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Thursday, August 26, 2010

For all you pet lovers you'll understand. These past few days with the heat in the triple digit and higher then normal humidity my problem child Tye the dobie has been having seizures and at time difficulty walking. Vets have checked him and run tests on him. His brain just doesn't function at times. We tease that he only has two brain cells and they don't often touch. In all my years of training Tye has been the most difficult. When he is acting normal I have a chance of him being obedient but other times it is just a blank stare and no one is at home. Well when he seizures he gets like any child very needy and wants to cling and he may not have any hair but he is like a furnace. He wants to be on top of me and it is way to hot but with contact I can feel quicker when the seizures start. Most of the last three days I've spent with him glued to me. Tye is 61/2 years old. My best friend's wife says to put him down but he is only scared by the seizures he is not in any pain so I feel he is worth the extra effort and should be able to live. Tye was originally their dog and he barked and was such a pain they couldn't handle him so I ended up with him. By her standards with my health issues I should have been put down years ago. Oh and with her M.S. problems wouldn't she qualify too?
I say my primary care doctor today for my blood test results. For some reason they are worse then they have been in over two years. asked him if it could be stress? He doesn't think so but my eating hasn't changed except for more calories then I have been burning. With not being able to do much while waiting for and recovering from the angio I have not been doing my cycling and stuff and have gone up. Being disabled it is a challenge to figure out how much your body really burns. At one point they told me I only burned about five hundred calories a day. I couldn't function on so few calories. The doctor wondered if I was getting to few but I know that isn't the cause. I am do for blood work in Sept before surgery and in November for a three month check up. I hope it goes back down to at least where I used to be. My blood pressure was excellent. With Mara with me my stress level is less and I am more mellow and in a more comfortable mental state. I do need a new doctor . I have tried to talk to this doctor about the abuse and eating conditions I live under and he isn't interested and won't listen let alone offer any help with local agencies. He is the only doc in town and just doesn't give a darn. He lives somewhere else not even in our town. My neurologist is the most supportive and I see her in a few weeks.
My prayer list has gotten longer. We have a number of cherished pets and family member die recently and I have added everyone to my list of spark prayers. Hope everyone has a good weekend and god bless everyone. Love Holly
p.s. I need a kick in the butt and a reminder to get back to loosing weight.I am worth it ! Just need to believe it.
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    Holly, I'm so sorry to hear about Tye. I hope the seizures lighten up for both your sakes. It's hard enough watching a pet you love go through health problems without hearing you should just put them down. People just don't understand at times and I feel it's their loss because obviously they have never had the unconditional love of a pet. As for you doctor - maybe they should pass their advice onto him. Ha - sorry, just a thought ! My prayers are with you.
    3984 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5699183
    So sorry to hear about Tye. I know how he feels though with the seizures because I have epilepsy and if they make me feel like crap, I can imagine poor Tye. Give him a big hug, kiss an tummy rub for me.

    And yes, get a new doctor!!!! At least my neurolgist is also a good listener and even gave me somewhere I can go when I get depressed. Alot of drs nowadays a real jerks. Hope you can find a good one soon.

    Here's a friendly kick-in-the-but to start you out on your exercise and eating. Like you said, you're worth it! emoticon
    3985 days ago
    I'd say do what you can do for Tye, it doesn't sound like it's time for him to travel that Rainbow bridge yet. . As the weather gets cooler, if it ever does, the seizures will probably become less frequent. We had a cuddly Terrier with seizures. So Very, Very hard to watch, but she lived to 16 and gave us so much pleasure. The seizures didn't take her out she had other medical issues. I sure miss her.
    I like what Lori told you about the transportation issue. look into it and maybe you can find a more sympathetic Dr. I sure hope and pray so.
    Hugs, my dear friend and God's Blessings upon you Holly.
    3986 days ago
    Holly I do hope it begins to cool down where you are at....I know how much your dogs mean to medicare insurance pays for yransportation to my docs visits..I wonder if you could find out if they do that where you are from so you may get a new doc and not worry about getting there
    3986 days ago

    My brother has epilepsy so I know how frightening seizures are to see and to experience. Poor pup would be extremely frightened when this happens and would not know what's going on.

