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Friday, August 27, 2010

I am in a great mood this morning. This has just been a really good week. Wednesday night I had to give a speech in class, and while I was really nervous, it went really well. I am rather proud of my ability to keep calm and keep my place, hold eye contact with the class and such. I still have some work to put in, but at least I feel like I have a nice platform to start from. My friends always told me I was great at talking... Haha.

We went out Wednesday evening and had a couple drinks. My cousin came to my house and we hung out. She has had some really traumatic things happen with her friends-she has a couple that she is friends with and the wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then their youngest was killed in a drunk driving incident. She passed a couple months later, and now just recently the husband committed suicide. It's really sad. I can't imagine the pain that he was dealing with, and am concerned for their surviving child. So, she was dealing with that, but I think we made the best of it and I like to think I helped her put it to the rear of her mind for the time being.

Yesterday I got up to breakfast that my lovely man cooked for us, and then me and Dani (same cousin) went downtown to enjoy the beautiful weather. Yesterday I stole my day off by the way. I played hooky in a sense, told my boss on Wednesday that I had appointments on Thursday so that I would not have to sit in the cube and keep missing out on the gorgeous weather. And I am glad, it was amazing. We went shopping. Sidenote-I really think I'm addicted to shopping-I can't go a month without buying clothes and I TRIED.. I just love shopping now that I have found a style that I love and can buy in smaller sizes.. I bought high waisted shorts with a 27 inch waist yesterday. BUT at least I am only spending 5 dollars tops for a piece of clothing and most are a dollar. I just can't wait to get a sewing machine so that I can create new things out of these old articles and then turn around and give them to friends so I don't have to stop shopping but still have space in my closet haha.

We went out to lunch at a favorite little deli and my cousin Sam met up with us. I didn't track my food yesterday, but I did eat well. Especially for eating out, I got the half salad half sandwich combo, and it is on actual sandwich bread not the huge "half" hoagie. We went to the park to enjoy the weather and we walked around the lake and played on the swings and just felt alive and childish. I don't think we stopped smiling and laughing the entire day, it was awesome. And I forgot how tiring it can be playing! Sheesh, that is reason enough to take my (future) children to play, wear them out!

Candace came over and we went running around the neighborhood. It was just too nice to keep ourselves inside doing P90X. I see this being a problem in the future, because it is going to be nice for a while, and Candace loved running and just getting out there. She was pushing herself pretty hard too. When we had to walk slower than I might like to to keep my heart rate up, I just jogged in place or did something along those lines. She kept apologizing for being slower and less able to run but I kept reassuring her that my heart rate was where it needed to be and I didn't mind at all as long as she was pushing.

Followed that up with dinner with my guy and ended the night with ice cream from Coldstone. Darnit, I just can't resist sometimes! It's so good with it's coffee and oreos and amazingness... Oh well, what is life without treats?

Anyway, tonight is Plyo X which is my favorite of the work outs, kicks my butt! Then I am eating dinner with Candace and going to Bernadette's for ladies night. Me and Candace are splitting a bottle of wine which is awesome because I am really wanting to keep the booze consumption down since I went out Wednesday. Plus, tomorrow me and Candace are meeting at the park to run some sprints, which is exciting. :] I need to work on my running with the impending PT test in October anyway.

Today is a great day, and this weekend is going to rock. I know that I am not doing this whole weight loss thing perfectly, but I know that I am enjoying the way that I am doing it. I am happy with the body that I have now and will be happy when I get to my goal. Oh, by the way, Candace has lost 10 pounds. That's really exciting! Hope everyone has a great and healthy weekend.
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    emoticon I am glad that your speech went well. It's great that you are getting your friend involved in your journey. Sounds like you are kicking butt with p90x. I am planning to buy mine in October. Can't wait!
    3744 days ago
    Wow! It really does sound like you had a great week! emoticon
    I'm happy to hear that the weather was beautiful for you (it was nice here too).

    And I completely understand about Coldstone! I love their ice cream, and treats are good! You couldn't have said it better: what is life without treats?
    3747 days ago
    You have a very healthy balance going on in life. You incorporate fun (but in moderation) and you are good at making healthy decisions as well.

    I'm glad you're so happy - the day at the park sounded like a lot of fun ~ I love the swings too!

    3747 days ago
  • KVM23.

    Dude! This is awesome. I adored your blog, I'm so so so happy that you've found your stride. You're doing it - the healthy lifestyle thing. That's awesome. It sounds like it's coming out in other areas of your life as well which is amazing. I'm so glad. Keep enjoying it and doing things that your body loves.
    You're awesome!! Great job.
    3747 days ago
    Sounds like you live a life with great flexibility and balance.
    3747 days ago
    Your mood is contagious because as I was reading your blog I started to get happier!!

    I'm so happy you had such a good week!! It sounds awesome!

    I hope you have an amazing weekend!!
    3747 days ago
    I am in a great mood, too! This weather we are experiencing is awesome! I have been resting in preparation for my race tomorrow, but I would to be out there running! Enjoy your weekend and KILL Plyo X tonight! I am sure you wouldn't have it any other way!
    3747 days ago
    Sounds great!

    Sure, you didn't do p90x together but it seems to me if you guys REALLY ran, you burned a bunch of calories and you can prolly do well to keep yourself otherwise strong, right?

    Some people really like a very set schedule and others like to mix it up. I'm a big fan of mixing it up! TH would say that, too!
    3747 days ago
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