Monday, September 27, 2010

I have been reading Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's book Prevent and Reverse Heart disease. He is really strict on what he expects of his heart patients especially when it comes to animal products and fats. I wanted to share this quote from his book as it really impacted me and made an impression. The quote says:

"If you have retained only one fact from my explaination of the science behind this program, I hope it is this: that just a little bit of forbidden food----fats, dairy products, oils, animal protiens---CAN hurt and WILL. Think of it this way: if you adopt a healthy diet overall, but allow yourself to have fats just 2 or 3 times a week, that means you are abusing and injuring yourself on 150 or so days a year."

I find when you think of the whole year instead of "cheating" just one day you really get the whole picture. What do you think???

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    I read the book also. It changed the way we eat! I have lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks! I don't know how anyone could read this and not be convinced by the evidence, and this same message of a plant based lifestyle is now coming from several sources with independent research.
    It seems extreme but has turned out to be alright.
    Good luck to all who change over to this. There really should be a group for Plant-based, fat-free eaters.
    3710 days ago
  • LADYDI2049
    Thanks Sunny for your input. It is such a shame that people perfer to have the by-pass surgeries, stents, angiograms and take numerous pharmacuticals rather than modify their diets and eat healthy. If only they knew how good they would feel, how much more energy they would have if only the ate whole food, plant-based meals. I am not pushing to live longer, I just want to be able to live an active, productive life while I am here.
    Here's to a plant strong food plan!

    emoticon emoticon
    3758 days ago
  • SUNNYH99
    As a vegan trying to better my health, I support Diana's posts and Dr. Esselstyn's "rule" of no animal fat (and no added oils either of any kind). He says that even olive oil is "30% artery-clogging fat." Who knew? So now I try to use a little Pam or better yet veggie broth or water when preparing my vegan meals. I too recently read "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" by Dr. Esselstyn and was so impressed I ordered a copy for our cousin who just had his second heart stent put in.

    Yes, this eating is a drastic change for many of us, but if you knew it could save or prolong your life, wouldn't you be willing to give it a try? That's where I am, willing. I started by changing breakfast and am working to be consistent with lunch and gradually changing dinner.

    We can do this, so don't be scared of it. If you have heart disease, high cholesterol, or diabetes (or are borderline on any of these) this is an inexpensive way to change these conditions for the better. If you get angry at the thought of giving up animal fats, especially cheese, you might read Dr. Neal Barnard on the subject. He says cheese contains a morphine-like substance that makes it addictive. I found Daiya vegan cheese, but before that I felt horribly deprived and craved it for a long time.
    emoticon Sunny
    3758 days ago
    (wow. that's really extreme. i'm all about moderation.)
    3799 days ago
    I believe it can be very beneficial to remove animal products to reverse heart disease. Dean Ornish has proven this for years. It has to be a personal choice. If you do it resentfully-not so much. I suppose how serious you are in this endevour - or how much you're into guilt for a touch of a forbidden food (not constant touches). No guilt here--do the best I can--keep on working at it. Sitting on the couch is bad for my health too ;-)
    3805 days ago
  • LADYDI2049
    ALYFTN, please reference some books or names of "experts" who think consuming fat is healthy so we can all be enlightened. I can give many more who also agree wtih Dr. Esselstyn and know from my own personal experience that not consuming animal products and fat is the way to cardiovascular health.

    3805 days ago
    I think the guy is nuts. The only thing it could possibly apply to is transfats. Those are easy enough to avoid. But to categorically omit animal fats--that is going too far. There are many other books and experts who would disagree with his statement--even for heart patients.
    3805 days ago
    It doesn't really seem fair that we can be good for months on end, and one bad day can wipe it all out. I'm sure it's true, but it's still just not fair!! Fortunately the longer you stay on healthy foods, the less your desire for the unhealthy stuff rears it's ugly head. Eventually, I guess it's just not a temptation. I'm not quite there yet, close, but I still have times that it's a battle.

    Thanks for sharing. Think I'll copy and post on the fridge.
    3806 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6460285
    I have the book that I borrowed from the library. I haven't started it though. Those are some things to think about. When you put it in perspective about having a couple cheat meals a week. That sure adds up over the course of the year and how you think you are eating very healthy turns out to be the opposite. I can't wait to read the book.
    3806 days ago
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