    I thought the first rule of doctors was "first do no harm", they must be teaching how to make money first and help the patient last. Hopefully you'll be able to find someone a little more helpful very soon. You can't hope to help yourself when you have such an indifferent doctor.

    3987 days ago
    We had a wonderful black lab who had a seizure disorder. He lived another 6 years after the onset. He had a full life and surely added to our lives. Do what your heart tells you.

    3987 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi Holly,
    One of my sons had seizures--they started when he was an infant and lasted until he was in third grade, It's a terrifying thing to watch when you love the victim. He had gotten double ear infections while he had chicken pox which gave him an awful fever (105) and was a really sick little guy--7 months old. They came every 12 hours for about 4 days when they finally hospitalized him because he was dehydrating and he couldn't keep any of the medicine down. Anytime after that, if he would spike a fever, he would also have seizures. They never got easy to watch or deal with. And, the time after the seizure was particularly difficult. The doctor explained to me that 5 minutes of a seizure was equivalent to 12 hours of hard labor. Poor Tye probably doesn't know hit him and he is so exhausted too. I wouldn't wish this on any loving creature or on someone who provides care for seizures. The side effect of some of the meds they used on my son made him angry and mean too--so please be careful if they prescribe something for Tye.
    Give him an extra goodie from me and my dogs. I will keep you both in our prayers.
    Gentle hugs,
    3987 days ago
    Sending love to your poor dog with the seizures, and for you to get the help that you need!
    3987 days ago
    Holly, emoticon emoticon Your poor dog Tye,I would not put down a dog,to me that's the same as putting our children down because of health challenges.I will pray for him and you for your health as well.I wish doctors that are licensed to practice would lose there license for this kind of cold callous behavior.I think the doctor should be put down,lol,not funny.but I couldn't resist.I don't know if you can file a complaint with the AMA or some agency,your health insurance carrier might be able to take complaints like this or the state.Finding a new doctor is challenging,but sounds like a new one is in order for you.Ask around,I have found that PAC's are better and have better and empathetic bedside manners.Contact a crisis hot line where you are,they will have information and phone #'s for you and maybe they can report that terrible doctor for not assisting you.This is my opinion only,I have had the best luck,personally with female doctors and I know there are fantastic male's just been my experience with doctors.You are ao worth it,your dogs and friends love you and need you to be healthy.Believe in yourself,I wish I could hug you,a virual one will have to do. emoticon U can! emoticon emoticon Diana
    3987 days ago
    I surely wouldn't put Tye down, you are doing what you can for him, Some people just can't be bothered with any inconvenience and that sounds like your neighbor. I will pray that your numbers get regulated and that the seizures will be under control for sweet Tye.

    Hugs and love to you for what you do for your animals. I can't believe there are doctors that don't care about abuse of any kind, yes, you really need another one, if possible.

    3987 days ago
  • BO42SOX
    you are a wonderful person my Friend-so caring-your doing the right thing, why put your baby down??!!! emoticon some people sweetie have no clue, sounds like your neighbor hasn't------------about stress? yes I believe it would screw w/ any lab numbers, any aspects of ones life-as Ive said before Im here if you ever need anything- emoticon emoticon Kathleen
    3987 days ago
    emoticon You ARE worth it! Keeping you and Tye in my prayers.
    3987 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1951302
    Well, if Tye is doing OK and the seizures aren't killing him, I think let him live. If they were causing him pain or additional damage each time, I might say different.

    As for your doc, it is obvious he doesn't know what it is like. The body is complicated and that is why doctors only PRACTICE. It would be good to know where to get some definite help. Is there a big city nearby where you could get referrals for help?
    3987 days ago
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