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Making Ends Meet.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Have you ever had an emergency and had no idea how you could pay for it. The credit cards are full and you don't get paid for a week or more.
Then the mail comes and its a pre-approved credit card. You thank God for looking out for you. You don't stop to think how much interest they are charging or how strained this new payment will affect your budget.
Sometime relief comes in the form of an increase of your credit . You think how nice and just in time the added amount you have to spend will be. Not stopping to think you are just getting deeper in debt and the interest rates will probably go up, when you can only pay the minimum amount each month.
I have experienced all of the above.
I have had to use new cards. Of course I promised that only going to use this time, pay it off and save it for a rainy day. So much for that promise, I continued to use it. There always seems something I had to have. No really, I had to use for necessary spending . I had to use for gas, or pay for property tax, pills that health plan didn't cover. And just when you thought you have everything under control and were doubling up on payment , some other emergency would come up . Its one step forward and two steps back. All the time interest rates going up and up. Regard less that you never missed a payment, or paid extra most months. It doesn't matter..
This seems to be the American way. Or has become the American way.
My Grandparents never had a credit card. Of course they didn't get popular till the 60s,70's.
But they paid for everything with cash. Large items, cash. If no cash, nothing was bought.
Can you imagine trying to get by with no credit these days.? Only cash, wish I could.
Have you every been in a grocery store going through the line and don't have enough money to pay for your food.? Then you have to start putting items back. Trying to make those decisions what food can you do without. All the time feeling the looks from the people who are waiting. People feeling sorry for you , you don't have any money and can't figure out how much you can buy.
I have been that person. I remember wanting to drop through the floor, I would quickly put some item back , and get out of there as soon as possible. I would not go back to that store for a long time, just in case someone remembered me.
Well yesterday I found myself behind a women who was having to put items back, she had over bought and didn't have enough money. She took one item off, still not enough, took another, still not enough. At this point I could see what a hard time the women was having, trying to decide what she could do without. She said she thought she had 40 dollars when she left Walmarts, but she thinks she lost $20.00. I said maybe she left it in the car. No she said she had stopped driving she had muscular eye problem and had to take the bus .
I asked the clerk how much difference she needed it was $1.61. I said how much if you put the items back on that she had removed . It was $3.48, I said I'll pay for it.
The lady said , No, You don't have to do that. I said no I don't have to do that, I want to do that.
One good dead done a day is something my Grandmother taught me as a child. I don't always get to do one, but today I can..
She thanked me, told me what a nice women I was.
The clerk said that was a nice thing to do.
I know I did a good thing. I was happy to do it. You don't do good deeds to be rewarded, you do them because you can and it's good to help others.
I've had people help me in times of need. And I was so grateful
Once I was coming back from Sun River over near Bend, crossing the Cascade mountains.
I knew I had to stop and chain up, but I thought I could do it or someone would be there doing it for a fee. But when I got to the point to chain up, I could not do it and it was snowing heavy and there was no service people to help. But along came two young men, had been skiing. They stopped and asked if I need help. Yes , I do, I'll pay you to put on the chains.
They would not take any money. They got down in the snow, on their backs, put on my chains and I could not thank them enough.
I tried to stuff $20.00 bills in their hands, in their jackets, they just said no they wanted to help and told me to drive carefully and they were on their way. Two very nice young men.
We do need to look out for each other , we're all we got.
I started thinking about credit cards and having money to live on since this is the first of the month and I just paid all my bills. It doesn't take long to see a checking balance go down.
Today I have to go out and fill up the car with gas, there are a few things I need to buy for the house.
I might sound like spend thrift, always shopping, but I am very frugal. I do live on a budget.
I am going thrift store browsing again today. Could use a few tops and some warm boots for winter. Besides today is the 10% discount at the Goodwill for seniors, Someday it pays to be a senior citizen.
I have known some hard time, but I worked hard and made a good life for myself and my family. I am comfortable where my life had led me.
I have what is necessary meet my needs. But most of all I have my health, my family,my friends, my believe in myself, what more does one need??
"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live." Flora Whitemoe
Hope everyone has a day filled with success and happiness.
Love and Peace.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I really like your blog. In this day and age we live in, I think many of us can identify with what you have shared. I think it is so important to pass the goodness on to others....imagine what the world could be if we all did that. Thank you for sharing this......Karen emoticon
    3755 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    This is a wonderful blog, especially in these rough economic times. We all need to learn to do better for ourselves financially (me too!!) and to help others when we can. That was very sweet of you. Whenever I get a little windfall of money, I find some way to give some of it to someone else, often just paying for the coffee or meal of someone behind me in line. It is amazing what a little kindness can do to someone's day!
    Kudos to you!
    3756 days ago
    The goodness of others has seen me through some hard times. It is so important to pass that goodness on.
    Thank you for helping the woman at the store. I've been the one putting items back so I know how embarrassed she was. You did a wonderful thing - the monetary amount might not have been that large, but the love and compassion for others that you showed was!
    We should all strive to live the example that you set for us today.
    3756 days ago
    When I got out of school, I had a new wife, new baby, and owed more than half a year's pay ($2400). It took four years to get out of debt, and if I had missed one paycheck it would have been a disaster. I have been careful not to get deeply in debt since then. If I don't have the cash, we don't buy things, and it has worked just fine. I don't do a good deed every day, but we do get in quite a few. I feel sorry for people that abuse credit cards because it only makes things worse. They were a great convenience when we were full-timing, but I would always call to find out how much we owed just after the closing date and mail off a check to pay the total. Yours was a great blog.
    3757 days ago
  • BETHV10
    I love your blog and completely understand how tough a budget can be for those of us that don't have much of an income. I do believe in good deeds and also try to eliminate credit cards from my life.

    Being thrifty takes work but it is worth it.
    3757 days ago
    Great blog post! You are a sweetheart!

    I can totally empathize with everything you said. Monday, our van died. We don't have any credit cards due to having to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy when DH lost his job. Our van is sitting at the mechanics while we pay it off $100 a week for 7 weeks! DH has to ride his motorcycle, rain or shine. emoticon
    3757 days ago
    Tisha you are a dear, dear person. While reading your blog I was thinking...Boy, been there done that. I hope I can be as kind to my unknown neighbor as you. Thanks for your thoughts.
    3757 days ago
    Beautiful! You have a sweet heart! Thank you for paying it forward to those around you. This is indeed a blessing.
    3757 days ago
    Love that thrifty attitude -- you're "thrifty" in everything except kindness to others, there you're spending lavishly!!
    3757 days ago
    Thank you for writing this blog today. I read every word, then sat here thinking about it, wondering what to say to express my appreciation for all you said.
    All I can think of is "Thank you for being a kind person, and for reminding me to look for chances to help others."

    3757 days ago
    My husband, son, and I have never had a credit card and pay for everything in cash. LOL.

    You did a good dead for the stranger!! Bless you.
    3758 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4048900
    I love your blog. I have had, and still have hard times sometimes. I am a firm believer in doing good deeds, they never go unrewarded in the long run because "someone" is watching. Keep up the great attitude.
    3758 days ago
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