Ah, the first 5 pounds...GONE

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dreary-eyed, I stepped on the scale this morning (having not worked out last night -- full disclosure) and was SHOCKED. What happened? I lost 5 pounds? This cannot be... Why these past two weeks have been terrible...

1. I didn't work out consistently
2. I've been extremely stressed at work and home
3. I work constantly, with little time for me

Everything is stacked up against me, so why did I lose? Well, thanks to Sparkpeople, I finally figured it out.

I ate less.

This is probably no shock to you veterans out there, but to this newbie this is shocking news. Why? While I understand calories in and calories out, the funny thing is, when you push the right food into your body, the calories in part gets a lot easier. I feel full, not deprived. When I focus on asking myself 'am I really hungry' or 'do I want that (fill in desired treat) bad enough to work out extra to balance it out', I find that I often choose not to consume the extra calories.

Whammo! Just like that I gained some will power. What do you know? I guess I had it in me all along.

And now, with 5 pounds lost, I have more reason to keep up the work. I know the road is long in front of me, but I plan to take a few moments and relish the sweet victory.

Ahhhhhhhh. Better than cake.

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