I'd been out drinking all night. And I didn't want to feel like crap all day. Thursday is always the hardest day to NOT go out, because there is only one day left. But a lot of the time I end up sacrificing my Fridays because I went out Thursday. I want to change that.

So, instead I worked on my Motivational Poster- and I finished it. Yay. :] I took a picture but it didn't send to my email properly so I will have to post it at another time. But I am really pleased with it. I was hoping to find a good picture of Pink to place as the centerpiece as her figure is closest to what mine will resemble if I get as fit as I could (I don't have a very curvy figure, and she has helped me accept that). And I did! She shows me that women like us can still be extremely sexy, we just have to try different things. I found the Women's Health that she was in and I found an awesome centerpiece, so I'm happy.

I really want my great efforts of this week to carry through this weekend. I wish I could really keep away from the scale. I am pretty good at brushing it off as no big deal and I don't count it so much. But I still find myself stepping on it every few days out of curiousity. And I am still seeing my weight swing back and forth between 128-130. . . bah. the same weight it has been staying around since May.. But I am thinking that this program will help me break my plateau and I just need to be patient. All things will come in time and I know my clothes are fitting me better and I am dropping body fat at least. Just have to stay positive.

I also need some advise: I have a float trip next weekend. It is going to be with my man, several of my closest friends, and then a bunch of people I don't know because it is a small music festival. I need some ideas how to have a great time and let loose with my friends without drinking my weight in booze?? I am thinking maybe breaking down and getting some of that MGD light that has like 70 calories or whatever. But other than that I am lost, without just not drinking at all.. I know that on the float (Saturday) I am going to drink, though. I plan to reign it in on the other days, but Saturday it will be hard being out on the water all day. I plan to bring tennis shoes so that I can explore some instead of just sitting around drinking all day on Friday. But I would LOVE and appreciate any advise you have??

That's it for now, have a great weekend everybody!
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    You've recognized your body is unique.
    Consider recognizing and accepting that your behavior may be unique amongst your friends.

    Just like drinking and driving, floating sober may be a good idea.
    You could be the designated "floater."
    Set a drink limit like you do for your nights out.
    Then save your drinks for your land time during the trip, maybe for the evening around the fire.

    Just like redefining what sexy looks like for you,
    you may have to redefine what a good float trip looks like.
    3755 days ago
    I totally felt the good mood you were having today in your post. AWESOME! Congrats on finishing your motivational poster! I look forward to the pictures.

    As for having fun, I am not a drinker, so I am always crazy. I actually think if I did drink I would be SUPER crazy, which is probably not a good thing.

    Enjoy your weekend! Don't think this is Wanted when it comes to laser tag! LOL!
    3757 days ago
    I think your patience with definitely pay off! :)

    It is hard to not drink too many calories when 'drinking'. I hope you find a solution - and if you do, please share!
    3757 days ago
  • KVM23.
    Woohoo! I can't wait to see it!! You have to take a pic and put it up. You're making me feel guilty that I've never done one now!
    Bah! I love that you have a body idol. I do as well and I know that it's what I'd look like if I could fully committ to a healthy lifestyle but let's be honest...I can't give up the drink and I'm no Jillian Michaels right now.

    As for tips on next weekend...hrm. I don't usually drink beer but I've heard the new low cal stuff isnt so bad! You could always drink out of a stainless water bottle and tell people you're drinking at times when you're not. Or you could do what I did in the winter and just drink your daily allotment in calories instead of nourishing your body ... (ahem, well the pounds WERE flying off).

    Or, alternatively, you could just not worry about it, enjoy yourself, have an amazing weekend and get back on track on monday! (just a thought..)
    3757 days ago
    Yay for you finishing the motivational poster!!!

    It might be a good idea to make jello shots for the trip if you have time. Not sure if those would be that much better than beer, but its just a thought.
    3758 days ago
    Maybe drink a toooon of water...then your belly will feel full...maybe you won't want to drink?!?!? That may be wishful thinking...I don't know.

    But float trips are supposed to be fun. Try not to stress yourself out over a beer. Yeah, its empty calories but we all deserve a treat sometimes. Plus, you could justify it by saying you're going to walk 10 minutes per beer...the next day...or something... emoticon

    Have a great time and get a hold of me if you need to! Anytime!
    3758 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Nice job on finishing your project.

    Just relax and be yourself and enjoy your float trip on the river.
    3758 days ago
    Congrats on finishing your project!

    Ab Ripper X is super and ugh...why don't I work my abs (weakest area)? COS IT'S MY WEAKEST AREA. Like PUs, if I'd just *do* them, they'd get stronger. "Wah."

    That's definitely a blind spot area for me. I just "forget" to work them. No kidding! I'm so proud of you doing all of this stuff so well! You rock!

    No idea for you this weekend unless you could truly "just not drink" and if anybody asks, say, "Yo, trying to lose weight!" I mean, we all know alcohol is empty calories.

    BTW my brother has not been drinking 1-2 cases (yes, cases) of beer a day since he totalled his car (don't get me going) and guess what? He has lost TONS of weight. He *is* still drinking, just not that much. So, it works :)
    3758 days ago
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