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Friday, September 17, 2010

hi everybody sorry i have not been blogging lately but been having alot to do health wise and also emotionally.i know that should then be the best time to blog but i sometimes think people have enough of their own problems that they don´t need mine as well.the start of the blc 14 has come at just the right time for me as i have been leting my shall we say depression get in the way of my healthy lifestyle and started putting weight on again which is something i definately don´t want or need.for those who don´t know my latest health problem is that they have found several subsegmentale emboliens in my right lung.when i first heard that i might have a lung embolie i wont tell you all the frightening thoughts that were going through my head as this is what my dad died of 9 years a go.it has also freaked my sister out when i toild her,so much that i wished i hadn´t mention it to her.she was the one who had found my father when he died.well it was confirmed that i didn´t have one but several.i have now started on phenrocoumon which is a blood thinning medicine and for those who don´t know about them i have to regually have my INR/quick work in my blood tested and the tablets altered accordingly.i also have to carry a pass a round which records all the information of how many tablets i take each day and my IRN/quick work written in it everytime it is taken.i will be on theese tablets for at least 6 months but the dr reacons i will be probably on them for more than a year.yet more dr´s appointments to add to all the kids dr´s,therapy appointments etc.the worse think about it all is that i am no longer allowed to eat spinach or liver or any type of cabbage.theese are all on the top of my favorite food list along with mushrooms,them i can still have at least.also have to be careful with vitamin tablets etc.can´t have anything with vitamin k in it.that is the latest update on my health.still having iron injections everyday as well.--back to the blc challange.

the things i hope to achieve this blc is one to get the scale moving in the right direction again,originally i wanted to get to one-der.land but with putting back on weight and not being able to exercise i don´t think it would be very reasonable or realistic of me to expect to lose 24.5lbs in 12 weeks especially as i get so tired and out of breath easily that i am doing fast zilche,nada,null activity.
so apart from getting the scale moving in the right direction again i also plan to get rid of my depression which is not something i don´t normally associate with myself and pull myself together after all threr is alot other people out there who are in a worse situation than me.i think it is the fact that i am here all alone at the moment and i know when my family get back it will be differant again.
i want to be more involved with the team and to encourage my fellow challangers to get one step nearer their goals.

i guess that is about it.not that many goals or expectations this time but i think they are goals i can and will manage.after all that is what spark people is all about ,to make realistic goals that you can achieve with abit of effort.

thanks once again all my spark friends for listening to me again.i couldn´t do any of this without you.you all rock.here´s to us all being losers emoticon
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  • JUDITH1654
    Karen, Karen, Karen - NEVER hesitate to share your needs and tribulations with us. My goodness! You have gone through so much and yet as many have already mentioned, you stay so positive and still find time to encourage others. So many others would have quit long ago but I know those children of yours helps keep you going. I pray God's strength will invade you and engulf you and give you the continued strength you need! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    And I pray His healing will be manifested in you!
    3369 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/23/2010 12:17:49 AM
    Karen, I don't know you very well yet, but I'm so impressed by the way you manage to stay positive and encouraging to everyone else while you are going through so much yourself. I hope that your positive energy and attitude will start coming back to you soon.
    3374 days ago
    Karen-thank you for sharing your pain and what you are going thru. Just do what you can and rememeber we are here for you whenever you need someone to listen.
    lots of prayers and thoughts coming your way.
    3374 days ago
  • B-N-ME
    KAREN----You are still here, you have not quit!! Given all you have and are going through not everyone will still be standing, and saying I want to keep trying. emoticon

    Please do not feel that we are too busy to listen to and encourage you through your struggles. You are a valuable member of our team and we care about you! emoticon

    As Marti said you are so kind in encouraging others, and that is appreciated.

    I hope you see some positive results through this challenge, and that your health stablizes soon!!! emoticon
    3374 days ago
    I have faith in you. You CAN do this. You WILL do this. Just remember, the tortoise won the race by being slow and steady. The hare's sprinting wore him out and he lost because of that. It's a marathon, not a short distance sprint. You'll do just fine. Keep up the good work and let those little successes build on each other.
    3374 days ago
    It IS difficult! I'm right there with ya! HUGS! We can do this together!

    Love ya! Beverly
    3374 days ago
  • HIPPIE44
    We are here for you. Do not be afraid to say what is on your mind!
    3374 days ago
    Karen, you are one of the most motivating people I know, even with the challenges you face in your own life. emoticon I have every confidence that your health will take an upturn and your weight will take a downturn emoticon - your positive outlook will see you through it all!! So glad we are on the Crushing Cranberries together - we can both do it and we WILL!! emoticon
    3375 days ago
    Will most definiately keep you in my thoughts and prayers. We are here for you.

    emoticon emoticon
    3375 days ago
  • KEAMOM1510
    Oh, Karen, I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues. You must be so scared.

    Out of everyone I have met here in Spark, you are someone I have often thought I'd love to meet. I think it's wonderful how positive you are. I al so think you are one of the few people who really shares your life and don't just type positive things all the time. --You are genuine.

    You are an amazing person and I'll be thinking about you and sending you positive thoughts and well wishes.

    3375 days ago
  • DEE797
    Karen, just do what you can. Your health is what matters most. We are here for you. Wishing you continued success on your journey! emoticon emoticon
    3375 days ago
  • MUSIC66
    oh karen i am so sorry about your health issues .just take it one day at a time.i will prayer for you.
    3375 days ago
    Hi Karen My dear friend .. it is really good that you blogged and have told all you friends what you are going through.. I n doing so you have let it all out instead of allowing it to fester..
    Try and remember love.. that nine years ago was long time ago in medicine .. they have advanced so much since then. also darling you are a lot younger that your dear father was..
    Tfry to do some walking .. it is very healthy for you .. even just walking around your house .. as long as you are moving you are exercising .
    I understand that it will be hard to breath .. but as long as you just do a little each day it will get oxygen into your lungs.
    Depression is able to be helped .. ask your doctor. Some times you just need a course of Antidepressants for a while.
    Remember we are all here for you if you want to chat .. Take Care.. My love Susie

    emoticon emoticon
    3375 days ago
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