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Sets the Summer Sun on Fire

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ha, I don't really want candy. I actually had to buy some for work, though. We're doing a booth show, and you have to attract people. So it's all about the chocolate. Small sigh. I do wish people would go ga-ga over fruit. Or that fruit would be cheaper and easier to keep (we're still trying to figure out if the booth will be outside. If it is -- in the Providence heat -- we will have chocolate soup after a while). Or that we didn't have to do this at all, that we'd just be loved for our robots.

But, alas, we are new and so you need to be a tad gimmicky. Plus, heh, I may be the only middle-aged Booth Babe out there. ;)

But -- this entry is not intended to really be about work, and it's not intended to be me railing against people preferring Snickers bars to blackberries.

Nuh-uh, gentle reader.

It is -- ha!

Welcome to another milestone, baby.

I am 169 pounds. This means I get to choose a new mini-goal. I've been selecting them in 10-lb. increments and this one will not be an exception. Hence my next mini-goal (on the way to the 146 Holy Grail) is to be 160.

Now, it took me 259 days to get here, but still!

It doesn't matter. I still got this far.

Now, about my measurements. I am recording them but I have not been broadcasting them, as they are fluctuating around pretty much the same numbers, and have been for months, so it doesn't exactly make for a too terribly thrilling news flash. This is fine, it is essentially normal and is also a part of me working out less. This makes the firming up part of the process happen considerably slower, and even reverse itself a bit. I am not too concerned about such things. I am a pretty solid size 12. I would like to be smaller, yes, but I am in far less of a hot hurry about such things these days.

I am still fiddling with what should feel like maintenance. What is it like to do this on a regular basis? What am I going to look like at 50? What will my days look like? That is where this portion of the experiment is going. I am learning and enuring myself to how the regular days are going to be, the days of pay the mortgage, commute to work, shovel the walk, call the plumber. Those kinds of days, but they will also be intersprinkled (that is a word NOW!) with weight training and food tracking and hey, let me grab these resistance bands, and let me see when I can get to the gym and oh, by the way, we need postage stamps and I will walk for the errand and not drive.

And, perhaps, those will be intersprinkled (there's that neologism again :)) with a few bites of candy, too. Because that is a part of maintenance. It is releasing the idea of verboten foods and exchanging them for ideas of controlled foods instead. A less binary mindset. It is not on/off, yes/no for food unless you are allergic or keep kosher or vegan or the like.


It is ... do I want a small candy bar or a big piece of fruit? Do I want pizza or a big salad with grilled chicken? All of this fits in, so long as you balance it. And, like on a see-saw, when you grab something heavier, it takes more effort, more juggling, more working out and more restriction of other things in order to balance it out.

But it is not impossible.

The booth show is on the 28th. I am certain that I will not eat any of the candy, but I cannot promise that the dinner we will have afterwards will be perfectly wholesome. And so goes the way of the world. But ... that is not the end of the world, it is not the end of health and it is not about the end of me caring about what happens to me.

Candy and pizza just do not have that power over me any more.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on hitting the 160's...that's my goal too...I'm at 170 right now! I agree that balance is the key to really maintaining any kind of loss. Slower is better but sometimes it's hard to be patient! emoticon
    3641 days ago
    I just saw this one, too. I'm gonna put a little bookmark on my desktop and read it when I get a chance!
    3643 days ago
    I love reading your blogs. (Don't know how I missed this one till now.) Congrats on all the milestones. I love the 169 ville. I love the energy and enthusiasm about work that I read in you these days. What a difference from last year. That is a big milestone too. Every one of these shows you do you sets another milestone too. The way you think about your body and your work sounds so healthy.
    3643 days ago
    Congratulations! One-sixty-ville!

    I liked your blog. We have to live our lives...and just keep our health a priority. I strive hard to reach my daily goals, but I'm not perfect. Thank goodness we don't have to be!

    You are such an inspiration.
    3645 days ago
    Well done!! A brilliant milestone.
    It's a transition from diet to life.
    3645 days ago
    Wheeeeeeeeee another milestone met! Keep up the good work!
    3645 days ago
    Woo HOO! Congrats on the milestone!

    I once ran a beverage booth for our local non-profit group at a local fair. Next to us was a booth selling watermelon. On a hot summer's day one would have thought they might have gotten *SOME* business?

    Nope: all the ice cream, sausages and deep-fried everythings were everywhere as far as the eye could see, but only a handful of folks ever came up to get their big wedge of watermelon...sigh...

    3645 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    emoticon for making it to another milestone and for keep going!!

    ummm I enjoy a Twix bar now and then...I am just sayin' lol
    3645 days ago
    You're emoticon , you know that?

    I'm still struggling with eating too much candy and pizza and other junk. I don't stay in my calorie range nearly often enough. I keep thinking I can balance my eating, but it seems like I don't. I need more discipline or I need to change my thinking or something.

    emoticon on reaching another weight loss milestone! Keep up the good work!

    - Karen
    3646 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4749243
    Ya know, I'm trying. Hope when I grow up I can be like you.

    3646 days ago
    Sounds like you have it under control. I have no doubt you will make your goal. emoticon
    3646 days ago
    I'm still trying to figure out how this maintenance thing works.

    I became a lot less restrictive in the spring when I got close to goal and loosened the structure of both my eating and my working out - and gradually gained 20 lbs back!

    At the moment (168) I'm 17 up from my minimum (151) and pushing that down aggressively. Because I feel a lot better under 160, and ideally I would like to range between 145 and 150. But definitely under 155.
    3646 days ago
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