Help my son's school please :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

This will literally take less than 5 minutes..

All you need is a facebook page.
First step is to go to this page:
Click on the vote and it will direct you to login to your Facebook account and allow Kohl's. From there you can vote up to 5 times.
2 minutes of your time, and it gives my son's school a better chance at getting 500,000. A pretty painless "good deed".

Kohl's is giving away 500,000 to 20 schools.
This is the last week of voting, and my son's school fell from #1 in the standing to #7. With the pressure on, schools are using all sorts of tactics to try to get votes.

This grant is available only to elementary schools, and we all know how badly *every* school could use the money these days. My son's school was forced to leave their location last year, and they still have not completely set up the new school. These funds would help to bring the school "up to par" as well as help pay salaries.

I ask/beg/plead that if you have a facebook page.. to just follow the instructions on the page (it will let you login through that page) and just vote for the school 5 times.

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