You ever wonder why?

Friday, October 01, 2010

You ever wonder why some of us want to desperately loose weight, but we don't? I'm reading the old blog I wrote before this one on May 20, 2009!!!

What?? May 20, 2009? We are way past the 2010 May. Where has my time gone? Although I've lost a bit of weight, I think every day will be the day I finally go full force. But I don't.

This past week, my sister lost her husband and he was over weight. I remember thinking as I was looking at him, that will be me if I don't take care of myself. My weight plagues my mind all the time, but maybe, I'm just not in the right place in my life to loose it yet.

What makes it so hard to do the things that make us feel good? I've worked years on myself emotionally to get to the peaceful point in my head about who I am; who I did not become; what I didn't accomplish and what I wished I could do but can't due to arthritis and Fibro.

So why do I insist on still eating crap? My whole life has changed (once again) this year. I went to school to get certified in Microsoft Word and Excel. I found my husband was stealing money and addicted to well..you know, stuff on the internet plus going outside the marriage.

Oh, that's not new to me, it happened in my last marriage. But this time, I served this husband divorce papers before it tore me apart....too much. So now, at age 53, disabled, very little money coming in, I live with some friends right now in a state I know nothing about.

In other words, I am not on my own, I have to try and go back to work (wouldn't mind a bigger paycheck than disability), and I need to start cooking for myself again, and I'm just very sad lately, and conflicted in my heart, but I think I may have figured that part out this past week.

When I went home for the funeral last week, I drove through a part of Ohio that I lived in as a child from 1st through 6th grade. I loved this part of my life. Although some horrible things were happening to me, I could separate that and enjoy the rest of it. I rode my purple, metallic, banana seat stingray all over that little town of Arlington, Ohio. Day after day I was outside exploring, usually with a bunch of the same friends. I was so adventureous and carefree (unless the bad stuff showed up). But I made lifelong friends there and I was angry when we had to move.

I threw up a wall around myself and tried to get on with life. But it's been a struggle ever since. I started to realize this week that Arlington was the only town in America I felt a connection to. That to drive it's streets made me feel comfortable and in the right place. I spent part of the week with an old friend there and saw other old friends who greeted me as I had never left.

My Dad was superintendent there and people to this day still speak highly of him which makes me feel loved.

So it has occurred to me that I now realize at this age, with no kids in the house and no job yet, that I should go back HOME. That's what I'm missing. I'm missing a real Home. Where I know people, when other people talk of who did what to whom in town...I actually know who they are talking about. Where I can walk the sidewalks and feel the pavement I rode over so many times in my childhood. I need that physical and emotional connection to people who also know me.

They say you can't go back, it's never the same. Well, I'm not so sure about that. It feels the same and although many of us are older now or have even passed on, it feels like that comfy chair to me that you curl up in to exhale.

Perhaps finally settling down is in the cards for me now. Maybe after all the turmoil (which some I help create) in my life....
it's time for me to Exhale and go Home.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well, stay with Sparkpeople where ever you go. We'll keep each other motivated.
    We got together at church last Saturday to wrap shoeboxes and we took photos and then posted them on FB on our women's page. I look fatter than I've ever looked. I wanted to delete my photo, but didn't. I thought about printing it and hanging it on my mirror to see daily. Didn't do that either. My profile photo is my head on someone else's body. Supposed to inspire me to lose. We'll see if it helps.
    3721 days ago
    Hi Butterfly464,
    I do not live in Haysville anymore. I'm newly divorced (you probably know my ex husband) and I'm in Omaha, Nebraska right now. Moving soon back to Ohio where I have family and friends.
    I completely understand how you feel about why we don't do more to loose weight. I stopped to see old friends last month in Ohio and was embarrassed by my weight, and yet....I've barely done anything to stop it. I have lost 23 lbs. so far. But I really think that's just because I dropped some medications. Anyhow, I wish you the best. Let me know how it goes.
    3723 days ago
    Forgot what I intended to say to begin with...I know how you feel, I know how to lose weight, I have a treadmill, a healthrider, a gazelle, a stationary bike, but here I sit at the computer. I know I want to lose weight, but I do nothing about it. I know what I should eat but I don't do it. Why? Who knows. I don't think anyone has an answer to that. I don't think I'm lazy, so why don't I lose? I hate the way I look in photos, I hate the way my clothes fit. But that doesn't motivate me. Don't know the answer. Wish I did.
    3723 days ago
    Just wanted to day you should follow your heart. If you would be happier going home then maybe that's what you should do. Sometimes just getting back to what seems important to us does the trick. Whoever said you can't go home again probably was wanted by the law or something! haha If nothing is holdng you where you are then I would certainly look into it. I think I found you on a post looking for a Haysville buddy, do you still live there? I'm in Wichita but go to church in Haysville.
    3723 days ago
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