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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yesterday was my last big run. I'm planning on two little runs for the week and maybe a little downhill work. My first half marathon is 6 days away.
A little history:
Two and a half years ago I started to lose weight, I'm still not sure what made the difference this time, but the weight was finally going away.
Two years ago I was 35 pounds down and signed up for the local halloween 5k (2008), I ran almost the whole way. Winter came and the running was put on hold.
In 2009 I started out strong and ran my first 10k in May. I ran all summer and got 60 pounds off by June. I ran the same halloween 5k and did even better.
Days before the halloween race, someone "in the know" told me a marathon was being planned for October. I asked if a half was going to be included, she said "yes". That's how long it took me to decide I was running it. When the marathon made the new a week later, I already knew about it. Registration forms came out in February, I mailed mine in a few days later.
I've been running all summer (and it was a very hot summer here) and started increasing my distance each week.
Last month we had record floods and my regular running trail was closed. I found a new trail. I ran 11.1 miles last week, the last two in the rain. I may not be fast, but I'm ready.
Yesterday I ran the "Sibley loop" that is part of the race course. Someone ran up beside me and asked if I was running Saturday. I said it would be my first half, it's going to be his first marathon. How can you pass up a race you can walk to (I won't, but I could).
After almost a year of waiting, I can finally say:
"I'm running my first half marathon on Saturday"
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