September Already???

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Does it feel like it was just 2009 to anybody else?? It is insane when I look at how fast time moves. It is awesome to see all of the changes I have made this year, though. Rather exciting. :]

I guess with the new month upon me I should evaluate my August goals. I know this won't be pretty, but if I am going to start holding myself to my mini goals I really have to see how I am doing.

-Try to stick to P90X ratio of food unless it affects my energy levels: I did attempt to stick to this, but my stomach did not like it at all. I had to cut back on protein a bit and up my carbs a little.

-Drink 8 glasses of water per day: I would love to say I did this, but I know that would be a lie. I need to keep a count so that I am not guessing all of the time.

-Only miss 2 work outs this month (21 Aug I am on a float trip): I missed more like 4 work outs the week of the float trip... But that is all that I missed for the entire month so I think this went OK

-Cut out all alcohol except wine (really working on this one....), except on Saturday of float trip: Umm... Besides my little bar trip with my boyfriend this past weekend I did well on this. I hope-no PLAN to do better this month, though.

-Stay within my budget all month-no purchasing of clothing (it is becoming an all too common habit...): FAIL. Made it til last weekend without buying clothes but then I also bought a trainer for 10 sessions which was not included in my budget... I have a slight problem with compulsive shopping...

-Read 2 books for leisure: I honestly feel that I have done about as well as I could on this one with my available time. I read one book for pleasure and it was sweet.

So, not that great in August but not horrible. Didn't lose, didn't gain. Same old story as it has been for months. I did buy some pants with a 27" waist, and I did feel awesome in my sailor swim suit on the float trip and I am getting to the point where classmates don't make me feel inferior because they look all beautiful with their hair sculpted and their nails done (I seriously go straight from work to the gym to school... When do I have time to do my hair?? Never).

I need to be realistic with myself. I am also carrying a daily planner with myself so that I can remind myself of my goals.

1)Always have a book that I am reading and read when I am bored BEFORE automatically messing around on my phone.

2)Only drink outside of calorie range one day per week, and be willing to make up the difference in work outs (this worked really well for me when I started losing weight).

3)Make time for myself to work on my projects each weekend. Keep a running list of things I need to do for myself so that I don't "forget."

4)Be reasonable once school funds come in. NO SHOPPING SPREE! I need to buy a sewing machine instead and start making the clothes that I already have fit me better.

5)WATER:8 glasses a day and count them, don't guess.

I guess those will do so that I am not overwhelming myself. Being realistic should help, and these are things I really need to focus on. Good luck to everyone in the coming month!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know, this year is FLYING by!!! I love your goals, especially the book one hehe.
    3741 days ago
    Re water:
    I like the taste of my tap water at home.
    I don't like having to recycle bottle water containers.
    So...I bought two water bottles, BPA free.
    I fill them at home, take them with me.
    If I finish them both, I know I hit my 8 x 8 oz of water goal.
    I can see how much I have left to drink by looking at my water bottle so I don't have to try and remember how much I've already had.

    When I wanted to build my own house, it got easier to save money or at least not spend it on things I didn't really really really want.
    I knew how much a window was. Every time I wanted to buy something, I had to ask me if it was going to get me to my goal of building a house.
    I could also say, that's cost is equivalent to 10% of a window

    So maybe you need a bigger goal to put your spending towards.
    Like a nice trip. Or a retirement fund.
    3741 days ago
    You are doing awesome!! I love that you are realistic. It is too easy to make goals that are not achievable just to have it back fire when the goals are not reached.
    3742 days ago
    I'm glad you did focus on the positives, because overall you really did have a lot to be proud of. Great job! You're going to do even better in September!
    3742 days ago
    What stands in the way of your water?

    I drink a TON of water and other stuff. For me, the biggest "problem" is needing to pee every 45 minutes to 2 hours.

    For some people, it's a question of finding GOOD tasting water -- I've had the 3L water habit since the 80s but it slacked off when I lived in Kirkwood (HORRIBLE-tasting water, this was before bottled water was the norm and I wouldn't have had money to pay for it anyway). I bought s/f Country Time lemonade and drank it that way. Yup, chemicals but I could NOT bear the taste of that water. NASTY.

    Then, where I work in fenton is horrible, too. Very, very chemically-tasting. I don't drink it at all. I take a 1L bottle of our farm water (mineral spring, tastes like Evian) and then drink tea or coffee but NONE of their water. Puke!

    Since these things were obstacles in my life, I'm wondering what are yours? Taste? Access? Bathrooms? I'm curious! emoticon
    3742 days ago
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